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Is it Fact or is it Schmact?

Mar 14, 2014|

LB got back on his high horse of confidence and it showed as he nailed it, topics included is Metropolis New York City, where did Vince meet Mrs 75, are there more barrels of bourbon in Kentucky than teeth, where did Al Capone get his scars, and what is the smallest penis recorded?

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Knowledge and and on your schedule at W today. -- Hill Man Morning Show invites you to test your wits against -- please I don't believe. Such dangerous nothing unsanitary home. You drink yeah there's got to be alive though he -- and see what. Not only name you blather about aids die and full of facts she backs. Okay. Time to play action Max. Here on a Friday so. Take a moment. And call now number is 617931. No one area. 61793112. 23. -- was in attendance at last night's Bruins games but. Got a good night's rest over at the Charles River motel down the street and he's raring to go that you down 77 o'clock so that's obviously been to 515 only had been now Diego had a continental breakfast with -- that not unless you catch the ram and a bit shocked. A better then I'll provide you with a a muffin and some orange -- there -- a lot of the Charles River motel Lotta Lotta people live on bugs but I -- but I don't a lot of guys that particular -- for cartridge for. And -- Let's see who is up first this morning I believe it's -- Well rob. -- -- -- There are more excellent big plans for the weekend. Are you download that whole maybe do scuba department. Love that little cold for that. Yeah I got there at the right equipment. Dry suit where he can do that. -- probably Gloucester Rockport. And there it's. Big show nobody Maxi -- -- -- what he's Susie what do you do what do you do -- Yeah Mario oil recycled okay. Well rob. One assumes that -- who Superman's. Home city of metropolis. Is New York. But according to DC comics. It's actually located in Delaware. The fact Porsche -- I'll have to go where fact that I -- -- New -- A great call my friend -- got the little capsule that that. This this which is to have him sir Ralph. And guys around that are what is the right isn't -- -- you are alive that you're capture well yeah no I'm just thinking from signed felt different that -- -- and I Atlantic it landed in farming country Delaware has a ton. -- -- -- the army down there because I noted over the mastermind Iraq right. To watch the races I know Delaware very well and so that is the that is bacteria you both right well yeah. Well. I'll I'll be reasons through things Smith it's great to watch hello Rick -- Direct and what you -- knows this weakening good. Not that -- you look away. It is. LB we were just discussing Vince Wilfork who wants out of here. Vince Wilfork met his future wife Bianca. When they got into an argument. Over the crunch wrap supreme. Act Taco Bell. -- back to Porsche -- Well you're gonna say smacked a matter what they are. Listeners today you know I'm -- -- fish -- though joining these guys got it nailed down gave the email that your body about -- -- -- it went way beyond -- good -- indeed work. At the at the Taco Bell but. They met on black planet to dot com. Black planet dot com fill. And I agree tonight sir I don't know we made -- rapidly. Of course retreat and if you wanna comment I'd try to get on black and I love African American -- black planet that club hello Dick Cheney. The morning like me. How are you don't -- and excellent what do you do. I owe you. A medical -- and where -- from. Katie there are more barrels of Bergen in Kentucky. Then there are human teeth. Back -- back. There are. Are you there there are more barrels of urban. In Kentucky. Then there are -- -- -- Turned out. There -- You know I -- -- get -- -- them. It was semester I take exception humid on my color Kentucky's John. Colonel -- -- -- -- you are permanent official colonel -- on an official yeah yeah Aaron Aaron Aaron I think this New York Democrat won't learn not to go out and do what you gonna say that face you're gonna say mr. rich Mac edition Mac. How what are that this however there are more barrels -- -- and in Kentucky than there are people yes there are four point seven million barrels of delicious bird and aging right now. There are about four point three. Million people another another tidbit yes I have a bottle of giant empty bottle of Jack Daniels signed. By dean -- of the Billy DN avenger or the maker of Jack -- you want Jack to Jack -- so yes yes yes. -- -- -- -- -- -- Apple -- name is Steve but I don't chat hello Carl. Carl did you disappeared carrier all -- Carl are you ready here. We are so we move fast and furiously on this program Kyle Kyle you ready. Yeah I el Al Capone got his famous cars. When he told a woman she had a nice pass in front of her brother when he worked at a bar. Is that factor -- -- That should -- LB yeah. Why -- -- need he had syphilis for one guy he forever because. It was a review article renewal of the ladies that that's true I'm -- yeah yeah he was slapped more than once I mean I go with Barack. That is the fact absolutely correct LB -- Lander is tough to beat you on what I television gangster hello Heidi. I eat according what you can do got big plans for the weekend. And out. -- yeah. The idea Heidi according. The journal of sexual medicine. The smallest adult penis ever recorded was one point 57 inches long time. Our doctors should act. So. You're gonna go back to that. You know you don't you don't Heidi and by the -- I love I love your name and I really appreciate your career in the Swedish mormons or bulletin that the -- be that we have my little buddy -- yes you'll yeah the black labor years and years and years and his team is from the smaller than one point 57 cents a church matter. Our is that that's almost went small city right now what an inch and a half it's much -- -- it's just -- like. Develop -- like that plagued with that innocent but that the that the that the you know even searched an area ancient myth. -- and Heidi size doesn't matter right now copies are out. You sound convincing you sounded very committed -- they are right Heidi have -- -- the Bruins game. -- Thank you very much for playing back smack.