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Shawn Thornton of the Boston Bruins

Mar 13, 2014|

Its Thursday's with Thorty and this time we asked the Bruins tough guy about the game against the Canadians, his conversation with Purst, some things we may have seen on Behind the B and his former teammate Rich Peverly.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Acknowledge. And on your schedule at W today. Hello. May Hill Man Morning Show presents there's days wins already yeah. Featuring John Darden of the the Boston Bruins. Tuesday's win authority is presented by the city of Boston credit union that is authorities choice for his banking needs every time he's dashes. These city busting credit union donates 200. And fifty dollars to the great guild foundation I think quarter where we had five goals up the threat boggles the -- authority. -- threat that I got taken back. -- -- -- effects house and then he had the EMD surround though and got a little extra sleep after. A big win in Montreal last night -- -- I think experts believe there's loosely used to -- our group. All of us and we had a really let. What time do you where you would like what three seasons -- The better it certainly wish. What you guys roll through customs I mean you know -- news here in the Boston Bruins and or -- we do -- do. And nobody was sneaking and he built through customs where they haven't -- any any milk for all. They've -- basically doing is still Issa got that did -- goofy super duper -- they got a new airport Montreal you better now. All we actually we get clear air ball -- -- -- -- -- was -- -- thoroughly enjoy aid back to back to back behind the -- the other night. But yeah. It was what what what the exact way the word for word what is it -- it milk drinker out of that when I was. It just. -- -- Breed of where all of that we'll never. Say alcoholic beverage and but here they'd react let him -- open while -- -- that's the. There but that's bullying that is -- Bullying in the locker rooms and amenities that create quite. I also enjoyed the there was one point where and I think -- -- posts might have been post Super Bowl. Where there was a practice going on. And Marleau line was performing especially well and I believe your comment was the bird -- can party and then and then play well the next day -- -- our remote part of the -- where. It. So tied to this than and it's and less China Iraq. It's been really good truck it -- -- well at first period letter I guess now it's crazy crazy years he's on auto pilot for sure. That's the big bucks. My mind and not forgotten about there's nothing better having gone appearance slap in those well dressed comedians and place a bet that -- it. Well let well -- very well. If you do you still consider that to be the head. Number one Bruins rivalry and not that that hasn't changed has it. Thought it would Alter their personal change a little bit and as mark. History there -- But everything else to go -- look -- it it cents. You were jogging. Add to Brandon at the press this. By the way I got into that argument with the special K our producer about how to pronounce that name because it's it's spelled. Props to EU. PR US team. -- of that and special K was kind enough to to look it up and believe it or not on YouTube there is an Internet pronunciation. Of which I wanted to share with -- here go ahead. -- prudent steps appeared to. -- it's pronounces everything he doesn't that channel. I don't want satellite radio but at the time I often go to that once and realize it's incorrect just under and -- improved. Don't announce about that out there are maybe on the road and Brandon Brandon. It's a sidestep opens. Sidestepped the big 22 that night I mean is that about -- it's gonna go to oil that's going to be -- feel like it's going to be. -- should've at least given me the opportunity. To decide whether you -- have a topic or destroy certain. Assured about it but another -- -- -- take -- because epic comeback as well. And nobody talked copper is that he needed to get -- on the clock and so did well -- -- I just. On. But look the other way they usually don't hurt the ability imminent because northern rock act. Let's -- -- fighting it. As just a little turban didn't address his first it to -- it like he'll let let I let. And let. So I was just on the other side and it is open. If he won yet if you did if you wander and improves. I that's right that's why I knew it was over knowing that I don't out of line with a Brazilian a W in the W column sidestep authority for a her firm on Miller first and then and then you know not for -- he never really wanted anything after that anyway there was not kind of fun. Hey good. How how scary was that Beverly thing in and have you did you reach out to him text them. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It is opposite -- me on. A reluctance. Of the remote loose and doing -- to step backward let me use let. Here as well -- you know whichever player because it's totally different. -- I actually love it okay. Just let it a lot of that accident. Actually that protect the sick and affected. Let. And that it actually all right back and gave me an update immediately so let it get -- look this. He's. Oh yeah I'll do well out here is because a lot worse obviously. There -- -- moment I'm. -- that. You see it coming from Iraq and help is that read on. They've they've they've shut him down often hear that you do so reconsider out exactly what. The condition is with with with his heart obviously they thought it was an irregular heartbeat which it's more of more than that. So you know again it. Kudos to the organization for. You know I guess at a protocol in place because they knew vote. Have situation so. Happy they were proactive by. It's tough situation you know you know that I was in the last time he anyplace but we hope not we've created earlier work you know. Yet it is you know artist we've just been got -- kisses well -- that. I was more important. I talked about certain fire and not even -- out. Shawn Thornton of the Bruins I guess -- Thursdays with authority here on the Hill Man Morning Show gonna make any drop -- show us. -- -- -- We have a fluid in the sport that's seven I think yeah I don't know if I had and I really got that fight. On the senate seat that we're playing in the -- -- or. About well. -- -- -- -- -- -- You know cars hurt I think I read he's not going to be able to find them and it just -- yeah yeah. I think we're going to upper hand yes -- yes some some moma has chipped it to me and -- and we'll let you know. -- -- -- -- Well that's that you know tonight good luck tonight yeah back to back kidneys might send an -- -- -- it back or not. If that's the back to back to back to back you really gets a nice the -- it is on the power play for the triple header from a and they are LB was an earlier that out tomorrow night. This is there in sports both you and the Celtics are playing at the -- itself get ready for that Friday night we going to be a weird one. I I misspoke started but I but I but I am gonna reach out to Charlie Jacobs in cam because. And then and -- gross back because I have an incredible idea authority that next building. Where we're gonna make it so that the rink is on that's the third floor via the basketball. The park here will be on the fourth or fifth floor yeah so you'll literally be able to have. Two games in this same building had the same time and resolve back brewers between active they're being recruited tickets -- for both the producers some believe particularly if district or that it was an -- not for not and -- I'm gonna put a little portable rooftop to rooftop bar -- -- -- sun tanning area with a pool. -- -- -- when you -- ocean water. I -- a lot about. Now LB clearly not a milk drinker. It -- Hillary thanks -- you've -- somebody you guys are possible role right now talked -- said that. Hi there is Shawn Thornton of the Boston Bruins on with -- us every Thursday here on the Hill Man Morning Show.