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Is it Fact or is it Schmact?

Mar 13, 2014|

LB put out his on fire being anything but lazer show, topics included how much a vagina can expand, did the patent for the fire hydrant get burnt in a fire, did 2 countries have the same flag, and are unibrows attractive in some countries?

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. -- -- -- on your schedule at W today. -- Hill Man Morning Show invites you to test your wits against -- please I don't believe. Such things there's nothing unsanitary blood and drink yeah there's got to be -- -- he -- and see what. Not only name you blather about aids -- and full of facts she backs. Good morning Mary and mining and so I'm gonna area excellent where you from. A man. I'm gonna love that LB love Salem are you are you having problems this morning because the licensed offers an all right. Not a baton and a lot of people on random right now what do you do you merry. -- -- -- man that are -- At which hotel is is that the Waverly over. Charles River literally. An amateur and marry the hello Mary. The average. Of vagina. Is three to four inches long. Putt. Can expand. By school 100%. When it sexually a row is stacked all coach -- I don't. -- my keys back. You know it smacked. LBs still looking for his wrist watch yes OK and here's what he's very smacked. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Out of respect for the most beautiful. People on the planet aren't. I will coach madder -- -- I I will be I will be relying on just because again I don't -- women you're Tenet's president. I I love Marion Iowa Deirdre yeah yeah they have dictators nicest sweetest little course yeah they do. I'm sorry to say you're you are both wrong it that is. Of course it is -- -- if you if you've been in the age you've been in the hospital I was there when what was born out -- the 200% as a small as the. Paula I think is does this Tom. Says how are you Tom. Go board where where you from. I will ask you -- ills it -- -- the 413 only. One. Yes -- this morning. I yell out a little bit and then Sergio got chewed out just enough to completely ruined and -- -- and Tom Nolan. Knows for sure. When that the fire hydrant was invented. Because the patent. Was lost. In a fire. At pro US that the US patent office and 1836. Is that factor -- back. -- -- -- -- -- I'll -- that is a fact you know you're right you're absolutely right now is one that is that is one of the greatest -- ironic story is so close that it is the answer other than me well well now yes. Hello Steve well what's evo. What's up Steve where do you come from Randolph -- in lieu of that town. Steve in projects stand. The unit morale is considered attractive. On both men and equipment. That's a fact overtures from back there are a lot lot lot. We're total popular -- yeah if you didn't see the movie guy and I should match it though not that I want. Al -- -- -- no way yeah that is -- so here's attractive people can you browse it way up top rely I don't you -- brown all right yeah as I doubt that the ice -- does that that is. His care -- Sounds a bit of an 80 -- each day. What's going on. How much all are from a driving home right now the bridge after an audience. What -- do overnight. I know are there -- wrote you you've been working on the railroad. Yeah I'm pretty dark era breaking it. Excellent all -- where the big big big shots big Shana dale buyers Jasper Alberta youngest Q railroad engineer conductor in the history of the kids to -- This is C and CN erroneously an -- -- yes. Does he still working on the real of the -- journalism vitamins I may do well here he I he's you can return part time and it -- somebody a couple of daughters okay he. So listen up how much until 1936. Katie. And legions dean. Had the same flag without realizing it the fact -- my taxes. -- That sack the interface Mac that's the Chicago I have no idea -- -- do what's what's wouldn't do that norm norm watching Steve and certainly I'm human and nothing to do it no -- -- agencies are huge -- it's -- fact and wow I. They found out at the Olympics and the English lit scenes account you will -- I don't see it on the world map I have no I had no idea where -- feel like it's in Europe somewhere hold on -- -- satellites stayed out of rush that we never heard probably is yet. But until they went to be 1936. Olympics also audit manager anymore I didn't know that day they didn't know that they both that this didn't exactly know what -- -- gold medal at the other is its -- by the -- landlocked -- Switzerland. OK on -- the country yes that it's always yes you know -- -- -- you don't -- exist -- I've heard the name I didn't know where it was well that's and I says I heard it was a guy. I don't coming up with the -- listened to. It listed as coming up at seven harmless and Stan you know coming up at seven. If you let your kids watch frozen yes. They will become sexual -- Yeah if. Terrible pronunciation of which in steam at Texas says what is at least -- likened is that likened. I'm not sure I don't remember steam can you say there now licking Steen and likened this time yeah I think it's what can penis Lincoln's team. -- come so 11 o'clock frozen -- host parent to let your kids watch pros and you're creating a little monster.