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Hill-Mail 3-13-14

Mar 13, 2014|

The best Hill-Mail messages of the previous 24 hours topics include Disney and the Patriots latest free agent.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. -- its online and on your schedule until. Now each you to ended talks as they Hill Man Morning Show presents skilled man. Don't think you can and then again back home games. I think if you're 22 current -- and it's. You're on WA. AA half. 631. Is a Long Island so low -- to Long Island Nassau or Suffolk County coroner but I. Well thank you for listening and hopefully enjoying the show on art app for your iPhone or for your Droid you can download. Our apps for free no charge all you have to do is taxed eight PP. 297107. Right now LB is about to ask. What do map this tell you that. -- -- I showed that says tell everybody over it TGI Friday's -- from the coliseum they'll. Well a lot is that there used to be irregular in their data Diana was and create go to -- street USA. I have I have committed to sleep at roster one -- where. These calendars until all our viewers sleeping in college dorm I mean I didn't listen I was only 22 years old well it for an yeah that's right. It will load of them as over the TGI Fridays of -- great spot if it's still open over there at the you May Day may be granted Deirdre did you go to Hofstra did guess now some may Rihanna one are. Here I'm -- tool and tell me how old Quincy was would you were you in college when LB play for money as any sex now now -- -- -- -- his career. As it was story they'll yes there was I was way early be held on way before she was probably it was -- 1980. 584. Young and -- part then. If they did a tribute to you was it was his final year in the unattributed. Before the game I was you know I was like nineteen years -- the team just -- turn pro two bronze and I know he was a defenseman on on the left side and I lined up. But yea some and I said -- You're awesome. You know great great career and the puck dropped to -- nice to me in the mouth -- -- -- -- I'm like thanks for nothing got a president southern and don't like Chris Farley -- -- your thoughts. I don't know how little you know I did Jenny Potter fan but I only time I'm lineup is gonna I know we're all my -- we don't try to diminish sendoff -- the -- -- -- you want to force stitching -- up and say China tonight and a great since I came back -- -- -- in the second period had a -- Bob -- -- Bob -- -- for me. -- beat the good good Jesus about the enemy when it was great because we are we haven't seen over they'll get their plan that the Rangers it was beyond his Rangers. And that's why I ended up. Meeting a check from Hofstra. Who felt sorry for me because my lip was blown out well her and and I called this sympathy pain -- on his back -- to us to this school and. I mean he square he needs me and that this is Texas says that explains the eight by -- that are relevant quote and yes. The autograph they -- fans don't -- stand. Well here are the very best hill mail messages of the last 24 hours when. Only 7320. Man. Eight can't hopefully -- win the order and one why don't try it out tonight that nobody gimmick I really cannot do. -- -- -- -- And let it happen again because that cap is now seeing a -- therapist yeah I heard that anger issues so. Out of bed that Stanley is working through their angry -- I applaud them -- -- -- -- -- -- dumping the beloved family -- yes I'm sure -- -- When Tony Chapman 42 old. Thank you should know marker Coakley did not considered an illegal area. Considered them undocumented. Democrat voter. And that made me upset I think flip -- -- -- blind or just when it comes to licenses driver's licenses for a new Americans. -- side now. Reconsidering her. Original Europeans to view sorry -- Hey listen you know and these did another poll here by seventeen points behind when -- change how you feel about the driver's licenses but here's Billy yes Billy. Good morning I'm doing what's up. What are probably I don't regret it's not yet -- -- got a question where you're just talking about absolutely college dorm around. Or second to go all right -- I'll be ones yeah yeah LL be yes now. Invalid and that would you have listed under quote unquote college experience and he's a resident. Yes that's that is the violent McCullough also solid example -- listen I've got so much college experience and -- Hitler. I lived at Boston College. In 28 B yeah while playing for the room until like a year isn't that comes up sorry sir I'm sorry I'm sorry to serve for three years is like a conflict I have I have a cafeteria current at a -- -- Thank god thank you Pete -- great -- Graham Jim -- -- toner and all of -- from 28 BA is what you live there and crash there and hang out there it was the eighties kids there was broad view of me -- a base to watch him being hillsides just period and again -- -- -- tournament just to be sick reference -- consistently. I yeah it's just that the it was it was an amazing time here's the taxes. I love the fact that when I mention -- LB -- TG US. Happening -- an appetite it. Gotta try the fried mozzarella like camp and I it was a moment to -- an excerpt I had point five -- but an ant man and man -- you meet Japanese care about a -- 02 old. Parent it's not Patrick Connolly yeah I know it's wintry weather up there and it's slippery and I am acting cancel or delay. School -- -- -- around you know that they actually doesn't really care about the safety pick pick anyway. Under which did you. Did you find out yet about the 20%. Increase. In the vehicle registration. Fee you can't say just a desperate battle down to cost you at sixty -- her for registration now 35 for an inspection sticker. Because people don't wanna wait at the MBTA. -- Projects. You're. This is what are you gonna have to. Clear this up I can't help you with this wind I am registering my vehicle right shot which I purchased to -- drive my shirt and my family around and sorrow that I feed to my feet to do daddy's going up so that I can pay for. The public transportation system that does not run and the people I don't wanna -- at a profit share you've gotten there yet. Movies. You are running when you can yeah that's so the the the registry. That the registry of motor vehicles -- revenue. Is up five billion over the last five years. However. We we need to. Charge you more or to register your field goal if doctors pay for the MBT Deval Patrick he's got -- -- -- yeah yeah act goes into effect July 1. So years -- registration fee goes from fifty to sixty the year inspection sticker goes from 29 -- 35. And the road test for licensing goes from twenty to 35. Dollars. People complain about the -- at the registry I'm going to the registry that's not I do. Click -- calendar I don't I don't know what year did -- -- -- he apparently thought you know. And you can do most up online but occasionally like you've -- to pay a ticket or whatever and have to go over there and those people who until I'm he bit the two ladies and and Watertown. -- who are both a hundred. And do pretty good job keeping everything moving over there I'm last let's I was only there for like four hours after it was -- the I 81 -- three -- -- Laura idolized and I will say one to the lady that runs. That there aren't -- there and are not field relayed the way to the runs the whole place over there is the most amazing person LC is you have to. Yes highway nobody -- forget her name Jesus she's phenomenal. Hello -- They -- what's up Keith I wanted to comment on this side inspection increase. Yes -- licensee inspector and I think is absolutely our Anderson they're increasing it. Or because. Without. I don't know comedy -- or nine dollars yes and that's why I don't only nine dollars social shocked -- -- structure. The regulatory goes state goes Tuesday night. So now this new increase we still only get nine dollar fine. My biggest job but you know yeah you know that you're that you're working -- -- be making like a hundred bucks and I finally burn a and here you're whacking on nine dollars a pop. Just see him maybe it's a repeat business if I shot out to congress and a can concert don't gasoline or everybody Eli they hook -- up over the market street. I just tell -- yes no I -- it -- inspections they're gonna change yesterday. Here's a Texas says Saddam it's actually you guys you actually referring to Iraq it's the royal ministry of motor vehicles had to face up the registry. The royal none of the royal ministry of vehicles the RMV. So to me Indiana. Thank you know that we all hope and new and a few of the independent. Mr. waffled she gave up everything to save at Littlejohn I tried my hardest -- -- I did everything I could feature guide and yeah and I get a reminder of mr. waffles passing combined -- one in my living room a little box again you have little little learned of his iron in your living room yeah. Yeah is it an issue boxer is an accident beautiful little seen hurt your frame to get here timber trade unions are at it and rescued me I'll probably eat freely around notably fed from our obviously Miller Anderson issue nervous then and -- help me start -- she tried to -- back to life the hello yesterday odd thing. -- -- -- -- They don't fortunately and the gate evidently operable Ricky Leach out into box art and get -- of our allies could be plot. Now. That will be public transportation anymore. I mean again it now he union. I cannot use the -- I wanted to come to work here in the morning I cannot get on the train enact them. And make my way in the air and so there's no option for me other than own a vehicle that's -- why don't I get screwed. In the pain for everybody else. Ways to use the -- at a cheap price it does that doesn't seem fair to me movement I know that life isn't fair but it just doesn't seem fair to me. Oh that's old. Europe or -- it. Get out and it meant that. Since the commitment thinks. Written it and our. It's. -- You know it. Oh -- and her. You know that well. -- If you were there are apparent created. And that is what -- not a bad attempted Johnny well -- else did all. -- Johnny -- sex tape coming yes allegedly how do you think my Johnny Carson -- up against my number and that was get cuddling tonight to console and small into the I'm in these sex tape which the company could dump what I got up and up and that's pretty good and I in the middle of it that. England and its candidates but you're good chip designer. -- HJ Barry didn't know. That the well you know look closely. So it sleep. But yeah I'm proud and Johnny Carson impression of joining us and sex tape coming. Didn't hit it and his jokes -- one. Hey you know I don't know I don't. Vote. -- and it. Worked at it or about it. Want to hear it then your your pussy party or die he did -- -- are all there. He did mention what he did bath he did talk about letting them better earlier as that or regular carrots -- -- -- Yeah. You know -- great thing is better tomorrow are there are. -- -- spot. What we're at it I don't -- our. -- Yeah guys are good -- -- -- -- when he couldn't -- -- other than the last -- was Johnny please get a Louis. Think he thinks old man. At least hold up Barton lately is these -- they're -- certainly I would if I -- our strength -- Let -- know that that vote. And definitely important for them and coming -- that is I. I'm happy this summer or maybe it's a little ways away I think it's a little happy between fifteen cabin crew -- -- -- We. Don't know. Yeah I -- well and it. There -- trying to root out not Buddha. -- -- Under that they did Simon really. Not even so I think I pal JE is is Don gonna go out corsets are in a report. But I don't end up for another good for him you know I mean it's you know I love when these things happening -- -- you have someone. That played behind it really really good players. Worked his African tale Loughner didn't win win every had to do above and beyond made himself an incredible. Player and now -- you get a paid accordingly now you know. Cabin crew -- old man. Enrollment -- -- Brooklyn that police station that it would -- But you're right it won't be broke down and let them important though. And that meant improvements. That yeah so there's a guy from some horrible who broke into the bus bus the -- -- the station and back door armored. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Catapult and older. And a. -- the message. That.