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Inside The Warped Female Mind With Danielle

Mar 12, 2014|

This listener wanted to know why women like his girlfriend always want to change their bodies some how even through plastic surgery.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the and on your schedule at W today. All right -- you ready to go inside the award female brain absolutely. From time to time. They'll love lady -- is kind enough to allow. Those of us who are males inside. The ward two female brain and this is from a nice guy who listens to show his name is Paul. Well Paul Danielle why do women feel the need to change their bodies of my fiancee Kristin is beautiful. We have been together a total of five years. Over the last two years. She has started getting some plastic surgery procedures. It started with a lip injections which I really didn't think. Was bad now she told me yesterday she is getting boots. I like her just the way she is. I told her this yesterday bench it got. Angry Aruba or why do women feel they need to change what I considered to be perfectly. Because it's not you. It's not so that's why it's here it's the insecurities. You know where you can't tell us every day until you're blue in the face feel like that's the way we are Maya Iowa honey island your sagging breasts honey I love your deflated thin cold -- -- now. It's it -- winning turn to plastic surgery to better themselves and aside from you know I -- know -- disaster there's nothing wrong. It's it's hardly -- 10 and gets herself really I agree absolutely. -- -- -- -- you have people to go overboard -- slowly did do everything -- Nazi like ridiculous that a few gold twig could. Qualified plastic surgeons say look and looking very subtle change whether it's -- lip injection or Botox -- boob -- it might just be enough to make you feel better to get you your confidence to -- you know this she could -- -- boobs and his his hear -- oh my -- now she's getting -- to be super -- and meet meet horn could actually make their relationship better because then she feels better about herself -- -- -- -- the Americas -- -- little bit more she can -- pretty confident. Tressel and of course flooded up when hero you know and and hey look at this Phillips are tough thing for me when laughs when you're only getting me -- you gotta go crashing into too much. We have yet you're gonna begin to get it done Friday at least 6 o'clock and I know for three days -- I have learned that again the first yes I have learned you come Mario I hope you. -- Then it adds of you that's a bad -- disasters no there's no public investors to hesitate. If you -- and Jupiter is usually one of the things that you listen it's great tiger Phil so it takes on water -- that if it doctor Bruce always so minutes is a great marker for you if you get lip injections. If you leave your doctor's office looking perfect now you've had too much because over the next few days it pulls water her body in absorbs it to kind of get up popping affect. So hurt or hurt you Bernard with -- And we believe there -- is -- -- homered in particular that of the -- that don't -- doing Intel and amenities as noted in -- not talking about what else is there a backup equipment -- and I love it just takes a couple of their dissertation on orders not to mention I was like the first time I had it -- I was at one of York added charity event foundation events the night before and I had drank and I wasn't expecting to get -- touched up the next -- -- they're blood dolphins now so it's like you know -- -- -- -- from that. But there's other repercussions that -- -- that party who. -- look now they are you see like. You know you see a tugboat in the harbor and they have those Big -- you look at America what Robert things around to protect it from banging on the artist later let's go but we know. I'm saying you have a life all you ask how we look at all these. Everybody's texting in. Sane like this guy is is completely out of mantown fair for not wanting his fiancee went to get press and I kind of think. I don't know I think means -- and he's so good and if she hands maybe decent press to begin with. And she wants to go to like a triple last known David excellent opening their garage so agreement on the body scars and -- on some clinic to get a little port on the sideline and I shrink him down -- -- -- -- from a single guy. Who says single. A single man who loved boob jobs every Mary cherry wood new sweater puppies shows them off -- terribly embarrassed they aren't the course they do hello Chris that. Printing them and they'll battle at Princeton where you. Very wet and now I and it and it is completely. On the idea that we're expecting that we have to look a certain lack of it. -- -- I knew that bill. -- -- -- Everyone loves to be told they look -- -- -- -- get -- to get a -- -- -- -- Packers answered and managed money. Then their wrinkles KK and then every time you go out nobody says squat deal walked into a bar unnoticed. And Andy yet be a bombed -- because. You have to be able -- Blakey lake for me I turn fifty -- right move trivia and I'm as old as I am exactly his goals as I'm supposed to be there's nothing I can do. Except you know if I want -- like if -- really get by wanna get my hands my eyes done nominal look younger I want to remind us that there. And I you know I don't know my hair back I look better Chris -- is this you you somebody's had a lot of stuff done. I have nothing done and completely natural and I am glad I got -- hand. That's how old you. -- the thing though when you get to be like 45. And you know war in giving the same looks east news. And you know what -- important final minute again I should get something -- because I have. I look and. That's our society does and we just don't give it up like I don't go I don't go to the Mary got to Rachel's -- wheel to -- chicks. Because all the chicks there are 35 and an older. Are high so I don't go to -- and street new grave and Yang Yang and don't gaggle would do do good morning something strange and someone might get hammered an -- at all. You know morning -- Barber's new cans over cheaters. He is actually. A concept placed on smackdown are American journalists and Osama Marty's. A part they embargoes and embargoes whatever. What is this text says it this is dating -- -- rest of these women. Blaming billboards because they have to go out and get -- breath. Yeah there's a ridiculous idea all of dock at the you know being on and off he can he keep its -- and that's like -- -- -- -- -- Need I -- look fine boy I don't need it now but need to prevent the wrinkles and emulator for skilling EU could you judging me. It's not -- it's many parents. Stop judging me don't judge million videos your pilot and America being great guy like another ten years -- which would be perfect results still be in the dating game. You're you're gonna be able to go home and there's going to be that Mission Impossible machines that just -- 120 something -- -- on the. That alone on the say good morning let's not. So well I've been -- a long time and now I think they'll -- -- such intelligent jury that drive this because. Aerial drop a compliment on your wife and my case. And now they actually believe that she'll say I -- -- -- not present some stranger so open eight Leon complementary it. -- -- -- -- What's up. What do you mean the I mean there isn't any hurt nobody -- -- -- our -- -- talk about being insecure there below Logan. -- the gauntlet. So about the societal pressure to make women look like that yet I don't know society never told me you know what draw our attention. I'm pretty sure I'll look at women -- well -- billboard. Yeah it's still it's it's it's that they women have made it feel like they have to live up to that image or -- manhunt saying I'm -- a lot of -- -- -- -- I mean. I thought I. Hit a lot of play. The w.s you guys you guys are sneaky makes me use you -- the pressure reject but it could Dali Lama job make a ton of money. In the big house and drive a nice -- Susan archer. But don't they aren't isn't this doesn't the same thing apply to guys and guys just aren't -- insecure now you just don't care they're not mention is that he was not that they don't care they're just not insecure they're comfortable in their -- it's just not as a barely places look at the billboard of like you know. David Beckham minutes at least and in his underwear you can't see me running out man -- buying you know I mean. Bikini. Briefs this thank god -- -- Turn off the human I want if you give -- I've given up. Every year we talk about the rise and plastic surgery procedures for -- you know whether you -- thank messier corrective surgeries or whatever else I haven't rise again I have been engaged by -- -- can do it off -- and do it off if -- part -- the -- here's a 617 -- -- guy had no choice but to say that her breasts were perfect because if he had said when she was getting the plastic surgery. That they were right she would have been infuriated him he would Madonna got about the surgery hello Mike. Good morning it's Michael I think Miller insecurity I mean you and he didn't. Dressed to go out you know maybe not so where you like yeah it would first go to -- Wear khakis and you know now are great oral. What happened she gets stressed it nine -- trips. You know what you think -- look at that look good in no matter what you say. They don't believe. Now. But do you think society. That you can use the excuse that society forces women. To get twelve plastic surgery procedures to make themselves look good. But I have a friend a friend at the plastic surgeon in. He says the -- plastic -- more secure. People are at it well it's you know it's like an addiction things at once again you know like the particular group in the bigger media. It was pretty. -- -- -- to get the -- -- and then he got to go get the boobs done any gonna get the butt injection and then. But like all in and it's pretty soon you spent 87000. Dollars trying to make it. Given the cool thing is -- -- from a guy you know having to get their attention as -- 35 year old to sleep with a thirty he's thirty Euro. The -- you -- been 33 and -- and give the breast tissue thirty. Not so what's the deal than what this guy your advice to him is that. -- -- -- Better let the crucial feel better probably make things easier home for you you know it don't you be insecure that care about her new breasts all right well. Coming up at hand it is the WA AF ward they -- it happens every -- over an hour. The Mike Hsu show completely commercial free. That happens every weekday at 10 o'clock. Courtesy of the mid state auto group by. I mean I don't know if you care and I don't believe mr. issue. Has had any plastic surgery procedures -- fact that I think he's going to actually had a penis reduction always had a -- reduction is that several years I was quite an economic -- -- bigamy -- pointers while -- about coming up at 10 o'clock. And get that -- my -- you here at the WA AF this is Katie -- locating. Wow what's that -- out. How are not my well -- yeah excellent thank you. Recalling about. I'm talking about 888. Is laying. I don't believe that it -- society. I believe that. Leave Ryan out I like it as well I'm glad. Today I'm gonna -- -- stopping at a cop or at a top and began. Oh god you look. I got out that way you. Would we're would -- size. Yeah yeah yeah I think even you kind of I think you. I'm twenty -- What age do you think you'll get new boobs. My body next year hopefully. -- -- evening arguably. But it is a waste but here it -- not not only are you and a bit of an up soccer but you also say that you're doing this for guys like -- doing it. No not at the -- you don't want to let you know I play out you know a lot of people generally in the back ground. I I hear that part of it and I'm rat out. I love it needs to say after attacking -- -- embarrassed taster. Texas says slow up talkers are the worst. Like they want fast buck up -- -- they're -- but flow -- -- but where I noticed yeah that did the rhythm of the up talking can be an issue to -- that he picked up in addition to the upstarts like kids' attitudes like you just yeah she's there just go to -- get shredded some minor boobs look even that market that is a great attitudes. I thank you came today.