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Hill-Mail 3-11-14

Mar 11, 2014|

The best Hill-Mail messages over the 3 day weekend of the Hillman, topics include the derailed green line train, Greg in Miami, and a very scary pussy.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. -- yeah. And on your schedule that's okay now each YouTube and -- talk as the Hill Man Morning Show resilience deal made up. In a bit during the peak -- is that were killed. I only know because thick -- he -- well and what you can do you don't understand -- -- -- -- and. On W hey Andy and we get to the beach I spent some quality time at the pool -- down there at the hotel. And went to some sort of the AF thing they had this big ego played Miami is a place where there's like 500 people to ring the day. Party union -- club -- -- he -- -- under a lot of fun down there you guys a lot going on 24 hours camera close it's awesome it just starts a little late for some of us who are -- -- a world -- years and I. OB I dinner any dinner before 10 o'clock -- I -- I can't Sheila why Egypt and Yemen blog at the end -- you wanna go out. 38 Ernie we discussed at risk quiz appearance in cactus syrup. Senator what do you mean this place doesn't open a one and a half of what the perpetrator had about a that there. All right is there -- -- for don't know that I know there's not a right here are. For you today. The best -- mail messages the past several days I will 1149. Hole. We threw long and you're gonna need a -- a lot of -- is going colonial and you gonna mail me a lot of good shoes. -- -- -- -- Don't go around. -- -- -- -- -- -- I think it was kind of funny we went to the that place -- Tony about their prime won twelve yes who and who comes strolling in it about. Until 11:30 PM the Albert means -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- between me I won't slow them. I have nothing compared with a different can think of that now leaping and my -- and it even if there where children on board. And that -- -- and so none I noticed the governor is headed off on H three dimension. -- -- -- -- A ball in places and -- -- do we do a lot of business -- Panama are we exporting or importing I guess we get not yet we have the Panama that. What do tiger only we have a massive crowd presence down there with the Massachusetts. Does I mean -- I guess if we you know we got the canal from the mud. I don't know Erica I mean men's and may we may that place now. So back from coast Rica. And headed off to a brief trade mission. To pin Amara and I believe he's also. Heading to. To Mexico. On nine as a part of this innovation. It's an innovation and trade emission Poland were probably gonna pick up some technology from the Panamanian. So we don't we do it and hopefully export. Business with the Americans Mexico yeah we -- -- marijuana what we imports wrestle. I'm all the rest of that stuff. You know I didn't realize but now when you arrive at Logan Airport you get a message from the -- Used to be senator Ted Ted I know how it's -- earlier in the city now it's the governor says -- Welcome to -- -- that it's look what topic enough time to worry about her flight to come through Logan Airport. -- -- Your luggage is on and off with number six Arizona with the hopes that that's a lot. Monday June 20 June gold and. Monday morning and at that don't work pretty well and brought out some back up and. I. Now -- -- I've been happy -- -- -- you know for it is call and request that again and -- there gradually get it on for you before the end of the show why. -- -- -- -- report coming and that the trolley in Boston -- he will from the operator something that aura and the pick up. It's the end Elliott driving -- trying it's. And the message. Now what happened -- had the derailment yesterday green line trolley hit a wall. And I can more hell but people hurt your -- before her death cellphone video of the ensuing chaos are great it's really want. Keep it all mean nobody knows -- that run around all over the place Simoneau is going on pretty crazy. Tell the the MBTA is investigating -- -- Internet and a speed into the corner you know there's not a computer and hand. No matter what exactly OK that looks Belgrade -- expatriates -- And -- kinda. Independent Connecticut house voted on the -- I generalize and not not all crazy. She just did her boyfriend's ear off. Helmet and her mouth. -- blood all over her Mason laughed Adam Craig and I think ready to -- she cheat on that I was just reluctant another here. That's not crazy 707. -- You know why you polian -- were really healthy I can gain because an outlet think many more minutes and that. I'm. A good year because it would then you pick up. And I expect I treated a picture of this one minute there. Crazy guys who is crazier than Danielle like true tweeted her mug shot on my Twitter feed this morning Greg Hill WA AF to -- and to follow me on Twitter it's a warning shot think Asia on an up what are some day. London for a certain older. -- -- -- There are put on Iron Man or error -- right. While we're on our. Little -- and now. Bring everybody. And now it's not yesterday. Look -- -- relevant in the morning and melted by the afternoon that's that's as it dusting does it matter to me to compile. It and. It helped that they kept trying to break into the cup crew. I can take it put the boot put a little while trying to think a lot. I'm great character -- crazy Antonio Banderas is and I'm Ari may I am going to call for a rare content replay on that 911 call on the cap I mean there's there's people who were not up last hour who missed that. Outside we'll do that after -- OK there's a guy a man who's out of mantown. Because he had a lock his family in Iran because he had a vicious cap is housed at his house category -- Jack Carter it was a 22 pounder he called 911 over it. Out of mantown this guy twelve and nine old man. They'll be what you have a couple wildly up and take -- green line -- right. And that -- that I'm not a stretch back in the day when -- -- -- -- -- I used to drive the Orange Line from mom mold and the -- station you didn't solitary did you drive. The -- was and and -- a fine young man used to be out of the pilot of that train that doesn't see where pilots of other assets that seem right to what you drive straight home and how they've been operated released he was letting Garcia -- your -- the -- are you -- -- -- that was letting you drive in the way in to the city I'm not on the not in the way it's not a no not a away. You know seven Peru thinks -- -- I don't think I had them both of them like they get jacked up. -- -- -- NBA if you look they kick the can happen if you pick a country can duke. How. What do you -- under the commitment and -- hundred idiot didn't do it. And you went to the 200 yeah they believe he can. There's a good bit about how big it it's. But I don't know. Maybe I -- yeah it is different and how he helped. And -- message yeah you'll hear that feel 911 message coming up in the moment -- and fourteen and again. Not one what Herbert and they broke my doubt. Spectrum where I want it to protect my -- both. And -- -- that the that the Africa the theatrical event we're now with the -- you guys nice. So this occurred in. And apparently these the Stanley had had some violent incidents with the cat in the pass game. And so they were locked themselves in the -- from the cat was outside trying to get in I don't know for cal be able to breakthrough. A door -- That stress it would buy tickets aren't -- those Himalayan state but yet it was a Himalayan. Crazy tiger strength and a here's the here's the 911 call. Yeah have a kind of a particular courtesy here. My cat attacked. Seven probable child and I hit the button that cat in the rear end. It is -- all over the edge and we mark stated score a look at some very large Himalayan. Can't -- pattern that term you'll let us go over. The work ethic and that can't beat that person. He knows you know you discuss crowd goes forward. But the cat we -- if you look at it's -- factor seeing these very very very very -- -- -- cherry -- all the adult control. Here at -- right now you yeah I got fired or leave out the better politically they're gonna have to fight this -- yeah. Why can't I -- For me to ground very. Then as a million could you send a swat team over here it's helicopters and battle ramp. Water hoses that fire we have fire -- twice -- -- one of those ones all right worst case. There they do they they do do they bring the whole deal death knocked the door down break -- windows -- through the roof rack up house offer Torre -- -- morning that. I mean most capped -- do asleep like -- -- like ten minutes that they would have been asleep at the other I mean. Of that how violent could the thing gets loose and funny at an adrenaline of the Dornan still spot him on -- front. Sort of throw some Spanish fly across a room the guys never should kick the thing that's what got me angry -- media -- and it. When he kicked the cat. All right well that's fun with a 90101. Net today and -- fund -- 911. There I don't need all the suggestions about ways to kill look at say I -- I appreciate I appreciate that I'm from I appreciate them on the deck there where it was but. Men and marriage to dramatize this morning and -- run --