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Mistress Carrie & Steve Fiola from Tough Ruck pt. 3

Mar 7, 2014|

I invited the founder of the Tough Ruck, Steve Fiola, who is one of the heroes from last years marathon into the studio to discuss the new plan and recount his memories from last year.

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AC DC -- -- fat pipes get you ready for Saint Patrick's Day Boston's rock station WA after sisters Kerry in the studio with Steve Philo who's the founder of the -- tougher out. And we were talking about the marathon last year earlier but now when you talk about the marathon this year. So about thirty tough rockers were in the marathon on the route last year and about 700 sign up for the marathon this year he has he has a lot of people. That is a populace and -- 46. Coming from like 37 different states right we're gonna come to Boston -- part of Iraq. Yes -- -- -- about people from it we have hundreds of people coming down from West Point from the air force academy from all over the place -- It's unbelievable the the the the complete the support. That has come with this it's just it's it's fantastic. Then we get the announcement that there -- all kinds of extra safety precautions being taken understandably. On the marathon route this year. And some of those safety precautions involve the spectators. With baby strollers in backpacks and stuff like that along the route some of them involved the runners who have legitimate registered marathon numbers. In you know what they can Wear what they can carry where they need to store their bags at the finish line. And then some of those rules affected what they call bandit runners which -- people that would just join a marathon including the rockers. They did not have issued numbers from the BAA. And because of all of those safety precautions there rockers can't be on the root the day of the marathon. Ends there are a lot of different opinions out there about that you know very on FaceBook say the Rutgers should be there anyway who's gonna have the balls to arrest. Which isn't really. He you know is first uniformed soldiers -- they're not gonna go out there and and and completely just. Bypass the rules it's a safety precaution and you know you're a soldier you understand. Actually it is it's quickly understand I mean. Whether or not -- the good safety and security concerns that have been brought up not all it's not only by one organizations not just by the BA it's right by -- about all of them right you know from from the Boston Police that a Hopkinton police and just Homeland Security only after the ice service there's a lot of people that are going to be looking out to make sure the people say that the marathoner and meet with the tens of thousands of eyeballs that are not watching the marathon watching the marathon right okay so. Today it their their concerns are completely understandable so I mean the first reaction of course for me. Is disappointment. You know I've I've had the opportunity to do the six previous times just the Boston Marathon nevermind just discourse right in between they did Jimmy Fund -- -- marathon walk in and -- -- over but. For me used it's it's immediately upsetting that we -- you really do that and people are not going to -- experience the amazing. Yeah that is Iraq is one of my favorite parts of the marathon so then there's people that say. What I do without Iraq's. Can you guys just. You know go out there an end you know again it goes back to not having issued numbers and there are gonna be. A specific number of numbers that are being issued to National Guard soldiers so that they can march on the course but they're not gonna have -- sex on the they are gonna have numbers absolutely so the guard is gonna be represented along the course that day -- the end of the national -- will be represented along the course and but the thing is that why you know there was a lot of a lot of people actually are saying why can't you just do without the oracle. That's not the point that that first repealing don't understand the purpose of the tough -- is for soldiers that are here. To carry the rock's Jack in memory of someone that's no longer here to carry it themselves so you know it there's there's a certain amount of of of misery. That the person is supposed to go through along the route carrying a heavy ruck -- for over 26 miles -- you're doing it in memory of someone. That is falling and that is no longer here to do it themselves -- that blood swear and tears that we we we go through to finish the marathon that's that's important to us because he gives us that perspective that. What we're doing this for them it's not about us it's not about any other level of bureaucracy politics is -- any of that is about our fallen. Brothers and sisters and I that is the point so could we do without the ruck sacks to lead to maybe work something out wolf. They did they they deal barrel on the National Guard to have a representation. During this year is ratified. But when it comes to the tough -- their 740. People that are registered at a party started raising money and and you know a lot of people are saying well if you know if I can't be part of the tougher on America on then. You know we should do it at all and -- there's a lot of opinions out there but at the end of the day that the point of the top -- Is to remember the soldiers that have fallen in why you're carrying that rock in the first place. So the good -- is even though they're a lot of heart hurt feelings myself included you know I mean. You are making an exemption for me not being military to be out there with all of the soldiers and if somebody had said the soldiers can do it and you can't. I would have been OK with that. But. There are a lot of people that think if we trust these guys. To secure the route if we trust them to go overseas and protect as we can't trust them on the marathon route which is a valid argument. But there's also the other side that says what's to stop somebody from going army navy binds -- fatigues look at like a soldier going out there. In doing something horrible and looking like a soldier while you're doing. So that's understandable -- It dollars and I think there's there's definitely a -- for ways you can look at is it you know. It is it is it and an anti military thing it doesn't it's it's it is it literally just the seat to sick security concerned. That many organizations have so. With with that being said then we're we're going to focus in on I'm not so much idea about a -- the top of the building and start screaming and you know banging my chest and making -- you've -- That's not where what what what are we gonna do instead we're gonna do is we're gonna rock are still going to Roxio right right now we're where we're working on a partnership with the National Park Service they have been incredible over the last couple of really going last. Week or two. And in economy can this all happened so we are we going to rock on April 19 two sets a big change it's not the 21 like everyone. I'm Marathon Monday it's the Saturday before the marathon had him for America it's going to be on battle road trail. Yes which is in Concord. And it just so happens that April 19 1775. Is the shot heard round the world. And the start of the American revolution and knows -- -- turned into the National Guard now the National Guard is gonna walk the same footsteps. All of the soldiers from seven or the -- from 1775. And the top rep is gonna happen. In Concord -- -- which is amazing it's going to be -- it will be amazing it's going to be the the National Park Service already does some amazing things. In and Celebrex is we get Marathon Monday -- is pleased patriots day that's why we get it off. This is the whole the whole point of it so. Did to have the opportunity to its it to do this is is phenomenal and you know we have to think of our partners now the -- the National Park Service. For allowing us to be gracious enough -- allow us to come in here but. You -- we look at this as as an opportunity to to not only celebrate our and our independence celebrate the shock heard around the world the -- And -- rich history that we had here unbelievable we're gonna be on the actual road that the place I mean we're going to be on the same spots right where in April 19775. Our our militia are farmers who came over here to staff -- to have a a new life. Where they fought for their freedom yeah it's. Pretty amazing going and it and it's very coincidental but very amazing and the same time it is gonna be open to the public all the details haven't been finalized on what time the rush is gonna start. But it's gonna be over the public people are more than welcome to come out with their families cheer on the rockers enjoy the beautiful park. And we're also is still raising money for the tough for up to benefit the military friends foundation. And all of the details when they get finalized are gonna be up at WA AF dot com up in my blog so we want people to come out on that Saturday. Come and cheer us on pleased that you didn't continues. I hear an audio out there that Casey thank you so much for coming up thank you very much for having me.