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Mistress Carrie & Steve Fiola from Tough Ruck pt. 2

Mar 7, 2014|

I invited the founder of the Tough Ruck, Steve Fiola, who is one of the heroes from last years marathon into the studio to discuss the new plan and recount his memories from last year.

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-- -- This month. Plus is rock station W way out it's -- scary in the studio with me Steve Philo who's the founder of the tough rock and also one of the mass army National Guard soldiers. They're responded. After ruck marching the marathon last year responded to the bombings. And you know we were talking about what your day was like and you know you guys rock marks the whole marathon your tires. The bombs go a lot few guys went over immediately reacted and started rendering aid and before we start talking about. This year's marathon. I wanted to make sure that we kind of finish the story and and tell me exactly what you guys you know did last year. Actually rule you know you can you can actually see what we did you see what we did in the and then the video from mines in Boston Globe Steve so I think you know had a video. And so I mean we we we sort of pulled barriers down once we went over that first site. I'm mark Welch who is -- another another soldier who is with us was over at the second site eighty people after he helped pull people out of the the that the bandstand under the bleachers itself. And so we serve all people Pope on the -- down with -- -- debris off people putting attorney kits on on on some folks -- needed. And of course you know than the speed the iconic a photo that we LC of Carlos are non -- And Jeff Bowman -- of -- Carlos was there are supporting -- he's -- -- gold -- family. Both of his sons. We're we're veterans in both of his sons. I had lost their lives and who he was there supporting us so there is to resist an unbelievable connection here because. He was eight years in the stands handing out flags. In these two bombs. -- law in memory of his son in memory of his supporting you guys who are rocking in memory of fallen soldiers absolutely capsule is so so what happens you know a couple of minutes before all of that is. He knew where we do we we lift up. Car Jeff and put him in the in the chair and he's wheeled off. And I've seen -- fortunately some happens we have we know with clamp that was on and and they do you see this this this guy who's there supporting us in honor of his sons. By and and he goes and he does something completely unthinkable he does he does reacts and. That he -- he grabbed -- Jeff -- artery. Yes and saved -- without question saved his life because he was bleeding so much that he would never made it to the hospital and it needs to be said that Jeff Bowman is the linchpin. For getting these two guys identify whose owner identified him capsules so we can be said if you know you can connect the chain that had Carlos. Not then they're supporting Iraq. And not been there to help lend aid to to Jeff Bowman. And Jeff Bowman wasn't of sound enough mind which is amazing to me and what a hero he is. To be able to give the description of the bombers to the authorities. They may or may not have been able to identify these guys before they did with what they had planned. Which was to go to New York with more bombs and so it's an amazing. Story. And a chain of events that just. Was they mean there's really no other way to -- everybody was there at that moment for that reason and you know obvious. -- so much tragedy came out of that day but there -- such amazing stories of heroism as well. Last year. There were forty rockers right on the on the -- If there -- for for from our group -- -- -- -- that were specific to a -- group and then there is there is a variety of other soldiers. Airmen. ROTC cadets from all over the place crystal showed up by -- but still -- -- our group last -- -- -- group test -- let's let's see if we -- if we can't riled -- -- -- -- -- the soldiers -- in the -- -- in the marathon for years this is a -- going to tradition but the tough -- itself as an organization. Last year was the pioneer year yes yes I'm so this year getting ready for the marathon and the tough rock started registration. And it was open to active soldiers yes and. You know we can even have a chance to really go on -- talk about it but. You guys were gonna let me embed with my guys from the 182 infantry that I was in Afghanistan -- it and I began months ago training myself to rock the marathon. And you know you guys were like -- absolutely we want you there with -- you -- overseas with us we want you there you're carrying the -- -- In -- so I spent at a home in combat boots aren't my treadmill with -- -- training. Picture this this is this is tough to get this mental image going on right now it is and you have been in -- and it's a thing. Everyone needs some of you actually have been really going out there training with. Talk about it on the area because we wanted to get all of that we wanted to get you know the team organized and wanted to get an and we gonna make a big announcement. And you know and make a big deal out of it raise money for charity and all of that and you know now there have been changes in policies which we're gonna talk about and a few minutes and then we're also gonna talk about the future of the tough for a but it's an amazing story. If you wanna texting and -- text 9717 if you wanna talk to Stevie can call 617931. -- -- will be back with more after this.