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Mistress Carrie & Steve Fiola from Tough Ruck pt.1

Mar 7, 2014|

I invited the founder of the Tough Ruck, Steve Fiola, who is one of the heroes from last years marathon into the studio to discuss the new plan and recount his memories from last year.

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That's all these -- contents Boston's rock station W weigh out my name is mr. Kerry thank you very much for tuning in this afternoon I have a very distinguished guests. In the studio with me today. In your civilian life if you are Steve feel -- That is correct the founder of the tough Iraq. That is -- -- -- military life you are lieutenant Steve feel of from the mass army National Guard. All these things are correct I know you don't like to. Make a big deal Otto. Everything that happened but just for the purposes of everybody listening. You are one of the National Guard soldiers that rock marks the marathon last year and was famously photographed. Responding to the bombings tearing down the barricades and helping the victims. Get aid after the bombs went. Absolutely and and it's we know we. A group losses ski we gathered every every -- year we gather and we tried to you want to pay honor and homage to our fallen Brothers and sisters and we and we do that by destroy Iraq sacks on filling in a ton of weight. And we ruck sack -- -- the Boston Marathon. And we I know it's it's really important that for for us we we repay the respect to our fallen Brothers and sisters. Because we we want to remember them we wanna remember the sacrifices. So we figure wide why not now when I just. -- a marathon to a back and so we're gonna talk about their security changes in the policies of the marathon we are going to talk about where the rock has been rescheduled to. But it you know we're coming up on the anniversary the marathon bombings and you are one of the people that. Has an experience from that day that is unlike most and so I wanted to kind of hear what that day was like for you I mean. You know you guys had rocked 26 point two miles with heavy weight on your back and gotten to the finish line and then the bombs went off so. Tell me what that day was like four you know. -- building up to that point it was he we was literally perfect and that the the weather was great the crowd was great this beautiful day it was it was it was beautiful there everything was perfect up until. That that point you know the point -- it was the first blast went off but. He was absolutely amazing -- the crowds were out there who was cheering everyone on to something. I was telling a story earlier on today of as we are marching down we -- mile 24 hours there with my -- with with my first sergeant with for burning the door. And we are going through we we see this guy go by -- via a news in New Zealand Niger Xeon. And we are we get big fight I'm thankfully send museum and music as we wouldn't know it had zero and at all. And and so we we are cheering him on he stopped to mile twenty or this -- -- this guys is all in the zone he's running a marathon he stops turns around shakes both of our hand says thank you very much. And and NC then that tells everyday and it turns on and this goes off and oh yeah article back in running. Really was up until that point a really beautiful day in the same kind of thing that people say about 9/11 and up until. Indeed the actual attack it was a beautiful fall day it was one of those days that was just perfect and you know I was down at the finish line until probably about forty minutes before the bombs went off we are broadcasting down at -- like we do every year. And it really was it did the mood of everybody along the finish slightly it was just great there was so you what time did you guys crossed the finish line. How we -- finish line at a -- won the Bob 140. 14 in the afternoon. I knew we were still waiting on a couple of soldiers to come through one of our final soldiers from. The man from our our group from our company that has sixty transportation company had just come across the finish line probably ten minutes. Before that first blast went off so we're actually we're standing right by the finish line you're just we were commuters kind of gathering her stuff up and getting you know getting our plan together and how we're gonna get back to pockets and. And you guys just are just -- people know that the rockers. Have to leave like before the sun comes up in order to erupt march a marathon and make it to the finish line. At any kind of a time when anybody's going to be -- -- you isn't literally been up since like two or 3 in the morning yes started rocking at 5 AM. Now it's quarter of two and you're just getting all your guys back across the finish line after. Being a pretty warm day to -- a marathon in a full military uniform with a full Iraq absolutely and the bombs go off yes and you guys were down there and and just started running towards the blast sites. -- which is not a normal reaction for most people it's a normal reaction for soldier but it's not a normal reaction for most people to run towards -- Actually we live with us we were trained to do -- we were trained to go. And you know win win the first Glasgow is often the first thing is you circle were always different scenarios. But then once the Democrats start screaming you you to you immediately know it's not it's not a good situation right you don't you don't know at that point whether or not it's a it's our gas -- -- -- terrorist attack it's this it's that we don't. At that point -- don't know -- just 9/11 people thought it might have been a mistake with air traffic control -- the plane hit the building nobody really knew what was going on absolutely but -- -- -- that that the most important -- at that point. -- we're no longer there as as as just volunteers just trying to. It's a system to work towards the cause it to champion the cause of our fallen Brothers and sisters at that point now our soldiers now right do we gonna do so the first thing that comes to mind is our. I need to keep all these soldiers that I know we're here they need to stand -- spot because now that I'm the senior guys and now you know where everybody had an extra that -- people are -- because because eventually EEU within a very short period of time now of course is going to be where all your soldiers right so that's one of the things that I really wanted to it's all right I I you know I had to they had to stay there. And then of course myself into those soldiers burning -- -- mark Welch we ran towards. -- -- the first site mark -- ward ran towards the second site after that blast that happened and and we we we do we need to do surrendering it. All right we're -- keep talking to you we're here with Steve feel who's the founder of the tough rock and was at the marathon last year we're gonna talk about the changes in the marathon in the security procedures and then talk about. The good part of the story that's coming out of all of this and where the rock is actually gonna happen more coming up on WA after. Yeah answering your.