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Former New England Patriot Matt Light

Mar 7, 2014|

Matty mustache joined the show to talk some Pats as well as a special April Fools benefit check it out on his website.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the pin on your schedule at W. Speaking of our Powell's I believe that Matt Light have been a formerly of the New England Patriots now. Keel vodka joins us here on today show -- -- Very good morning sir what's happening buddy. I think this may be the first of may possibly the second time we've we've talked since the although -- the whole status period. Yes yes yes I -- do you miss the little Fella. No I'm not really. On the -- But I do wish -- well I sure do miss it loses he was very -- a lot of fun but we haven't we heard -- -- and yes we. We're and we we almost killed there was Steve -- we have some epic moments. And Stephen Neal choked amount sure analysts and and announced that I'll never forget him in his in his full. Woburn high school gear. Leaping into mid air to attempt to block he'll -- on -- field stadium I I just I'll never forget that. I'll never forget the sound that came out of his mouth once he was still being there for the Clinton. It came. Very awkward re edit you're new rule for effect here he was considered. -- they are you a common. There's a chance that the patriots released Vince Wilfork. You saw an opening for those saying that nobody wants to deal with the reality. You know the -- the end of the year but things like that do happen I think nobody want to think about it I mean. I have no idea what ultimately come down and use a lot different situation you can restructure sanctions and did you look at all those type of course you know you. He is and then you know walking towards the comeback in the -- -- -- it all looks so you know as a player that's the last thing you think about it here in New York. And read about -- significant injury did and they get a -- that's -- game amid the third biblical nor -- would go to ultimately. You know -- has been such a big aspect of that defense and then not just big and oblivion. Yeah -- but he knows that. If there's a rookie that comes they've got taken -- -- you know there's you know some guy in trouble he's going to be there to help me he's he's he's just such a great team right. Well I was gonna say where do you rank him when it comes to years your favorite teammates. Well it's -- guys that played with you the top you know you. You know he's he's he's got an edge to him and Alamo you. You know -- that are not but if you're around Benson and his family I mean he's got a way about him and and that rubs off and it's very you know contagious than there has not. You know it's it's it's the there are cocky thing it's at the very competent but you know swagger and in -- way the way he approaches the game and again the import sitting on the guys around him. It's good it's quite significant military -- would. It was it was evident they want me you walked in and our members think in my -- they make human beings that -- that some believe. And then it just it would from the public -- -- the young guy but look look at that has played in the he didn't know what the emergency -- bit and then you'll somebody better linebackers on the news you know he he -- it immediately then. And you Austrian you know that very often. Why is very mean now for another matter here your very modest but. You can say that a bought a lot of guys that played on the team on your team's CLU being one of them -- I'm I'm on the bandwagon I believe he should be all affair but you you guys were very lucky to be able to play with. A bunch of special guys that are you know. That I always say there's it's it's few and far between when you finding guys it's a better human being many as an athlete and a lot of you guys worried that. Now on one team which is pretty incredible. Yeah you know -- after having a couple of years now -- you know outside the game and see it would hurt you -- that the political perspective and and and and that that that aspect though of playing with you know I cared or just all of the individuals. It's something that I always go back to -- you boy that's you know how much you miss we -- that the other end and you know we -- when you think about those guys you think about. You know -- just that the guys that that would just unbelievable Detroit. Mean you know she apart Troy brown and it's like okay -- know the guy you don't play both sides of the ball and you know special teams and get all that stuff -- -- -- fighters wait -- they're beginning now you've really adult because there's so many people. You know what they look like and how that would work to date people -- you can do that they had a few years ago and also. And when you look at that eight to Google lead in the and then the national football league of extra. And and then that. It is is different especially here in New England we guys around for a long time and still so those guys of course put. Different and then look back on definitely miss the most. Well that is the thing that you do wonder about Vince is that you if you looked at you know clearly -- a leader. But I you know. I -- I is -- less and less of an opportunity to have a veteran leader on a team and just because of salary cap and all the rest of you know. And what you thought I think the big thing that that you have to keep in mind is that. You know but with this year and it's -- experience in the shortened all -- and all these things are factoring in to having a less veteran earlier summits -- it's it's going to translate it to you know probably less of a polished look especially early in the season. And then they knew that the deal would be you know the things that New England looked -- you -- -- -- better guys go that you have any guys go down. -- the new guy come event. When you have a lack of leadership and and and maybe that's a bad terrible when you have a lack of veteran leadership. That changes you know -- empire feel about locker now everybody's on their domain trust me. It's not like we went around you know William Miller in the locker room you know all the better and go to the -- And atmosphere every date but would you. Factor a lot of uncertainty a lot of young guys you don't know what you got there were some tense moments there and that when they appreciate you know I'm no different than. You know when you win when you're very disputed temple mix up until it hasn't been helping them all with the -- -- element and quality teams -- that. Hey things just got shaky when I would meg knowledge that that thing you do is based on real band Nobel LB was gonna kill -- if I think. He's insisting that wonders are real band broke. That's. -- that we lose -- Matter eight. A wonder he's got to. Jesse Ventura interfere with -- phone calls that are given. Is dropped they did this did I help hopefully he'll call back because he wanted to barriers want to plug a charity event. They want to plug is that he's -- his big charity event so. Here's the number to call 6179311. A half if you would like beyond we lost you for a minute but he. I note that this great unit zappa noticed that myself where are you. I have -- and sitting inside Foxboro you know it's. The beautiful day here and and I got up this morning my daughter that are twelfth birthday week. Got everything up early and I mean you know about daughter's. Twelve -- might meet some advice from you go -- but it's been a bit more. I think it's a little different if a guy comes to meet. Need before a date -- it comes to meet you before that I don't think you have anything to worry about. I got there's there will be -- doubly terror in the eyes of any man who come you are not now. You know you did did Sunnis who weren't did that first date -- come to the house greet him at the door with a bowl yeah barrel but yet a Sylmar and you'll -- -- not not here. Hey al-Qaeda announced -- earlier kill some stuff pay Matty. Are you we you have an event coming up the -- -- to promote correct. Yeah we do we actually have you guys know -- and then and avoid that I enjoy it. Working with -- -- -- -- which you know that April fool those there's probably. The greatest hollowed out at least in my opinion yes and so. So we decided you know why not do something to celebrate. Such sort of fantastic. Day of the year and so we watch this cool -- -- they're not fooled myself. Is is to date April 1 of course you know whoever on April Fool's Day nebulous -- live. With the whole host of phenomenal comedians of course about. Our dear friend Lenny Clarke and they work we did a daughter and -- you know -- -- -- -- so comedy show you know out here media. Suburbs and in and Foxboro and then choked it by Bartlett that's great. We'll be breaking him the ball out some of the video of some of the things so what happened over the years -- -- -- -- to those people also. Yeah and that is what we what what what we would call a a prankster and -- he is gonna show. The video. Some of his best pranks on his teammates last prayer right so do we get a preview of like one of them that that we don't know about. It well. So let them I was just slipped below rustling and some of the guys you know from back today mr. open mr. Coke's side and and and that happened a little. Dinner you can -- out -- -- summer break our all time favorites from the school but I doubt it doesn't believe by April at least started and public health problem. But wait we we're mobile -- -- -- year. You -- great and someone read it -- reading -- Beirut to understand what is it -- yes. But what they're saying. Did that whole area everybody else it was a good recaptured mr. -- and then. And and some of that supply units. You know eating. And it's absolutely price -- -- -- when you're watching you to tears -- -- but. Over the years. We're very public and some unbelievable things in -- note that Rubin and other workplace you're. Noble want you drew almost -- -- -- Ukraine an -- over the years so we figured one announcement on unleash some of that stuff. You know bring in some unbelievable. Comedian would have a great night sort -- might elect foundation and should be -- -- go Matt Light subject to -- come through like that tickets though. What will be -- as slugger on April 1. I will go to Matt Light 72 dot com go to this event April -- sounds great. In -- did you ever did anybody ever dared to prank Tom Brady. All by Leo we use the actual targeted quite off I mean you guys remember. When we put beer. The picture look them ordering the barnyard animals are actually welcome breakfast yes yes yes that guy is ugly moment. Is that -- and that's underneath -- remember the packing Peter try to predict exactly or industrials suspect affecting the that's the goal. Alexis through the summer of. And then you catch Tom -- -- been practicing with -- Lexus is full of packing peanut awesome yeah. Yeah we I can remember one pandas bit slower -- most -- -- pretty good you but you never knew that referenced that they're great yeah it's. The old mayor and you know perfume. And I remember we dealt. Arts center and that's -- -- in literally two important work who I respect quarterback was sort Tommy there I would be watering -- they're still phenomenal. Through -- you can see all let's stop and have a great time -- pal -- like coming up on 9 April Fool's Day. Got to Showcase Live at Patriot Place I'd buddy it's great to talk tea. Too bad you guys have a great weekend. Often. As always. Good work very good job whatsoever more -- a friend. I've now -- we'll see you soon there's former New England Patriots Matt Light.