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Hill-Mail 3-7-14

Mar 7, 2014|

The best Hill-Mail messages of the previous 24 hours the man focus today is Greg's old man shoes and his trip to Florida.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. -- yeah. And on your schedule that's okay now -- you returned to talk as the Hill Man Morning Show Brazilians still made out. There there. Yeah I don't wanna ride on the I think -- -- -- but it they're Monfils couldn't. On WA. And no chin photos. They have been out alive thank god go mail messages today. Brought to you by the heart in saint Patrick's festival happening today and tomorrow. Oh at the harpoon brewery must. Yeah must mosques military must attend event 21 plus with proper IB information available when you go. Two harpoon brewery dot com love beer love life harpoon. -- -- I had. Oh man night peaked at. We got -- got -- veteran. Formed -- -- I said that he had the -- thing yesterday did. Any US analysts and I'm bring in my new sneakers the Miami fit right in some parts of Narnia where real. You don't mean. The ceiling shots on board the rock play a little shuffle board material does that amount of -- so I would dearly -- -- from Vienna. Exactly 712. Old. Not war -- no. Holy. Eddie who. Nelson and get a return plays MLB is the total there on the same -- reachable. These two great job very sports was I don't even care -- are dated Sunoco and everybody out there was -- -- whatever it is great occasional sudden fourteen -- Indiana. Mary like -- -- today. All of there -- -- -- get -- that lately but their fight with my -- remote and it can also -- I haven't dropped. And then. After that the pregnant but. Replay -- the jeopardy on that. Hello Jim. -- -- with Jim. How much are you going greatness or comment on the the lady would that particular on the -- You know I have particular owner in the you know I I wouldn't believe in early -- don't like -- You guys see the picture ever in my truck who monitored pretty banged up. You hammered you're -- five year old. A four year old and a one year old. -- -- And today it is horrendous it is absolutely horrendous scrutiny 707. -- What dramatic and I and I take my picture like that. Number no that's fine but when you can -- -- expect that we got paid holidays hopefully between you can. Calendar that is email address the address of Omaha district. Nothing better than -- to eat it I'd not been better than how real holidays on the eggs Benedict know that delicious. I'm they've grown 720. Or older. -- mentality. -- -- -- to -- up intend to get help but wonder. All in order. Without the won't get other people better to stop rock and hit -- -- -- -- Under now which lately have the -- Let's go for the lobsters and a -- is that the mobsters that stuff like that who I mean this but but it wasn't necessarily for meeting beat that that woman got. You get mad cow disease from meeting believing they really don't know how it to its spread it's that big mystery. Though but it just from. Now somehow that now. That as the cow poop on somebody's shoes and this is somebody puts this -- in their mouth they're sort of forget exactly I think that's like. Can't inflict gets snubbed if you want that and yeah Arnold right. Hello hello -- yeah. You'll hear the mourners will. Stay I'll -- that belt though it and it has and here. You keep this show go and their witness. Your individual yell at a flat and handle all that -- so -- I'll -- Thanks Jeremy. As for the record Danny will be a moment nuances slide over and give my way version but that takes it well -- man. That's who aren't they thought well it may well. Now the district they'll. And the message. That the somebody was wondering if I have those old man's Sox that like make year circulation. The Russians thought. They're very very rarely ate him up I'm just are near me in the they keep your town gossip circulating. A little -- those babies would violate sneakers. And my. In my bathing suit khaki shorts now. -- And so and tell yourself -- through elastic waist band and let it. Happen soon. -- -- Within how many were there between Democrat -- like out here. And now we're gonna give bears through a grizzled accident doesn't wanna live in harmony and her. Governor Deval pat try to figure out living in harmony with the bears yesterday while while while kids are being costing killed in in -- PCR system -- Costa Rica -- -- -- a citizen gets back he goes back to west -- distributed system bear tag. You actually my name in -- -- about -- -- didn't like Carlyle. Let's get it by me. 727. Indiana. Those metric here but lady who attended by Eric on the record eighty. -- not content to children he already a lot art. Yeah -- -- -- up -- big we were able to tear man you you have lost the moral high ground there and he -- Three or eight. And it dude on the tour that were killed. I only know a thick skinned people who are now -- what we. Need open at the end of the gym. -- that we thought that. I can practice practice and do little practicing for the ocean park July 4 -- castle contest -- out of Miami and using any -- this year -- I don't know what we're doing and I got to find out what the -- -- protect. They don't issued his team. Until a few weeks before Smart is your idea fairly competitive everybody gets right -- -- gets a fair shot I wanna see natural talent well of course. Well let's see a lot of -- all of it right here a lot of pressure as the defending champs because everybody up there is gunning for you. -- so you know it is a lot of people thinking right now. Time dethrone. Greg Hill as the sand castle champion emotion part meant. Obvious agenda that that's why I'm bringing in remembering in some kind of experts or something and -- and work work in the darkness and and under the cover of night of the judges eating -- Ho ho --