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Is it Fact or is it Schmact?

Mar 7, 2014|

A red hot LB rolled in this time but only fared ok topics include do 2% of people have a condition that makes them hate music, sperm used for anti-aging, in 1947 did a plane go missing after transmitting a weird distress call, and do male koala bears have 2 penises?

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. -- -- And on your schedule at W today. -- Hill Man Morning Show invite you -- your wits. Again still leaks I don't believe such dangerous nothing unsanitary -- you drink yeah there's got to be a lot of email and see what. Not only name you blather about aids die and full of facts she maxed. All right if you win today you get a pair of second row tickets for WWE. Smackdown at the TD garden. Coming up on March 26 so fired up and Brian is up first today hello Brian. Great aunt Brooke I want it now good good part of our -- Charlotte -- I. Call them shout outs but yes go ahead. -- -- construction Vermont Middleton Massachusetts. Or belittle it or. Well -- slowed to -- hello to all of them. And Brian. 2%. Of people in the world how the condition. That makes them not to like music. Backed Porsche mapped. Are. Up. Here's that just like your -- continues repeat that they have a medical condition yes which makes them hate music of the or not they cannot stand music it's not pleasure it is accurate. And stay in Syria Derek -- Lindsay and was tone -- really yes I. Remember in 985 -- rally. Initiated the whole. You know training camp take a role -- yeah to get in shape. And we're doing aerobics and Kenny look like in nit -- because he was tone deaf and couldn't -- Estonia they couldn't didn't libraries so tone -- -- -- -- -- acted as that is absolutely correct that is indeed a fact you are one for 1 laser show this morning oh hello -- -- -- Hey Rick sperm is actually an anti aging treatment because it tightens. The skin when you look at me every time you see -- That what the doctor smack. That you say you hope -- -- -- yes. By David listen all the skin tightening product -- pro team and it on a pro team hammering a fact though it appears. That's permeate so premieres you know losing all dean it is -- fact lose goodness they had held. I'm not what -- -- right now about what you know at you is don't put -- an even meeting area involves. Feel like now that her ideally every announcement about them like yeah. -- -- So while our load herself excellently from Lyle I'm actually remain. I don't -- -- -- remain. It's it's called out private note from we're semesters -- but what we're where do you live in Maine are live on air better effort. I've -- -- love it differed pool might my uncle and while yes I love that name yeah. Is agreed to I don't it's expected that. I -- allows the best he's a professor he's not he's the -- Myers in the bunch reliably ever go to the ramp. Great place but right up -- administered by them. In 1947. A plane carrying eleven people crashed over the in these mountains in Argentina. Before crashing. They sent the word stand back in Morse code. The wreckage has never been found and no one knows what extend that means. The truth -- Or false is that a factor is that she -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know because -- -- -- and I love my uncle loud -- he's Smart as buyers of the Bonn Germany go -- agrees they're gonna agree it's fact that actually there -- Elderly at the Helm what do you think that Mets then that help us and help hello Josh. What's up Josh. It's a big plans for the weekend. Project big man coverage they have had a Vermont but it in my life. -- How many years of wedded bliss. We've been married for years regarding other nineteen. That's sounds Iowa and a little bit stressed this did mandates that they'll pay a big day just religious and FYI wire up there. The glass blowing in America they're. The crystal -- -- the usual in the basement once again blow glass it's it's very romantic aspect but you know and Woodstock. I let. It. The way -- Joshua male -- Wallace. Have to penises. And so obviously females have two vagina it's backed bush map yeah. Obviously they are and I -- -- -- Shrimp and the drive me -- it at that. Cologne -- so cute that could cool wallabies that sent ash Mac that is backed off acts to penises on animals and -- as. Yeah they did a little creepy his previous now speaking of -- Wallace up next. How devolved actor describes his day -- nature yesterday. Out in the 413 I think it's marvelous.