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Mistress Carrie's interview Chester from LInkin Park & Davey from AFI

Mar 6, 2014|

Chester from LInkin Park and Davey from AFI called in today, to talk about the Carnivores tour, the Oscars, IV bags, restaurants and the new song 'Guilty All The Same' that came out today.

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It's just scary weekdays three to seven on Boston -- station WA AF. Yeah I'm really go it's nice to talk to you guys likewise. I hear your not in the same place where are you blown its iron and -- it. And I'm in Los -- both places are. What they warmer than Boston right now I can guarantee it so I am incredibly jet plans his sister is beautiful here right now -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- about -- warm and beautiful -- -- your -- -- and -- pod -- -- And I was next economic sentiment like yesterday and then I think I've officially becomes so white that I am green. You can -- thank -- -- and green because the blood vessels are just like it -- it's really scary it was a blue blooded yet. It's good for jet to down hole. Is that yet I I don't think I've I don't think my my body has blocked out. Into the sunlight in quite some time so I think Connecticut joined Gaby coming returned Avian life. If it. You sell like everyone in New England where about as pale as you can get right now that you get that's under. Hannibal I mean you know to be. To be holed up in your house in Los Angeles is -- Is it weird it's weird. It better than most beautiful places in the world to live because. Always everyday you can go do something but the thing that I do every day is courtesy of my friends in the -- going for -- They don't put them -- ideas for some reason it is important. Well you are Smart because when you put this whole -- together you're going to be here in the middle of August that's gonna be beautiful when you're here. It is in Boston is a beautiful play it when it appeared to be in the world and I can't wait again we can get there like if it's gonna be the perfect time a year. You have our -- come and scorched Boston and burn it down. Usually those big shows that the -- Kennedy Center happened on the hottest days of the year. And it always kills me that there's people walking around like vinyl pants and like led thereon and it just hand it makes no seconds. Island -- It makes sense trust me -- the reason whether where in this final pants. And a hundred degrees because it's often. -- -- -- -- And the science project at the same time. Well I have to say that I did do some training for two per prepare myself for the hot -- hot in Boston next year when we play. I did play in in Japan last year on the hottest game in history of Japan apparently. And it was like a 100% humidity. And by the time it in the early. Hearing right this time and I swear by the time we get -- to -- -- -- I literally didn't know what I was doing like what it. Where am I what song is this -- why can't I breathe. Yeah a weird. They need to get like -- hook for an IV bag on your Mike stand that would have been awesome effigy gradient. That -- That don't make it without me if you if you create then I'd be bad microphone stand I'll use it. Said that you just need to be my attack them and like I literally go to -- -- that that's no problem. No problem well. There's a lot to talk to you guys about. The carnivores tour is coming to the -- Kennedy center on August 16. Tickets go on sale tomorrow it's it's got a big week of announcements for you guys. It hasn't been really crazy I mean. Jarrett won an Oscar which is like unbelievable. He did I hadn't heard and just in case anybody has missed that -- that. And then of course he was kind of you that right before we -- -- -- this summer I know it's like the best free PR for a tour ever. I'm I'm gonna get injured are really nice. Birthday present this year. And and then you know obviously like the fact that all of our management together is really is really amazing. I have. As -- address the guys in the department. Nothing but the highest. Respect for -- There were the best flashbacks from the world they make great record after great record. And then protect Mars. Another band and just completely ground. The light band into one of the best in the world and they continue to put -- great music. And obviously it hasn't cared to would do with the doctors pretty often. And in our in our record we destructive on yesterday and we we announced that they were were pretty had a record and in the summer. Yeah what's it gonna be called nobody's told me yet it's not there yet to find it I have to dig our -- -- -- they. I didn't dig hard enough up. I'll give you could LP LP TV's most recent at the one record deficits Nokia. Aren't I'll find it I want name the tour considering the three bands that Iran had heard some of the most clean live thing. The vegetarian. And began Blake where did this warning comes. Well it it actually came from. It came from. The inspiration. For our new record we we felt like there -- It is needed. -- -- can -- in music right now for really. Visceral energetic. Hard. Rock music. That that we felt was gone you know if there's an absence there. Carnivore. That. The word carnivore in my mind really I think. That animal instinct that need. Four to build it is to prevent aggression and that. That's what we feel all these fans bring in their life performances. And I think you know between offices -- -- six tweeted out a little while ago holy. The new Lincoln Park sound guilty all the same is insane. That is that a compliment his. -- -- -- In and an I respect Mickey a -- -- -- good friend -- -- Q and and that. I had a feeling I couldn't wait talked to him because -- -- -- -- when -- -- on that you'd be pretty bad. Well I know you guys -- super busy so I'll have a couple more questions and I know I -- ego. I talked to me about record store day 'cause there's some really cool vinyl and stuff that's coming out as well. Will we I believe on record to regain we're re releasing collision course ten year anniversary collision course which is pretty often. Can we be thinking your property with a three -- you make -- I feel old. -- a birthday coming up later on this month so I mean you get married. I I know man I -- I'm moving in and closing in on the big four here it's not that bad come on in the water's fine you know I don't really care about. Seeing how my father has has grown. And the fact that he's built. Is that same guys that I've always known and -- he. He just turned I think it 74. And and he's still think like at 22 year old man. You know and and that's where these. Staying in your mind in your heart that it matters. I -- when I grow gracefully and hopefully he would do a lot of bird bird once again can. There's nothing better than getting it on stage and playing music for -- for people to put the best thing in the world. -- sure the youngest giant Stone Temple Pilots are you of that going for you to know why did -- intentionally I would feel younger. My version of cosmetic surgery. At the I wanted to ask is -- -- the bands on -- tour are really active on line socially. So I I know that there's going to be a lot of stuff going on when the tour is in town and when you guys are on the road you know -- you've got all your gadgets so -- I want you and -- did tell me. Let me in on some of the best apps that we should have our cell phones like guilty pleasure apps that you have that helped -- company -- What. He's got a favorite let let me go let me go to the irony here happy count which would be the app I used by Indian restaurants around the world. That's that's called happy well happy cap -- at the well. Happy how that happened out yet they were web -- long before there is such thing as an -- And anywhere in the world that you are. -- will still show you where it says that begins but our orbit -- There's a really good look around the corner from the radio station called grasshopper so yeah an -- got. And a great play. Did a great place called the green temple in Redondo Beach. That's one that required you leaving the house jester I would literally have to walk out my door. I'd -- that. That that they read there yeah definitely not there have been -- have to go to happen again and then I'll knock on the door and we get again at least you got well we'll go. We'll have we'll go have lunch there. We should do that for. I think it's messed up -- -- invited to his house considering you guys are gonna spend the summer on your rock and roll summer camp tour. I've been a way you know he hasn't had a chance to -- you know he has done and both we're both have been the I don't even I'm not I have been invited to sit at a. I get to work on the blueprints of the patent. For the IV bag -- microphones -- beautiful and I'm gonna try and have -- ready for you when you guys are in town in August. And the fact that. Yes -- we're gonna play the new song is or anything Chester you wanna tell me about the new songs are gonna debut -- right now. What we're really proud of the time we really wanted to take says that due to technicality of expansion of another level and this on a particular and it's being piece of trivia is that. Rob ordinary drummer. It took him two weeks to happen. After we handed him the track with the this pillar to -- -- the and we kind of went crazy with that stuff and we we torture -- -- -- this kind of -- and the guys did it but this on a particular. It it really does set up. You know what people can expect from their record. All right well I appreciate you guys chicken in tickets go on sale tomorrow and we will see you at the next minute he's -- not -- can't -- Yeah thanks Jessica thanks -- have a great time in your warm weather I think. -- scary weekdays three to seven on Boston's rock station WA AF.