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Rob Hale

Mar 6, 2014|

Rob Hale CEO of Granite Telecommunications who with his family raised 2.2 million dollars for the Dana-Farber Cancer research paying to have employees shave their heads and beards.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Always on the and on your schedule at WAA. Are well I wanna talk to this guy. He runs granite telecommunications. Over here in Quincy yes local guy. And his name is -- -- And he was able to get his employees. To raise over two. Million dollars million dollar over two million dollar for cancer research. And is on the phone right now rob. Mike are you good get thanks for come allow this man we appreciate it. Thank you delighted to be here and you know -- hills here LB is here and Danielle I know you listen to them early early in the morning. I have a big family -- land -- I listened to recap between 5:56. AM every morning hello. Did what the hell you up so early for you -- to do that for you know -- if you're the CEO there you gotta get through our. Kind of got to fulfill our commitments that early bird gets the learned. Thank you thank you are like you have -- that's. That's that's care act. So so this this whole drive to raise money. From what I was -- kinda started as a joke as you want -- want your employees who's got a real morally beard to shave it off and you've -- -- joked that you offered him money. Is that the deal. Apropos that we're on WA AF he's got kind of -- -- copier and did we promote on Monday morning we announced -- stand up and sort of -- of people get to round of applause and -- today. He -- that thing off target -- granted Dana Farber. He met. Which is quite a commitment for him anyway and -- next day another teammate who's who's who's -- A loved one to cancer center -- I'd like to help I'll shave my head for a grand. And it kind of escalated from there how many people. 428. Of us. -- and Howell and it wasn't just for grand ahead here because there's your family pitched in some money to act. So as we got 200. I think that I would match personally to make it to grant and as we got a 200 my mother says she would match to make it three grand ahead. -- which we were shooting to get at 333 which put an Elijah Wood which would extrapolated to a million. And then we surge right through it we got close to 400 both the west decided to double life commitments so we fight that -- back ahead. Ultimately meeting we raised about 2.2 million dollars for Dana Farber. On believe there -- some -- North Carolina it got a company of all these over the now I mean that's they looked at as that he had to have yet to turn the heat opera -- that. We we've we've had -- We had to turn the heat out and sweaters. A sweatshirt. Well the message -- the toughest looking telecommunication company on the people at Vanderbilt. Yeah yeah collections snowplow actually go right up now at. Well that's really really cool and it's of that that's amazing somebody had texted earlier. And said that you use to do the did you do like. Like got pull up competitions that -- some point that reason we can't do that -- yeah. So basically elect. It on hard -- bossy make your employees. That tells you the presidential physical fitness test every week. Exactly every morning. You run a mile and under three minutes you get a day off -- -- that a that's a good actor actually for this change your politics are. So -- so the final donation ended up being over 2000002 million dollars to 2.2 million dollar wow I graduation -- job and that's really unbelievable job you guys secular thank you very much. And -- thank you first spotlighting this. Positive event and hopefully others will take it up. Yeah that's why I wanted to because it was it's a positive story in the news and I think that's something that's lacking. And that people need to hear more -- more is that especially locally you know as it's supposed to be the last story of your show now going to be the dealers -- make it at the first businesses that feel good pieces this as a panacea and this is -- go to banks down we're -- -- -- we'll talk about Russia later on it. Yeah our rob thank you so much man we appreciate you coming on. Thank you have been a longtime fans thank you very much. You think this I think it is -- and I went -- when she was -- talking about his show with me. He was suggesting the up skirt photos story is the feel good. Now I don't know you know I think rob I don't know miles better knowing -- that's not true mr. -- I talk -- -- thanks buddy thank you very much had a great thank you -- -- -- school now rob hill.