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Shawn Thornton of the Boston Bruins

Mar 6, 2014|

Thursdays with Thorty where we talk trade deadlines and the latest Thorty bout.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Acknowledge yeah. And on your schedule at W today. They're Hill Man Morning Show presents and there's days -- -- Featuring John Darden of the Boston Bruins. Thursday's. With the authority Barack TU by the city of busting credit union which is authorities choice for his banking needs also brought to you. By EM DC around now. And EM BE mailed war morning Powell. Warner. Speaking of the city of busting pretty union. How dare you steal gold. Out of the staffs of us to -- in the name of your own stats -- right and you know I understand the no. No choice in the matter but by another 250 dollars for the Greg -- foundation they have simply just. Well. -- So. It's hey we. -- here the I don't know appeared to show or not but you may have just -- description of some of my fighting skills back in the schober regional high school -- did. Japanese. That make it given it thought that the our mile mile. -- have been -- a little bit to tell if it mono a mono. Bill -- -- host party Frontline. Defense got. I would be the record. Among them undefeated. It yes twelve. To get those twelve and now when it comes to the ethnic it's. Good prep. It's very it's very impressive -- and other the only undefeated fighter that the. So -- serious notes. Couple moves by Peter surely yesterday and you end up get a couple guys see you you know much about either one of them. There's. I haven't litigate all. One but once she -- and -- and he's. Focus on the bat. Even. And cover more happy users really really good for the Obama -- A couple of years ago. It but -- -- it -- it -- exert it street -- Thirty I don't -- they've only played like this by -- at six through June 30 picket that hurt us. Now. Exactly what you know you look at last year and and you look at this team going Stanley Cup finals and do you feel like you when it when it came to what. You needed that that that these two guys address those needs. So but senate floor that I'm happy with thirteen and I think that's. -- but don't be so it doesn't mean creek like the first people always. Felt good about what we get -- I think we -- really good it. I -- I have to listen that I had gritty guy go off he does some. Blogger website and he's going off foreign. Peter surely never making them a look at Montreal they went out and got advantage now they're alike he and -- Montreal's like eight points behind us. And they've been given certainly not simply don't like the Boston Bruins are assault -- you club as any club is in the NHL. And he granted I understand. Dad's dad Dennis Seidenberg went down and Peter surely and company have said. We are going to add some depth to our back -- we don't want to lose anybody off our roster I did exactly what can it do -- Somalia that's pretty popular. We received -- which a lot of problems in the summer. It -- It didn't lose let him. We've got a pretty good players and so lies well. What you have obviously -- an unbelievable job here or. But. I was. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's -- keep it that simple. Well I was gonna ask because you know you could you could hear Peter surely say he didn't want to affect the chemistry of the team and -- That's an excuse because he didn't get the blockbuster deal done. But you're saying that that's really what it is is that you bring somebody like down and it can change the chemistry of the locker. I can't remember. We have meeting in Anaheim this deal. We won by -- after the death by a lot of people in the west -- -- I was perpetrated here is a -- -- -- They brought up as an up and about today. But it hit it in place. I don't wanna hear you guys want to complain it is like -- -- -- like together all year -- -- because well like. -- -- -- It -- first because -- it was pretty -- yet there it makes perfect. -- -- We're having great I think god teammate Thomas got to and it would have been great values and you have to Dallas would've been great if he Longo were we're together for an extended period of time and a. Take a little bit better yeah like a little while all the -- I guess I guess I would I would love to see the faces of of the Florida Panthers forget they're there every you know. The forwards when that did the trade announcement was made to like -- Well he he -- you hoped to reveal wild practice tomorrow. It didn't get there but fortunately it. I'll never not been and then you guys are ready I geyser. Have a can stumble a little bit after Sochi but you guys put a couple of good ones back to back him that he -- you as a fourth line you guys are. Guys are stashed in left and right Chad. That there's a lot in our live look as -- as a little like -- Don't let yourself get out -- control here think -- -- SourceForge and work. Well aware and I think that multiple part. The other night was that your. -- since I'm a fighter like to talk about these things that was that. Basically like K -- there you go with bluish -- that that's why you look back again. Couple things Suzanne. -- -- what you think of himself from the -- worried about. And the -- that before you obvious solution to offer. Supported under Bob. -- -- I don't think it does have problems. It was -- Their offer here right now at a second here and they're like -- -- -- you're -- is -- about that inevitably. It is up a lot -- that other that's. All. Is like a -- argument that we don't like he likes thought you know what I thought well. But. I don't like -- you're fighting over who was the first ones. And that's what we're we're -- the exact same protection. Which. There -- usually what happens ultimately what you -- about it looked -- to prosecute. Or. So I am I assume and that they assume the terminology is usually you know we got to go away what's the weirdest thing -- weirdest way that a guy has ever instigated when you. Got a topic doesn't. I don't really been. Not the reason well. Well it usually you're right we've got to go or let go or offer it's great for her. I think from in my in my favor whenever whereas we're playing New York Rangers authority and do you hangar sent icebox. Who is our. Ice box he told army -- for the game. But I get drastic Khatami on the locker room to tell me that the first time more on the ice together we're going. Spoke softly softly and hours -- there was costs on the first we did we not done as would even say anything -- to each other we just -- was our resolve all. That could be a critical wait a walk Blanco and -- -- -- I was it was eight they get -- -- I thought it was just genius I crimes. Is like that you know enough and by the time we started doing that just send notes down -- him before but it's a -- -- -- here. First period -- wants on Sosa -- we're gonna cut up. It ought. Whole way back on the back foot and what I'm the only one I guess there's Billy. It we talked -- Billy and said listen there's a lot of ways I theory that separate pixelated and -- You get if you wait it out it could get really ugly and I don't think -- as -- particularly here. Could -- it -- be like about. On top. So you guys who -- the billionaire that Billy and went in America -- get out. I think it but but because I had no opposition but -- that -- It's like -- like a mideast peace accord kind of I guess the working out at night and day out like a G-8 excitement that's of the fact that. Who it is that but we get there basket. Based already went down with -- all these games I mean this schedule is crazy to the end of the year you guys yeah I mean are you -- on it for games and seven days. But not exactly how hot guys get rest of the -- -- I -- think a lot of -- and especially with the with the big Z in the minutes city polls and and did you know two guys you know he's as my game day they get you guys know those guys got to get their ice time but they also got to give the rest of this playoff -- But that's helping -- I'm sure and that. No clothes that are really good about it up and Reston. Along optional in the marks. -- that age you don't want to leave it well that want it her all whatever it but it -- well. Atlanta games that I could usually means we get to play a little bit more honest. About games and shot about and I'll -- up. I -- Well let me -- as would you. Could you do you think you could be. Effective. On game nights with if you do if you just didn't practice you just play games. I'm not a huge and I appreciate. It and -- will -- six. Berger other guys and at all that he and I think I really huge catalog and really didn't hear the immediate. Air. Four and -- it before did you want her to move up but. Look at a pretty good about that in the finally some unrest in the -- House shot toward the Boston Bruins -- guest as he always is on there -- days everybody's texting in there's you're on the front page of hockey -- -- comments and yet. Are you you don't wake up in the morning -- -- stuck -- -- that. An editor at it don't network to rip a little bit. Better -- I had gotten but I can't wait to get out of practice Lehman had his sit down the computer and I'm just gonna pay -- hockey I can't attack them. I think it might go to the game Sunday in Florida they're not going to be any an extra AM tickets lying around. Area appreciate that maybe I'll reach out you know whenever he certainly not not like you couldn't afford him and I'm sure the Florida games are sold out. So topic. -- -- They actually. Probably get cheaper ticket walked export ticket and off. It Christ and he's very good to studio two dogs two drugs for Cuba. And then I can meet the hot dog and he can do that fat shaming food thing the like to be whenever anybody has around you has anything that tastes good -- that -- that. I don't know authorities and I can't let down or go ML there don't let that go I want it like I have to read -- and I ended up -- grilled chicken and rice and the rice had no flavor and a little bit earlier. -- -- Oh well notion posited but also. When given the choice was something has guacamole cheese and sour cream on it. What grilled chicken and rice I choose the former not to -- -- mentally your -- by justice Basra yesterday. -- Melissa good luck buddy great to talk to animal we will see you soon. SS an elected -- Shawn -- of the Boston Bruins here on the Hill Man Morning Show.