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The Orgasm Button

Mar 6, 2014|

recent news broke that women might be able to have a device surgically put in them to have the O at the push of a button.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. -- -- And -- -- today I need to ask the ladies that wasn't the show question. Those looking online last night and I found what I think is probably one of the most disturbing. Bits of medical technology I've ever seen. Now is it doctor Leonard Padilla here it's not artists are about not but that's another thing Bernama death. It's called the -- spot in the -- and basically. It it. It triggers an orgasm at the press of the button really. Yeah -- I suppose if you're somebody who can't have one or have likened distinctive. Dysfunction you know something it'll be good bet. There's that guy -- he's an EST geologists in North Carolina and I guess he was. My -- if you plan and again that. Doc I and other elected in the -- doesn't look like an editor do yeah -- surprised me in any realized that it was triggering an issue with some of their nerves in their body. To help them have an orgasm so we looked in a little bit more Fellini came up with this device called the and so hit it it's pretty invasive -- -- have to going and and they -- like electrodes to the nervous in your spine that control that area a and then they implant a device under the skin in your grass which is like. The size of the package singer just pretty thick and then you just have the button and your have Guantanamo pretty random now orgasms. I was so what's your question do women want their. Yeah I mean doesn't mechanic take the fun out of the delete apoplectic about not to get. Probably out of what about the women that have never never been able to have an orgasm they don't have waste their time going out to dinner with a guy and -- don't have a strong force though -- -- His 617. Text from a woman that says sign me up -- G -- I imagine like you're working with a woman. In the next cube and she's just -- on that button right. Everybody exactly that's ridiculous that the remote in the -- -- lying down logical finally sleeping like. I. I spoke a little will find him there he's right. -- there are probably a lot of women. Who hired you're -- who obviously they have horror stories who would be interested in general our dealers. And that kind of thing and I just wanted to have an orgasm -- quadriplegic -- -- my sponsors right. Yeah I mean -- -- first I would like all right maybe it's -- little like a microchip thing that they implant them like the front wanna hear you know who area. And then and then it's like you know -- I'm on ads in the costs are -- mean just you know hit it well pitcher local search -- spend the 49. Maiden insurance probably coverage. Now can you imagine like if you're out somewhere and a kid like accidentally gets old leader but made -- with a look at -- And I forget your purse -- a -- goes through it finds it I don't know we hazard. Until the technology is totally defied Texas says it'll probably be. Confusing like the the garage door opener we'll let the -- and operate but I'm not in your in the this is there a special area. And there are love nasty -- change the code in the garage opener. -- I just yeah hit -- the united united arrested. I'm not like about the idea of invasive procedures and you know doing things is I mean I guess it's a good idea but. I guess it just freaked me not to have sent like how what does he need to meet mix well you know it's clicking add your laundry done every -- -- you're. I'm one of its shorts out everything just starts going after every light you know so let's pacemakers and you know that threatened and and you know and they fill all the time you and you wouldn't need a man anymore Danielle that's for sure alone living. The morning like a long time Q yeah. I am so I am a couple of comments about but -- are. There like -- covered surgery. Say there are a -- look in the -- that there -- a lot of work that you. A lot of pain and -- facts that would happen without the insurance coverage surgery over because there. I think it's only covered if you're a prisoner in Massachusetts the goods and killed as well. That's the only I don't know if they would cover of course they -- if you're diagnosed her address function yes pursuant they would rather where were you ever nurse in the mass general hospital. Well care. Just check it did you know Libby is that way yeah small shows blunders I broke my back there and I I was trying to feel it only an original. So is this a product that you would want door. We now hole now I mean it -- like -- Italy is as saying it I I don't know I mean I have heard of injections they can get like. You know it actually hurt your relations like tablet out there are a lot of strategy that. -- realistically. You have -- -- actual figure out myself. I'm glad you clarified that you don't need currently need -- so I was just gonna ask why do -- are you have any orgasms on a regular basis right there have been healthy orgasms. Yes that's all about how. Let me well. Interest in what's called Danielle. It's called the me takes a lot of the fun out of it -- part of having an orgasm has -- the bill lead part your dinner that's the fun. Stuff there's a 603 -- how do you explain that to airport security while he had sent a note. With that the that's -- when he wrote check after Iraq and wonder if there's another button. Then you can operate the remote like can you do both at the same time giving you get an all time into the same system a -- devices now. A universal -- into -- -- orange orgasm. Gary. Well his six on seven that Texas says hey Danielle and the rest of the women out there that device ain't gonna spend a 170 dollars on you for valid to amen brother there's somebody's name. And see there's somebody who doesn't want women against -- again they're they're going to be useless hello Peter. I thought it would be the last if you let it -- insurance coverage. They even collier Charlotte company AF brought it. It's a valid question is just offering up. Images big topic for discussion -- Mike. -- -- Are there could be a model I cannot imagine he adds that think that's got up all the -- -- -- and I -- -- pond down onto that night. -- grown -- and under the kind of just renewed a.