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Hill-Mail 3-6-14

Mar 6, 2014|

The best Hill-Mail messages of the previous 24 hours topics include the Governor exiting Air Force One.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the and on your schedule at WA eight. Now each unit -- -- talk. As the Hill Man Morning Show presents -- made up. They Greg I would people it appears to do -- go on Tuesday however there -- -- they've -- our little bit I would never work. But it -- -- -- take some time in Florida and part of that and it doesn't. On WA EA. One more day of work. Florida and I out of this miserable cold in Iraq and in the beautiful hot sunshine. -- what are your -- going got some guys. My golf tournament bid on an opportunity to hang out with a a certain rehabbing. That is Bob Boston sports celebrity. Yeah and beautiful Miami -- Little trip down an alien Manny will bottle service and more -- -- -- yes maybe I'll see you today I don't like to Syria or you're willing to wait to being -- closer. Well a lot of us the the male model Tyson like to go to the last South Beach you know of the parts to the live right. The the shore club and -- -- standout -- gave dangerously close to the editor why -- -- -- Why do you think I got those new white new balance sneaker summit aware of those big issue heading to Fort Lauderdale after him and -- out of Miami Beach should MIA that the our rights. Here's the Texas says the only thing double 054 was first place in the lunch line -- None none of those -- next -- 401 tax what were you fighting to get in near double zero Jersey and so it was tough to get it over certain parts of the face an album where is my Jersey threat over the torso is not an easy thing to do yes Rick. The artillery and generally not. A dramatic category. The money. Are we out of body sort of popular -- Kind of try to bust my balls putting your hands garage guys. That I -- figured out do you know anything about -- -- they love when I was gonna miss them when I was running they showed. The number one band in the country played there acoustic for after a -- stake. We around wearing a Phantom Gourmet where I I'm very dirty wondered dvd and our special mean. That's what's happened since I laughed it's not enough that exist. So let's let's get to today's Google mail messages and -- broad appeal by the -- saint Patrick's festival this Friday and Saturday at the harpoon brewery. 21 plus with proper ID. Information available for you when you go to harpoon brewery dot com love -- love life harpoon. When Tony Sutton didn't order them. Our attitude -- you'll get a whole idea -- the Vatican choir and -- -- didn't know it felt great in my monitor it while it might. Oh about what there's been no shipments out but we're gonna go my wardrobe closet. And the message. Mean no idea it's going to be connection here somewhere got to flush it out. That's what all the other sneakers field. Got -- We're Ernie is one of the snappy as dressers that the world has ever seen here's -- think them guys on top one now one room during -- 7490. Man. A lot of value at -- don't know we were gonna come up what their story outbreak there are. Which is okay. Apparently -- let you know -- government. Under Mac and I think that the orientation now on eighteen and warm. Okay illegal boat that caught then then then could not be winning over the age of thirty -- pretend. Think leather jackets the nine and then caught in what -- that there -- part of the eight. Under armor of any kind of number seven the button quite -- with bailout critic fingered piano and kind of expect it. That's what we've got enough but expose their -- upon them and they feel the ball game in the fight. What can't put up political logos of the summit is going to be hanging over the war because the thing I'm second directly on top of -- handled. And -- three intrepid saying I like I. The true that in light. But the necessary and important -- and I know interviewing over the age of thirty -- -- envelope Biden Biden -- high school. -- -- -- Well -- and while. Trying to -- -- -- he had. -- -- I don't wanna ride on the I think big power were -- but -- imponderable thing. And that's that the basic. The supreme court of Massachusetts says a search photos are okay is that you're not breaking -- -- if you're on the TV. And you take years iPhone and put it under the spirit of the woman next to you and take a picture of fair. Panties and anywhere probably Wal-Mart. Gas we've got a ton of stories tomorrow won't guys doing after photos and Wal-Mart and this is unbelievable. I would assume that they'll change the law absolutely but this one guy got. The so. Supreme Court says sorry the lot doesn't cover that the only people he can't take pictures of are those that are naked naked or half naked yes. But that their panties on -- whatever. Shooed away yup they they'd take as many -- pictures as you want I had so you weren't and -- OK LP. Think that particular. Great you're you're not under direction -- -- who -- I think it's. Peter Peter on the blood pressure or. And you know I think your personal yeah because I grew up in a trailer park yeah. And because I grew -- -- a trailer park what is Peter you know people automatically think. United is some loser. Apparent criminal all right little -- -- -- -- yeah who we had at least I had that that buyers -- behind him and his dad they would be Daily -- trailer park like but you know you just told us yesterday that you were caught stealing a a duck. I would call a bad there isn't a call that network I was Stuart Little trailer parks aren't I listen I while I was a part like society made you do it. -- -- a partner no okay so is of course a case over an adult that struck her laundry but Q what CE -- just to watch her orders. Foregone era and -- image issues I mean don't be fooled. What is -- that monologue yesterday LB got himself. Free up a lifetime Olathe yeah anywhere he that's the compassionate that's that comes from the heart kid hello Glenn. -- everybody -- that I. Glad I mean it in him yet we -- about -- -- best record. -- Ali anytime there's any guy that decision whether supreme local whatever school decisions school boy. Whatever whether or not constitutional rights or civil criminal. There's always some little happy. And half the people that are unhappy. And that may have. When they interview on them we have both sides of the story like Gallo really disappointed with this -- -- yes without a in the the other side going down it's great what have notified there aren't watching any email for like the bed -- -- In that they've -- cite this story we only had the people want that words like god is this blindness could be this creepy. And it kind of are able to let that didn't have the other side of the story that everybody and have you any other time. I don't think a lot of people are standing up standing taking up skirt photos. Is good her society I don't think too many people I mean what happened to your right to privacy bank and does exist anymore -- your right to a private area know. That you can't even call them your pride that we know your public don't touch me in my publics and I mean if you're a woman. Would you go on the MBTA and did until they get this thing sorted out -- I wouldn't let alone wouldn't Wear skirts now. Be careful I'm always suspect that people like whenever people are doing a weird. Way in which you wouldn't normally hold your phone when reading like -- or other things angle I'm always like. One person. Why they overtake them like. You know person reads their phone looking like that I'm only -- I mean. This happens to me a lot not and then not in the perverted side of things -- pleasures and now. If you think that this -- elegant -- a lot of checks and trying to pick up a -- it's pictures of me. We got. Now oftentimes in Maine. I'll see someone that I might believe could make for a funny photo offer us some of fine folks here in -- -- not -- no disrespect meant. But you have to tell your phone in the right manner or the person realizes that if you're picture you're thinking -- Hampshire have them. So this is eyes this is a game changer a tea you. This is a game changer for women who take the MBTA Newark. 620. Arnold Indiana. And they did that door pickup. Truck and get it -- great -- great. And then let it. The woman who beat her mom up. With -- electric vibrator and where's that New Mexico Mexico area. A vicious attack with a a large by terrorists otherwise gives me a back massager is what -- -- it was vibrant. -- -- -- -- -- haven't cracked it wouldn't I wouldn't let me replay and can -- -- -- an -- that -- I don't know. And that and that takes the line at alarming plummet. Took forty years Indiana. -- and I get into my car I if you look at temperatures there didn't appear to me except they're already birdie. -- That's countdown as I'm doing today. And then the at the marathon. I hope it's reasonably what are what are the marathon runners like it is like fifty -- I think. And nonaligned distance runner but I think that's what they say marathons going to be great this -- I can't actually rare romantic -- waits to see there -- so it's an awesome it's going to be an unbelievable day and I mentioned it earlier but I do wanna thank and Jim cook and Sam Adams for what they have decided to do with the proceeds from their 26 point two. Brew. By yesterday they announced that they're giving all the proceeds to the gray eagle foundation in they did. They did that last year. We ended up being closed 200000 all right so I I think this year will be much more -- Revisionists. -- -- known nicer person no better guy than Jim cook you know and get Ingram isn't really good -- for reaching the billion dollar status to just at great speed great man. Thanks so he thinks all -- There to help recruit -- -- -- made it up and protect it from the only way to work or. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And his wish was to come and see the Celtics play he learned about the Celtics because everybody in New Zealand was talking about Larry Bird. We're probably kept a cool is out. Molly Corbett and with what's in the week -- the pretty cool story yet it was it was a pretty cool story -- 27. Editor -- hello I aren't all well and it was you know. And met -- -- and I Deval Patrick. Carrying the presidents jot down the steps of porcelain yesterday I think that the event. I'm right here. At met Ali -- everything else certain he likes may look sick. I dropped something from your pocket and the group could determine and then. And -- in three airport director and women but there is being charged with reckless endangerment of a public. Authorities then -- Linda and cut it to make it you know work out a moment and then you have asked mark -- morning herald which are the number of people who can -- that oil disaster victim. Weapons out there something you cannot undue. -- -- -- And if -- really is so that noisy material and it was just. I need that out of my mind a setup. You guys gotta get both got to get that out of my mind.