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Is it Fact or is it Schmact?

Mar 6, 2014|

LB stayed hot this time going 3 for 5 topics included were vibrators used to reduce hysteria, did 1 man invent pop rocks, tang, and cool whip, how long does a female orgasm last, does blockbuster still exist, and did the Miami Heat do a some what racist promo?

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Acknowledge them. And on your schedule at W today. -- Hill Man Morning Show invites you to test your wits against -- leaks I don't believe. Such dangerous nothing unsanitary home. You drink yeah there's got to be a lot of email and see what. Not only name you blather about aids die in full of facts she maxed. You win facts she -- this morning. You get a pair of tickets to see Kathleen Madigan at the Wilbur theatre. Coming up on March 29 so call 617. 9311. A day out. To test your knowledge against that of LB. 00 Timmy. -- But what's up -- What sort. Of where where you come front. Millions fields what do you do to me. -- -- -- The vibrator we were just discussing a horrible incident in which a woman be your mother with the electric vibrator and the the vibrator. Was invented. In the eighteen hundreds. As a ways to reduce. Hysteria. Which factor she Mac -- me. That's actually one Atlanta I don't know that the that. That is if I I would just say they're. It was also the greatest vibrator ever invented was the -- hand held minutes. That. Yeah yeah you put on one like batting gloves and they and then you massage your head if they're like Billy from like their twenties and thirties. You know my my old in my buddy Tony who cuts here in Brookline on Brookline have. She's -- -- and I feel -- should give my plight he's the greatest guy ever. But he used to have those and say he would massage after recovering there when -- -- -- -- -- -- give you the massage was phenomenal so vibrator hits it that massage your parents he writes I don't just sit for that reason -- because -- the Mets were on man I'm gonna go factoring in fact is right yeah that's exactly that is exactly it. You're both correct that is a fact not -- pull a James. Good morning everybody James tower hill. -- a pretty good when he got going on what do you do. Don't know whether. You shorts midwinter. Now I love those guys -- -- -- Alabama could have short 1130 so that the other -- late twenties -- early thirty something there's a bit his finger in modern did you like I got to Wear shorts they did to chick magnet right where I. I -- and occurs only fuels geysers on their party hardy new englanders I got my I have my I got my gym shorts on even when it's five degrees school. Where you'll mailman James. -- These same man invented pop rocks. Hanged. And cool -- -- Porsche Matt James. I remember you back on now on our hot and coach -- there aren't that big butt load a couple of those products straight dared to just -- Kenya was sugar pop rock -- ago that dole RR TI has not no you're right yeah -- as it was evidence to. Named William Mitchell genius who invented all three -- -- laser shows up by the smoke and good to be interesting cocktail. Cool entangled with the pop rocks rim they -- well you pop -- and announcement and vodka tanked and labor ready to -- great kudos to three dollars yes yes hello -- That you're -- with the ten simple up or where you had. Hours that -- Soviets extra sort. I'd -- that. The average female orgasm. Lasts 780. Seconds. -- or she smacked ten. We're not such well. She -- you mean I'm more times the average yes female or yeah yes. Lasts seven -- sector it's that's I shouldn't blow it you know what you know what do I pick up the trail -- factor. The trail lot factoring known that -- and yet the instant you know that -- -- that. You know immediate gratification bank RO you know face all messed up -- -- Switching to a doctor or -- to its. We're all we don't know who these -- out taking you had that until he leaves behind that and I don't they -- a little owning a bully me relax are Americans of legal fact a -- you're a fact edition Mac stop. LOG guess it is average female the link to the average female twelve sep thirteen seconds 22 one really entered a -- -- Average male how fourteen teams like people like David Ortiz -- It's an. Jobs are cared hello nick. What are what's happening -- How much work well oh you're off work what do you what -- you -- I am. A fired power but -- that's where are what are in Connecticut. -- there are still 51. Blockbuster locations open in the United States of America back -- or smacked. And -- -- to finance a have you ever been to Iowa and arrogant Billings Montana. But -- David please I come from the midwest I come from -- once -- Jack -- black and white TVs are still in fully in function what is so I'm gonna say fact. LB you are corrects. If it gets it -- -- -- if -- Most of them. Are in Alaska and Texas could -- more than half of them I want a press -- taxes fifty -- blockbusters they can you go rundown we get me that VHS. I really I want -- -- -- -- I wanna see Titanic on VHS and then beat united -- my dear -- you guys went into -- -- last in the area last Karen -- they still have like a legit open fires in the middle of their living rooms. -- -- Eric now it John and that is our work where we're going to work I want you to Wilbur and Woburn and what do you do on the -- A toxicologist. And outside it just. Mr. John the Miami Heat. Gave about 8000. Fortune cookies. To promote Yao Ming its first day there. I had and the -- I think that the wars in Iraq. Our well it's a source. You're gonna go it's an academic you know that's a little for a racial I mean I would set on this I don't think anybody's dumb enough to come up with -- -- landed in a I remember your -- in his back pocket god. Wow -- not -- that well with it was a while ago itself that's left a vacuum today. Activity that was still -- doesn't it. -- new show rule from a text their only Danielle can act down female orgasm I guess here as well. Or any sport or any January and I think that's that's a legit rule applied with the I am absolutely vital that. All right I love girls are announcing what I've added that's the best I can't figure as a way you know the F. Well I'll be funny but I'm. I I have -- figured I want. That's a good -- -- Venezuela where we going to agree with Jose had been made guys -- it is understandable -- -- Whoa. I'm the best -- wanted to let. And I wanna -- fine.