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Mike Hsu Talks To Mike Shinoda From Linkin Park And Tomo Mili?evi? From 30 Seconds To Mars

Mar 5, 2014|

Mike Shinoda from Linkin Park and Tomo Mili?evi? from 30 Seconds To Mars talk about the upcoming Carnivore Tour, LP's new album, and what Jared Leto could do with his Oscar.

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People. The right time in history right now. Big announcement yesterday for the -- torment and this sounds like a lot of fun because. I -- like Lincoln Park thirty seconds to Mars also likes the push the envelope musically. -- -- -- -- Just crossed boundaries and an experiment a little bit and then you -- -- of these -- three amazing live -- that's a great bill -- are as it is it's it's an amazing live lineup I've seen all three bands live and to see them altogether. I'm going to be exhausted I know by the end of the night. Yeah that so without so I'm worried about is that we're just gonna Wear people out. Because if you'd just be really mean people could be having to take a break before they actually drive. All you you might affect the economy of the country. Because people because it's not the next state flexor since the exhaustive. Yeah we are clearly that's not powerful or the obviously at it come come like come like November you can all you know. With -- you're welcome this spectacle big -- at your lack solid day yeah. Yeah well we got to move the story into the Crimea now that to settle things over there. Honestly don't I'm honestly the this tour and we are we are where are on like like. We're just very excited about it on a very real -- think they you know we have this -- -- even in the studio working on some new music and kind of like I'm not even my our our fans on social media know like I'm usually. Really active I'm usually talk to them all the time postings stop and I've been like dead on social media because we've been just in the cave. Working on things and to be able to announced the store to be able to be towards the end of -- record and and telling people you know yes it's gonna come out this summer. It's it's really exciting and and you know great group group of guys says to share. So is this why you're calling at the car imports soar because you've been like a like a bear. You've been and can I ask her for months and -- tonight gonna come on to start tearing away at any -- bunny rabbit that crosses as you guys. -- I have paid the money problems. Where I'll take I'll take the blame for the the tour name and I -- shared with -- setback if you. No it's like we sure about the names that having had personally speak and -- yeah I yeah. But the NR and by the way our drummers begins noble and our. One of the -- -- and Brad like Brad like almost. He's like vegetarian kind of right only -- It is what are the that -- -- Terri and daughter but but but like yesterday that -- has another good that it's it's you know it's been about like. Something visceral something. Like you know animal. And that's really I feel like. When I listened to I don't listen to a lot of radio I tend to go and find new music and recession right now means you -- The the what I do though I feel like things have gotten. A little bit. There it actually Japanese. Like news article that talked about how about the culture was going -- -- As opposed it's never. Slipping a little bit like. You know the men would like wait for the girls to come find them they wouldn't like go out and get things can get a job -- there what they weren't like assertive. They're kind of passive. And I feel like there's a little bit of that I have going on in music and personally I love like mellow music till I -- that is on the -- it. But I also feel like there's like kind of the whole like there's you know what I wanna hear more of right now at some more energetic more exciting stuff. And that's kind of you know that's what our record is about that's what the story about. Well we know reading your blog post your your most recent one about working in the studio and then of that that very very. Unfortunately short clip. Of music that constant yesterday I just wanted to hear more that. That clip it sounded like hardcore is that what you're talking about and in your blog is that we -- talking about by trying to find out. Where the band as well. Hey I -- I can't give away it's hard to talk about music art manager always says. What if this thing. -- talking about music is like. Dancing about the painting it's like you're just says it -- that if you can't -- -- I can't explain the UN words. Why it is what it sounds like no I will say though that when I was brought up. A lot of my favorite. Bands a lot of -- I think there was some viewers. You know. Refused. The -- upon to come and yet -- -- helmets and the drive in and so you know this is like I I want I wanted it. To try to tap into that and I ordered are -- the other played a lot of good car lately that most of the chart last. Couple albums has been for me and he. On this album I told them. Do do some things that make that would make that like sixteen year old view. Wanna learn to play guitar. Like inspired -- man because. He's he hasn't been wanting to put a lot of guitar lately and he's found -- he just we worked. We worked so hard work worked together a lot every day. Just buy the rights and it's been going well it's not done yet but this summer. I was intrigued by what you're saying in the blog -- you about you experimenting alive and you know and it's taking years yourself out of the comfort the Lincoln Park comfort zone and I know this year you you're not working with Rick Rubin. And -- yeah we decided to go it alone on this one. You know it Rick. I love reckoning is amazing and you know we we we may work again but just this record it in. It felt like we got it the division for what it should be was kind of self contained as well. All right well we're looking forward to the tour of the tickets go on sale. On Friday and as far as a Jarrett in the title of -- or the name of the tore it until Gerri just -- take -- chill pill and all Oscar for crying out loud. You know if this solemn duty cop got it up. He has not been difficult -- don't give anybody the impression that he's been difficulty -- -- -- it. If he is you know just it is a good kick in the ass right. Listen and listen we'd -- friends are there for -- if that resentment and Terry each other down a little bit one little and it's not a good thing right we are -- and a healthy relationship. Stitched up and down -- obviously and it comes on the music you know but just just once maybe during the tour hide the -- somewhere have mechanical who have of course you're just gonna have with them at all Don yes that's right like thirty damn exit from what I've read so you know these guys. It uploaded on a chain aggressive like literally out exactly -- but it -- It's gonna have its own rig on the stage -- -- -- -- yeah its statement about if I put it. Well you guys looking forward to the -- man it's it's like as an on scene all three bands live in different settings and I know we've been -- it would better. Our group that's Florida at bat. We'll depends of the level of mind altering drugs I was -- -- time story better than great feeling drug bush. Well look at the board ultimately guys man.