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That Old Guy

Mar 5, 2014|

After Danielle saw a man wearing a shell necklace who looked like an older man, the gang discusses what else old men should not wear from Greg's new old man style sneakers, to shirts and everything else.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. -- -- And yes it's all. Part -- great of giving you some -- in the past about your fashion choices you know -- -- Juicy Couture and not not yet. I'm comfortable with the way where analysts into the blue aren't it's clear they're stylish -- I guess so I wanted to ask your opinion on this because I I was that the story as JPEG and a couple things up and I soccer guy who looked like he was probably. Like late forties early for any half time. One of those white like -- shell necklaces like the choker style once and -- Kenny Chesney where's this act and might I. I don't take his I think I mean it wasn't like he was dressed to send BT training that went from California first trip to -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- to his turn Red Sox shirt with a leather -- Who could show -- and I'm like dude you were too old COLT wasn't he. Be at least -- forties early fifties actually not like to when he too which should be cut off well aware that kind of thing works. Your question is there cutoff age for wearing certain things we are well Harris yeah I would say that. It's probably thirty like I would say whatever that necklace not offer like certain there are probably things. That if you are over thirty years. Old that you probably shouldn't Wear gap like. There is a friend of this program. -- it's a good friend of -- does not. Mr. Brian black cowboy who sometimes wears the Fedora do you think command over the age of thirty unaware of the -- -- What are you guys -- don't the only people that were -- it's bad you agree with all -- -- one person. That's the problem as well we're very early in my opinion this is my people and that's why he didn't. You know you're a lot of heat on and did exactly it is very -- have that Brazil pulled cap yeah did you Wear it backwards you know really theories about Hillary. You're at a college in Japan have yeah thank you get a college humor has backwards anymore yeah those grow. CS 603 text -- says the same eggs that exact thing. That -- back queries should not there's something that should not be warned the move by anybody. Who is what -- -- Asia as your love of thirty K got it on the -- shows thing. -- be on AB owner resorts ya in saint Maarten Bennett's and we usual our round if you do yeah not like PetSmart in Salem. -- -- -- Here's the Texas says. They saw a guy who has I like clearly 45 years old. Who had a wrist full of bracelets. And nobody over the age of thirty you ought to be wearing a risks unless you're Iraq general wouldn't be yeah. Harrison if you if you believe sooner harassment -- care here's a Texas says what about Harrison Ford's hearing a totally agree no guy. Over the age of their body wanna have a -- a dangling -- cattle car I don't have a hearing when did you take it out when I -- -- Ford. Now you are not doing well here I know -- are evaluated and years ago now I'm not a video archive you all yeah there's a guy. I know my years ago now is probably like me I hate. Yeah maybe I'm probably guilty of that yeah you -- that was a long time ago though. Once they had kids and a I. That every single day and there's a guy who works with component there's a guy who works -- me who is. 42 years old who wears his hat backwards every state like he's in a school -- you're not a brothel at forty cents an -- it's comfortable it's our Tom looks cool here's the tax what the limit for Crocs should be ninety -- -- is again it's about the comfort back he had that could be an orthopedic -- our regional I I recently I have been emailing my friend Tommy who -- -- To make a winter -- cry but it's like approximately grips his text that says. There is should be a limit. And silk doo rags there's a mid forty year old white guy in my town who wears silk -- the kids and only done it used to do that -- -- good. -- -- Huge that that get these sports jerseys but they put their own name on the back yup that should that's not in not in your forties now grabs. Somebody's going to -- it that's about it -- same thing being out a game jerseys over the age of thirty yeah February give me. C'mon you're BR factor do you work for Linehan has a MP Oregon. -- whatever to hit trees Bergeron what about joy or its attacks are pleased. George your effort to -- time that the I get new program and I'm so excited for this January delivery of the -- parents and jurists blow the what about fake -- that Texas says nobody over the age of thirty should faked and. -- the pressure -- going to the Arnold and your -- on approach and if there's no there's zero like it just looks. I've done it -- -- and older dude with like crazy AT and yeah just so disturbing especially. When they start was in the -- in the hair but if you're not keeping up with the just for amendment and you've -- that the -- that like the silver hair and like the orange. Like senator when are you willing to you on Monday and Friday a nice glow of special when he did give you a hundred TV -- what's his Newport I'll be like every one of them Smith. -- -- -- -- What's up. I get too quickly men over thirty should never do you party alluded to one of them excuse. -- The Jersey an upbeat outlook at Fenway Park in parts of it all falls into that age -- thought -- -- you don't change your relationship status on. Public -- -- that you -- so stupid. Now you're right about the baseball glove that you ever see like a grown up how Allen got Terry got I would not say -- above at Fenway failure -- -- -- you -- now here's a good one. Pony tails help my god what would a guy who's gonna. Google's own topic of the worst is that it it as a graduate the balding and the bottom involving Maloney also with basically the side -- -- had an affect -- finding have to and then they do like them all Sony's relieved that the shorter hair on top. Are unlikely you'd Jeff fox weren't you like a -- and you allude to that that caller mentioned. You know status updates and it's not wearing things like I always laugh when I -- like. Like frank is -- not friends public older dudes on FaceBook but I see friends comment and so and so said it's like so and so changes relationships uncomplicated it's like. I'm really sorry -- -- -- at that it didn't sixties. I get a -- keep in -- with family and friends it's FaceBook but like knowing it's you know that you're -- I don't imagine where this technology rejected times had changed in minutes -- just try to feel young again John Kerry just changes that is in a relationship up at. -- -- Never trust a guy with a pony tail is when it experiences I don't know about that obscure reference hall pass on the old guy with the king and yes yes buddy there than we did it half I forget -- -- compared and a -- tonight he lives. -- Is this segment called that old guy yeah yeah that's what it is analyst Gary that is what Daniel brown -- their polo match. -- -- -- -- -- What about somebody's texting in about like the MC hammer pants that my oh my god I wouldn't want the workout pants that it did -- wearing I don't -- I mean you know I didn't I mean I wouldn't sport sport and you know I don't know appearance. I yes old man without white hair and the super -- the photo negative -- is now detectives that so sexy but that the that the Coakley is that guy's name who has been doing that that that the. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Is my guests -- block area that once Michael does what he did a cool but is not and actually -- Out and I've gotten older I don't -- it is it is old and fat but yet reached my right yeah that you should. The velcro I'll go -- a new best friend -- with the it goes with the velcro it's Campillo Mac. -- -- -- What -- out what I would say they -- -- up without about our where energy. Well -- -- -- don't know girl that's a direct shot at me let me but I would say skinny jeans. Maybe not says the yes skinny jeans like a not a you have to be a rocker on any afternoon -- there I think that what would -- it's it's about comfort. Now you know. Whenever you feel comfortable you know speaking of the rocker thing we're talking about bracelets before -- like pretty much any -- jewelry. If -- excessive mean -- really it's very EE DB bloated war. Questionable in some characteristic -- I have a little bracelet you yeah and it like even wearing nothing -- that knowing I mean that's that's a nice. Really it's yeah I'm I'm I like to why I get I get the watch in the ring yeah. I don't get to watch him four rings and necklaces and the bracelet like the bracelet -- pinkie ring I can't even our old little read only two people get a pass on its gold jewelry like Tommy Lee in my pound metal jackass. Only two people over its gold jewelry and you guys what about like a 45 -- I was scolded galleries have. What about a -- a chain is that okay -- wallet chain oh my god he. A text there once and my ex used to Wear a wallet chain and I want and strangle him when that all the unlike communities that we'll lose it if not only didn't grow up and get its feet -- -- backpack and wallet chain. 38 and that's hitting me. The and it's look at what about frosted hair I'm I'm I'm no longer be allowed that whatever yeah we've got a public guilty for us to hear -- yeah. What are we army whatever you -- do have to look a little younger you know like I said today you know and a nice the last nine minutes on Monday 99 minutes on Friday in. And now and get my friend you know my friend age age eight got my -- negotiates. Players mayor and I can't I can't tell black -- let's not for awhile but it's OK so washes out after -- are getting -- do my hair Monday. What about the -- is we're talking Danielle brought up a guy that she saw yesterday. Who had. What would what did you call the necklace it's -- it's like you can't get a -- of the shell with a shall not necklace that they're all stacked together I was like 48 if she was saying there are certain things that if you're over thirty -- shouldn't Wear. Somebody said affliction shirts well yes nobody should be definitive but February at this point -- point now now. Now that's not your poor people were fortunate -- that's our prime targets are senator John -- them well yeah and injections on -- them then -- -- -- -- watch anymore of an ideology yet amid dark cold or something hello Mike. Good morning orange tablets like they were discussing fashion folk concert gentlemen that are over forty I guess on this one but yeah -- -- sneakers. Didn't like 55 year old guys weren't -- congress all the. Can't help let me just put my -- all the -- the corner down there right now about the party's super cool nine EE -- yellow old school they really. Chuck taylors and I'll get chuck yeah. It's now I mean I think what he's supposed to do we use mostly go to the velcro like -- Miami and. Is -- to our eyes somehow. I went over to the new balance -- the as a -- they needed new pair of sneakers and somehow the ones I bought. I like -- Angela I don't know if it's because I really am -- -- just what the attention but I got on Julie and recently at. Until the oldest old man can affect you cannot. The I thought there like normal sedan but there like that is what like a grandpa when I. I would listen dockers I would just there's nobody really well lately here that is never. By a walking issue. Yeah okay you have to tell you always you you always have to -- -- the running and running the marathon sneakers that much that must've been in a must've been what happened yet. Any any dude. In chuck -- -- now -- no no I'm not know don't want it I eat -- usually signals some kind of weird hipster white gene thing is happening above them. Or something that I'm just not. On board with no don't like no way don't like and like my cute little skinny smoke show bartender chicks. With the leg and daisy dukes and working before Sox game boom that's where are -- honor. -- -- Hey Mikey. Asia -- things up what was I want well rewarded abilities store where perhaps sure it's a minute bit of the -- I agree and that they'll I think this though. Now the -- tank top. Earlier and regardless what the -- is where there were. False start get their arms out some sort limit -- bill also. -- wrote a difference. And as I love I love. -- nine it tattooed people what's the difference between your arms are to be sagging and hang out anyway. I mean on -- your balls are gonna be as frankly as my balls guy whether bylaws -- and Iraq policy induced trance stamps some. That never ceases to an -- yeah. Fullback. Richard I had different I -- -- -- and that's like a tribal swirled like above -- asked dimples there's the Texas says Greg where your sneakers all white yup. Yup that's a dark of the coral beads those things and blinding. I have -- -- somehow missed I totally missed the boat and those against negative turn those -- it was a brilliantly and I went for the -- here America hello Eddie. -- thought -- idea as to why would that hey. Actually -- -- tomorrow boyfriend at that no lied about a ninety aren't I hate it. -- wouldn't -- -- the alt slack suit what a black. Blog in the gulf -- that all of the black out loud but the gold gained around the net -- it's -- -- at -- yeah I'm not real what is. Up with the black. And a half driving gloves I. Or early eighty -- -- or a big -- you've got dumped and where you can't WAI. Hey -- you do you have to make them now you by the full blown. And -- the fingers up to fair I gave it. They don't we're talking about his debut album out -- this guy that you and I just say uttered there just don't testing so let's out of there they'll just came -- for 99 where it. We're talking about that is the governor up this guy who had to put up with who got shelled necklace again. 47 years old Tim Russert is nineteen year old did BC know that that that that's at the apple already like my cousin Billy where that when he went to BC yeah like now you can't. Things that the guys who are over the age of thirty should not that old guy he is what we'll call this theology hello Mike. Mike. I'm I'm guessing that might be different name over there there's that name issue happening hello John. Thought vote without John. -- -- -- -- We're based ballclub over 4840. Go to every game yes he does he's like five balls you know I know that they don't feel that. -- -- -- Yeah. It's. He does do that -- but -- that are included only done from my tablets yeah absolutely can be dug fluid and it from a professional athlete level. Should you ever be lower yourself to the it to do the the profiler a fan and catching a foul ball game. Being someone that knows Doug Flutie who asked Doug Flutie. Is in the stands and is it -- please the most intense human being an athlete I've ever seen god bless him because that's why you play -- a legend in the sip on the -- But he truly. Is sitting in the stands. And the reason he has the glove is if somebody there it it Daniel -- goes down and there's no Red Sox left in the ballpark about why -- I think he'll he will step over that appeals step out of his seat -- -- -- Jersey honest and you'll make the all star team. It's -- after intense is not about what's up Jack. And you know a morning it's. What about thirty AdAware yeah I work boots on tight -- everything you know. Sweat pants I don't know -- and no belts genes and -- down around the end by a crack at that that got you this is Ryan yes hello Ryan. I -- they don't what's. So early to talk to -- and restore and that you know you're the worst you've ever so my dad did the same thing and you get asked me I don't wanna get that old you you'd need some good shoot. But should it get Nike Nike the way to go. At least I got to tell me she doesn't let it go against Harry grab it and I'll look very boxy look straight at the Dyson had -- -- even Nike deal. -- Tough get all in now I thought they looked fine. I really did I'm sure they didn't yeah seventy year old -- where you than a hurricane. It was embarrassing that the hello Carl. -- -- -- -- -- -- The game you negotiate so what to protect the result. Well I niceties sits in the -- a line drive central foul ball line to our center doesn't grade you listen there's not edited the guys and one of the greatest human beings on the floor. An incredible fodder -- does times for charities amazing. But like I said he's a piece -- productive like this. Don't ever did Doug -- says okay. You wanna play a little too and not -- but I'm pretty much and I you know I -- public maybe next Tuesday -- -- our government's apparent today because he he won't light you up. We already thought somebody -- about this one up but no man over thirty should be wearing a sports team Jersey. Doesn't even matter if you said personalized. And he's saying no guy over thirty can't be in his team's jurors I don't mind that -- right yeah it paid out and customizing it is so wacky things. This can disseminate they get traded daily but if you put your name on it and -- number when you were in high school right. That's exactly -- -- now that's a real problem hello Jeff. It's not just. -- total Jerry should US and at Indiana. Yeah it is like I don't yeah -- -- ball and yet there's no there isn't is all right if you're a tire around your ankle at the though. It is our debut tonight Dan -- under. Somebody said no do rags on anybody over thirty hello Glenn. -- -- What it would Omar a giant fans over there aren't around Iowa well I think the phones may be. Ringing too fast her own -- Derek. It out with them. They're just they doubt people should not be weird our -- trip here holding the only learns. About. It doesn't like the big heavy. Like the black candidacies style pants like the river south has that they have all the chains and things are nice and -- hot topic. It was -- spot the boxes and like sixty county open not to be too who cares at ants inside there's -- and they look ridiculous now no good -- you feel like guys that would be in their forties are committed by the like -- as fierce gun barrel but they're bulletproof. They might as well. What about putting your collar up do woman yeah that's over that's a lot of pressure -- copies please call up on shore it's only one calls if you're -- the whole -- the data back -- -- okay but hello hello Laura. I would. How about -- below are running it. You too big to get into regular club yet you gotta go and I want it to me at -- actually -- very bright and. Yeah and you're four years old and of the lower running suit that's not good. What I love that people in lower because when they -- it wears off the inside between their eyes so it's a little -- a shiny shiny that the rest of. The that's a real problem I -- I in well hopefully that -- what you should not be wearing if you are over thirty years old that your guy.