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Hill-Mail 3-5-14

Mar 5, 2014|

The best Hill-Mail messages of the previous 24 hours, topics include the St Patricks Day parade controversy, when another new intro will come, and another excuse for LB.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on. And on your schedule at WA eight. Now each -- returned to talk. As the Hill Man Morning Show presents deal made out. Ask not what are you can do we do what you can do we -- -- way the fact is I had a victory but as -- I thought I -- a girl. On WPA. -- well that's big news today brought to all of us by the harpoon saint Patrick's festival tapping Friday and Saturday. At the harpoon brewery 21 plus with proper ID inflow. At harpoon brewery dot com love -- love life harpoon don't miss that no do not this is. One of the best things to go to -- -- in our fine city so Friday and Saturday heart beat saint Patrick's festival. To do any sudden change your son and him. Couple are thought he. Black like that a lot of guys Edgar I think who picked -- -- -- inaugural. -- -- Huge freaking life on -- -- boobs and no flags -- -- for the Saint Patrick's Day parade we're talking yesterday about. Should the had a rogue groups marching haven't had a row flag pattern can reconcile -- Everywhere all the data -- Medicare. -- bet -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And the message. It's fantastic that contain only 47. Am. -- argue later I don't know what that or whoever it might not think that is tapering. After all it is -- -- -- celebrate. But. And the message they gave -- Arab shot and Jessica he supplied his owner and Shia. Tony 9010. Man. I have yet. I won't be an important day. He's been held by -- but trying to smuggle 3.5. Million dollars. That the Pope calling data -- country and Michael hadn't yet. It figured out -- -- eight and over the road and I -- football. They're called dark eleventh as an accomplice I tried to help I want it but the -- -- big what. And the -- look at. I don't know a lot of I mean Wachovia is that a big is happening there I had 29 -- Live from new federal 34 where Lyndon byers pinnacle bank partly for the went to a party -- -- thing. Well -- the vote went down enough title in America up and I'm compliment by ten glossy bank lobby and continue with you one -- as these new culture of what took. Both parties at school. And the -- and. Big controversy today over and -- -- a hockey team got bounced out of the state attorney yeah and apparently allegedly. The coach was -- some. Some -- -- -- kids in the locker room I don't yet he can't now can't do it does know now not acceptable -- It like -- I can't. What's going on what -- sick. They want they want the guys fired me. Last Friday night they -- come back returning game in Woburn and cops noticed that there were lights on and meet people inside the -- late at night so they went to check it out they found. Coach dale -- and I condom when I. My buddy Johnny. And into -- not we know the deal done by you again. He's a great person a great coach great guy he's a good guy so he's been placed on administrative. That's -- validation for our daily you know it can W -- -- kind of a break yes he's drinking -- I don't Jack -- I had a bad decision no big deal. -- be worse if you get rid of and so he learned his lesson and -- -- -- -- better McCarty out of Alaska needs a bass. He's he's such a good dude a bad call on you Danica although I will say yeah. Obscure reference not Canadian national championship. I think we were I was fifteen and Alabama -- -- fifteen and sixteen yeah and we were -- Canadian national champions or swilling Beers after winning at all -- about it with our coach is coaches and our -- that's Canada yeah I mean. It's all different -- up there Noah yes yeah I ask you back. Anybody want to it's listening Ted -- break guys yeah I'd like five minutes ago we like fire. Effects artist or not and I didn't play its doctors still I -- it looks very pleasant you don't know. You'll be worse off a reprimand and he knows he did -- he's good he's a great great guy and a great coach. Win or lose. -- Italian amateur. In -- -- the big news. Obscure reference. You mean butter maker. I can -- that. Yeah bad news bears butter maker gave you a millionaire gave everybody a -- today lost the championship event and it's a rite of passage. I -- see it now. It's way different when you have boys than in Winamp yeah our Italian. If it was -- you know of your books 1516 year old son has is that the Beers they -- Good for a face and you want a drink I'll show you drunk -- -- have put hair on your chest but that does it OYO. -- -- Very and -- be where -- -- -- current period they were out. And now I can't mention that Danielle recommended. Cinnamon brown sugar iced coffee at Dunkin' Donuts and it's fantastic I'm not that fast is. Normally I'd have a talk about a flavored content and game announced Afghan. -- and it did you talk about Daniel's Kaplan's past was banner and other. In. Two weeks before he can't. They're both the part where another and it should note that are well. It's the poor people what their vote more than doubling. Fought through it. -- -- -- -- -- And that -- into Portland. Run out some fun in Florida and have a couple cocktails at once it's her and her friends cook and she did -- forgot she had to go pick up the kids stay at home mountains. I don't forget about when that text or 774 texts or what about when Walter White junior got hammered out of the pool idea. Forget that the drink. A while -- all -- on -- -- on breaking bad hicks tried to step in well not evident and then poor. Junior puke in the pool balls awful. Forty million. So we've got 2 -- And now redirect a moral weight from drunk if that is what -- -- if you didn't think it would help. And mechanisms that they learn a lot of the American academy the good thing for the great coverage Ramon labor camp lieutenant Smith the that the that the 41. Man. There yet but you're good yeah it. After what Italian. That aren't aren't. Don't play it started right back. And then you allow Italian groups the march in the Saint Patrick's Day for a time Americans I'm an idea probably. I think it's it's it's a parade of celebration and I you -- -- who who hears you might I mean the whole county hammered anywhere I -- that got the call the call there's an idea why is it -- I'm going to be offended. You would even you know -- I know you were offended by like Munich and well no that's the thing I mean well yeah what I was restart I mean there are. Probably I mean can we assume that a certain percentage of the population is -- yeah there there's probably a certain percentage. -- people marching in the Saint Patrick's Day parade who are gay anyway oh my -- a gay person -- this money that they gave me a big change at the door director -- people just don't know warrants right there. It we want. Under -- the it would do. Wacko Hurley was stupid and we thought it was a group of gay veterans. That was okay. But we well now we found out there's only one gave veteran and nineteen other random gay people could veteran and friends at it's outrageous is that -- as somebody was not a veteran who's gay want to the march our parade. Now -- let that happen. 44 and again. They're great -- -- appeared to do intro on Tuesday however are concerned that maybe -- -- -- that department -- I would effortless. But if they've been there and take some time in Florida and part of their ticket and it doesn't. And now I'm thinking that. Because because we're gonna take just rare vacation day on my and I. That that the new intro will debut on Tuesday -- and I'm gonna work on it Friday that bunch hours long waiting to fly down to Florida so -- -- while -- we will debut a new intro for -- sparkling new -- loving intro that next Tuesday on this program. -- -- -- -- -- know what I think -- -- forty people but I think the great. And that being in the fifty for a complete that'll cut -- for me three what are these standard not -- the air that we went -- it. And -- -- what they didn't identify if they allowed. Gay groups to march in the -- But they didn't identify them and at the end of the prayed US tour like -- out of Carter Center who and which yeah which groups with a gay group that -- It was with a straight when a bottle whiskey put that in the witness some kind of a prize track and ridicule and AM. Could -- economic and company can do not that they wanted to put a body -- Open your seatbelt and couldn't speak on number -- it ought to stop our group more important. Than at the apartment. -- -- We weren't doing and a blessing it is that women shouldn't do after thirty Danielle about things that guys should know where after the age of thirty. I mean but you know piercings -- -- thirty in the if you have your belly button -- should you take that out because -- -- appropriate on a woman ten month probably as many piercings she. She's you. Patricia has a lot of and I -- that. -- that that just scares me when I see like forty some -- year old mom that's still hanging on to the naval and -- evil god bless you for being in great shape and doing yelled and doing your thing and and keep up with Hayden -- injections and all of it might. You're rated the name or like com on dual that they really stressed out dialing into the three kids. -- -- Texas says Greg -- more days often unemployed people not true. Haven't haven't taken a day off this year now that your everything what I mean -- -- that's accurate science at all international law I -- -- there -- Seventeen years and have never gone a week of vacation during a win territory a warm porous. I sent him exactly. Well except for that California trip that the that was an -- radical circle I had Brodeur had by the way by the way Mary -- and we're gonna resort lake state mandated -- -- -- -- -- you had to do that you had to go -- the guy had been -- -- -- -- and I. -- thirteen AM. Thought that they're crying out by our. -- repeat it wouldn't put a lot of courage and -- -- can't pollute their air pollutants or Andy they're. And they don't Maryland are not Erica and I don't. And then this sort of said that the whole concept of the parade. In itself is is married and -- I'm Jacqueline.