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Inside The Warped Female Mind With Danielle

Mar 5, 2014|

Another edition of inside the warped female brain as the gang gives advice to a man who recently found out his girlfriends second job working late is stripping.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the pin on your schedule at W. -- you ready to go inside the war with the range to female -- zero. This email this guy. Actually called to show -- that he was sending this email over and I feel bad form his name is Dan. 22 years old. And he writes my girlfriend has been working a lot of late nights recently. She said she was trying to pull in the extra hours to get more cash. At first it didn't bother me but then I noticed. Every single morning. At a lot of money apparent there. So I finally confronted her about it. And she broke down and told me. That she was dancing at night. To make extra cash we've been together for two years. And I can't believe she hid this from me she might as well be cheating on me. Might as well beach -- you. -- -- how well. Quite a -- and if so should I break up weathered and no I think I need to. That's that is so first of all why which would why would she not develop. As she knows what we're used up. Well -- 90% of men aren't here either and I mean big guys that you know I mean it's usually not something along with in the beginning a relationship anyway got let alone a secret revelation I don't care what the reasoning as foreign and you get into some like that you need to know you -- What you're getting into -- but my advice. For you because this whole mindset sounds familiar to me. Is that you should end this relationship immediately because you're never gonna get over. What the guys are gonna he's never gonna get over it it's always gonna be up elect a bone of contention the relationship. Like you know what why it it just. Then it refers what he's one of the details. The only do lap -- right or do you do the dancers personal appearances grant which is a whole different ballgame out what's that all about just a little closer to your little more cars and -- they have a place in those places where you -- -- -- -- -- -- what you guys and special answers something that's a one or more without anybody else watching it more private golf it's more important for -- it's more if you arsenal more expensive. But again. This is like my dream -- you know is there anything better. She works Thursday night Friday night and my attitude and Harrington you get to go three days week -- she brings home more money than you. Never gonna trust her and she's always going to be -- was never gonna just right in front but why would be of interest anyway I mean you know. His user insecure they use that word dude in a caller you guys are very insecure. As much as US that there in Salem and finally that I she loves me and goodness whenever she's coming on the median of the night. You guys are a bunch of little policies in a bunch a little boys and you can't handle it. Now not to mention. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So your -- you would be fine men. With a guy that you're dating. Dancing at the they're male -- were twice. Now -- totally not. It's your current up. Didn't know I'm not any you know that only is there anything in -- need to know that -- -- and that needs to be sunny -- sign on board horrific it comes up in the literal ration your relationship needs to be discussion them. You know. Think dated a guy that worked at mailing counter once he many years ago you know you're in good goal one day you -- it going in there and you weren't did you show up there every night clarity was. Like everybody that's out there I don't ladies are trying to boost throwing their money in America that America is married now linked to an ugly children could do. But yeah -- eat -- that's when he needed. They'll need to be up front honestly I think I just quit my job like great thanks for making the money LB right. I am I now tell me how much your bench she resents you is it now -- I Bora -- and like I said it's a perfect relationship yeah. In -- your haunt you -- -- showed checks on in their money nineties and they weren't there you go do whatever she impair you compare it with. One much you don't have to make your car payments are sweat she has no problem who she loves you can she you have no hang out speech you don't care about what she's doing then. I mean again it's one of those things I -- stigma. That strippers have to deal with the -- people it's like. You know I love how -- the big grocery store cashier. Lady. Think she's a better human being -- The girl that drops her laundry on Thursday Friday Saturday night I'm used to unless you're out on the school teacher that is like a raging. Miserable bitch who might she thinks sake. That happy go lucky strippers some war. It's like crazy. I mean for patients and aren't coming aren't hits in the well enough that it's a professional business they make a boat load -- Kate so yeah. But. He's Amy can you don't war yeah but -- in -- food stamps and your kids who live and on a -- -- Kurt. Corn and oil and water and figure it out. It doesn't make you a bad person can you show your boobs visit Texas says Greg stop with the hard -- tock if your wife was a stripper without you know lead shrink in the corner crying. There's a man who knows me very well what happens when you're at the local chili's with your gallon all the sudden whatever regular strolls in an illegal what was destiny and I felt like you are still occasionally can they know her real name is -- there every night given -- all their money time and again and again so is just not nice to meet in a real value of 110 and that's any different than you want him into a bar. With your buddies and there's your wife with a coworker have been a martini. That that's not a comfortable. Mulva -- isn't necessarily seen her vagina while not yeah. The fact that 978 tax I just lost a lot of respect for you while -- watched -- -- -- losers I'm what you do ma'am. Your school bus driver you drive the kids. You're so responsible loving caring that's so awesome enjoy enjoy your 950 an hour. In the I -- a school bus drivers I don't hate on anybody it's the problem the problem I have is that is that people hate on strippers it's like a joke. I mean I love I love you -- -- -- starting group they don't strike they don't strippers but but they they respect Deval Patrick and voted form and he's ruined African lions. The guy just tacked on a seven G on New Year's health care program but this stripper and your husband debt is seized is a New York it's. Do about it for -- second sets -- a -- That Deval Patrick he's amazing no I understand Manny -- -- six grand in Texas via my characters on the window but that's stripper down the street she's up more she can't tell follows -- -- -- I like it. I -- about the you should work yet. It's good to I -- that -- At the box you can partner that. -- -- -- -- -- And not that the -- -- -- not do. It by we know that -- not do that and thank. Another night I -- Await your that being. Your security. Engineer why she. -- it. But. I doubt that I don't -- -- -- that our Brian Brian. But I didn't hear about him that. Sort of got -- she's the yes the only line and I Bryant -- always comes the lap dances she never has any contact -- -- -- apologizing cheesy owners or owners beast. I'm not exactly but. -- -- -- -- -- I'll get a contact and -- on deck in the back. That's funny. It's funny when I'm at the -- they must say they must waive that rule can harm our former Boston Bruins -- I think everywhere ray of waves every rural at least in your -- because your former -- -- that I was period girls Moleskine. -- -- it -- like my wife was a virgin -- When I mean we may not. We're guy. She comes home every weekend he says how disgusting it is what's going on what the other day. And she's bush in the chance to where I like Allen midnight and I have friends that are strippers and like they did that especially the -- -- the big -- now like posting pictures on FaceBook of them in these ridiculous well I hope it's that they have to Wear -- like oh check coming in staff and I'm like I'll see weird thing in your other thing. And that can play well it's not even on FaceBook. LB says that's just the same as being a professor at Harvard business that kind of -- doesn't -- Honest to god if you're professor at Harvard yeah and your complete do -- miserable. Raging bitch that treats everybody like crap that the you are better than Astra per Howell says -- a -- and a nice good should I don't know how to make money and nobody likes to snotty. Credit but again I know I need I need strippers and are on the game going and then and it snapped and left and right -- but that's rusty good girls that are really good at what they do -- -- -- -- they -- there you know did just because you dropped 200 doesn't make here yeah I'm not a nice human being a. Hearing hearing. My only real mother would deal. Once by dressing like she's not -- like -- -- -- Peterson like it I just I just I -- like OK so so look you know and I hear -- -- -- greet you your you know reaching your raging vision in the in the bedroom used didn't -- table for returner who. And equipment all of a sudden there's stripper some raging war and miserable loser it's like why. -- really telling the president did just so you're you're you -- Yeah. Housewife of -- of fort DNC member of the work again in your life. But the stripper is is like and not a nice human being -- a candidate -- -- calling her dad human being LB it's just like -- why why why why if there are not a problem with it why didn't she do I tell that I am too flippant -- You know invited you just tell the guy why because he's -- smuggled Vieques he's insecure -- I am and it's not a but I don't care but the guy I just I care about let's my parents about I have it's her whatever. -- -- my part of a segment on that that is back. First trip to the -- That's what a year it takes a lot of hard work OK yeah now there are a lot of single moms who have rather than beyond food stamps to work a minimum mean minimum wage job that are responsible awesome monster get it did get some sort of worst loser wrap. Because they did did their dealers and finish it asked if Porsche -- like to get up fully on the would buy me while I respect girls who have excellent pols that needless I have huge respect that and I don't consider our greatest move ever acrobatics on the final hole upside down then let go and stop inches and they and you -- the mission of that -- The Mission Impossible nabbed an inch from the floor and a -- -- been -- when he out of my pocket Albania over a decade period. -- -- director read. They're wonderful very stressful job and it's it's like being an air traffic controller. In northern iron at the same kind of thing. Our -- well so your advice to break up with their -- yet if -- sound like he's he's never gonna get over -- -- -- you know -- it. It's over now that rummaging you know like I am sorry to keep me in the loop from here on out and Simon he's he's clearly. Up at night thinking about this while she's peel and so she should -- and he shouldn't have tried to do but we all know what happens when gust of -- when someone feels duped.