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Hill-Mail 3-4-14

Mar 4, 2014|

The best Hill-Mail messages of the previous 24 hours and today was targeted at Danielle.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on. And on your schedule at W today. Now each unit -- to talk as they Hill Man Morning Show presents -- made up. I am living aren't aren't -- okay. As there are living I'm -- On WAA. And a bright sunshine in there. The new diet with the call. Rest Marion is some breath -- is that yes the new way to live you just live on sunshine and air and -- -- to -- -- me tell you. Run out of water in three days and but it's telling -- -- -- -- three great days hey. Don't miss the harpoon Saint Patrick's Day festival this Friday and Saturday. At the harpoon brewery but why anyone plus the proper ID. Info at heart and every dot com love beer love Life Partners gray beard grade she's a great food great music it's it is it is the event of the spring. And he got to get a program there. And enjoy. The legality -- put on a guy did you put a party on over there solo to Charlie and then the fits in -- -- over -- harpoon and here are. The very best -- mail messages. The previous 24 hours. 7:46. PM. And -- gotten don't app don't go let -- go but I do believe it. And the connections -- Oh boy I mean. I guess so what's gonna happen like -- you think that they're going to be supported these gay veterans when they marching in the parade. What is. Yeah you don't a lot of people I totally respectful and you gonna have that group -- bone heads is to -- like to expect you know of course that's that's -- in it there's always what do they say there will be incidence -- -- I think there will be definitely I guarantee that time. But I have to happen you know near. My little 813. And older. Ask not what you ought to do real well what you can do -- -- three way. I -- And I had brought don't want what I could -- And the Connecticut and art but these are American David -- happy throughout your Booth at at an editor at them they're so it. -- you know I don't wanna be a conspiracy theory is stoplight I asked him in this case but the guy. Who is selling the film the eight millimeter film student of the three way. Would Marilyn Monroe Jack Kennedy and Bobby Kennedy. Suddenly realized yesterday he didn't need the money anymore. He was able to pay his -- off yesterday with the us without selling that film itself it will not be sold at an auction today. Magically found 200 K yeah where do you think he found the money from Iraq just -- and one of those slick the state contacted amend -- Envelopes from Hyannis to pull -- Conspiracy theory may -- DP came from higher up. With what it would mean higher out of the federal government -- -- get out of here -- BI CI. Away. -- I'm surprised though speaking of is of the of the CIA. And the FBI. I'm surprised that Hoover didn't get his hands on this on this film behavior they -- and that -- the Kennedy -- -- -- and that that probably would like to see Jack and hopped a cute little. Monday for a 12 PM. Put an ambassador for the UN has claimed that the former president of the U claim. Think he has asked for Russian intervention upon hearing the new President Obama responded by saying hey people still go to the US and. And that they pitched for the fitness. I'm surprised prudent wasn't driving the first tank in you know he's that kind of guy like with a shirt off and I like -- send some kind of a handgun who you know what I mean. Hand to hand combat soon as the troops moved in to the Ukraine there at that. I'm -- -- what's John Kerry doing in there well he's meeting he went to key Brent pennies don't you couldn't pays well these enemy was some people and try to see if maybe good maybe do some wind surfing while he's over there and all that really matters here revealed that he had ever faced -- -- potent now. And I don't know I don't know that they'll get to meet with. Meet with the Vladimir black lab only only plant is probably the -- Timing on this is pretty funny well -- we just announced there were shrinking our military by two thirds and the other -- happens three weeks later dear out yes. The takeover Ukraine. -- I bet Romney sat at home yesterday and just kept playing that debate audio over and over again. Away where Obama was talking about how. Ridiculous it was. That Mitt Romney said to Russia with the country that we need to fear the most watched I've checked everywhere on the eighty's called and they want their foreign policy but OK now. -- -- Poor guy probably drank all day yesterday Romney and plus an artist I don't Olerud. And over and over -- period. -- four taken extremely cute. Or very little in Attleboro. Technically -- -- and -- -- -- -- the way it worked awful. Who did not like court if people like him of light paraphernalia. That you would you don't -- -- -- three you know they did it awful plot by -- To gut out. Or maybe you work. -- Could you not hear what other people like and what can it go. At them here no note or look. Which it go it will be but it worked out good. Under -- message very mean thinking it was that was mean she still morning mr. waffles you know he's still in mr. Pincay. Is that Texas says I bet Dennis Rodman can accomplish more than John Kerry could afraid to ever have a lot. We should send Rodman numbers get him over there. By the way there's. There is Kim John ill fact coming up during facts Max and not as -- just a few moments -- -- no -- get ready for that should learn. Hey Greg at like bad is our -- -- it'll. Now there's measles in Sudbury yet there was there was a warning of an outbreak they thought -- made me but don't worry about it if you're going to 29 Sudbury there's no measles and in the in Sudbury is just. A bunch of people are at a pool this community pool -- swim meets. I think between like west -- Belmont or something like that and -- they thought one of the people may have been exposed. Turns out it was a false positive test from the lab and they in this in February 9 so anybody who would have been hanging would have known by now I don't. Just to confuse a little bit more about fault that they have false positive. -- the important. Portland aren't any man. Then you know I'm waiting to hook or if I catch it there. I believe -- -- favor then I don't name nick OK you don't get to attack right away. And -- -- pitched only in the kitten she has -- new pregnant. Didn't renew pregnant yes that young mom what is fostering. When it was going to do despair. -- -- So it depends on the situation and usually they just come from my shelter but occasionally there are situations whereby. I need to -- your FedEx -- -- and if they're pulls in the box missing a lot of mile and -- a placenta with. I mean is there anybody like that animal controlled they check on you to make sure that your fostering properly after your -- record label let me tell at. He would adapt my kittens always come back and like these the most well adjusted loving cats we -- I mean we're just so pleased the we're so happy as I look at myself and about another you organize security -- -- yeah. I don't know one -- They get to talking earlier about the ethnic studies Drayton. What could be better group wanting another federal flag over the federal -- look like it started thinking about it. And I thought you know what would it look like without you know maybe like flat like a lumberjack shirt and I realize. That would be more like a lesbian -- so -- -- working on -- And that meant little unless I don't think that there will be any kind of had a real flag flying in the parades. Just the normal Irish flags and and and what have you and and the one group that will be. Marching under the rainbow flag. He will he'll be able to pick him out I don't think they'll be other groups still have the rainbow flag and that's. And the stuffy for Flacco really -- a step in and put the kibosh on athletic at least an -- heart attack executive imagine and I think -- My comment that is -- that no sign he's playing your sexuality and that right there is an indicator it isn't good ways the situation is going to be a helium at her ribs -- This is for our amendment applies -- -- Is. A little ball. Good morning everyone what's up all why it's about all Russian they would think about it but apparently there are -- whip it right. There may -- So -- sign no doubt about solar storm. Kramer no lights that -- don't play and the equipment integrated week that -- that -- -- I think. I mean I guess maybe got confidence when the with the Olympics may maybe at the hornets went incredibly yeah. But he made like 800 million dollars on the Olympics so he probably doesn't care. What happens anywhere else. And 16 PM. Right. Beauty and it's about fear or won't be all I know if -- in Palo. I don't replica sword out of the -- public opinion dragons and -- -- I don't from the -- that would get a good. And it really hard every now and Ed sleepy old girl and noble technically you. I mean in your life yet you know what and he made. You know the court is not like an all hours of the -- and the and I'd really great that and. And the and the man who defended himself. Against his girlfriend's estranged husband with a replica master sword. From what's the problem -- legends -- -- own agendas until unbelievable story I did tweet the news story -- linked to the news story on my Twitter feed so if you wanna see this guy and hear him talk about how we defend himself against the man with -- cell replica sword then you can see down on not on my Twitter feed Greg Hill WA AF. Monday 420 chewed he. Arctic might marble -- what is the great. -- -- The good -- idea so what you should go to our Internet Diego February -- big area they they had no. What do you go out and hit everywhere and what -- do it and it went. Let. You people are very means and I don't -- now now you do you do nice work for the animals occasionally. Occasionally one or two they'll make enough -- what happened was they weren't gonna make it anyway hello Joseph it's. I hate to do -- to one of our beloved friend to your listeners Greg's that I do have a listener correctional ahead. I'm sorry that the other not tricked up on the fact that the game that they were poignant side until those risk. -- yeah Tito one of the greatest games of all time I mean like the law. He could go on for months you habitats risk -- one of the greatest board games ever Ukraine -- game do you all the great game six. -- -- They're grown -- out there appear. And I can't take credit -- and I -- all of and it. It really attack so widespread and now up and hurry jagr of the amount that I was totally. What are -- phenomenal kudos to Donna -- honest yes. I thought you might bring them in again today that that I couldn't hear that hey I I brought -- I have five a -- and yesterday an idea I had to I had to lead to yesterday after I -- worked out now Gary you think you'll -- -- -- listed. Why you doesn't know are you add two more eggs Benedict yeah it is after they don't have -- -- -- stream and any enemy yours. Phenomenal nice job. They must love it when they see lacking in there and the fact that must absolutely be. Another cash register march must start ringing as soon as you pull it -- that they have draft becomes the guy who gets the eight eggs Benedict sandwiches with the extra holidays. I just didn't turn our assets at just Arnold to return whenever that two dollars and there the the Leckey -- -- -- -- expert used to assignment today for for Saint Patrick's Day and stuck in the ground sugar cinnamon I -- say oh really yeah that's really terrible and maybe a switch out of the most guys adult -- became like get as they're really good really good.