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Is it Fact or is it Schmact?

Mar 3, 2014|

LB did not carry his hot strak over the weekend as we learn about the social status of pineapples in the 1700's, does Canada have hiding places in case of polar bear attacks, and something about some acting cousins.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the and on your schedule at W lady. -- Hill Man Morning Show invite you -- your wits against -- leaks I don't believe. Such things there's nothing unsanitary home. Drinking beer and there's got to be a lot of he man seed and not. Not only name you blather about aids die in full of facts she maxed. Right -- -- morning and it's memo Derek who's up putters today oh. I don't pay but in -- where you from. Or their bill correct I know what do you do there. H -- and now old you. We -- okay you ready to go up against LB. Aren't sure -- -- ten pineapples. Horrors such a major status symbol in Europe. In the seventeen hundreds. That you could rent them to take to a party. Buying one would cost you the equivalent of 8000 dollars today. Fact. Or Schumer asked Derrick. I though it sure Mac you should act on that how about you Linda well a great -- out. Men's seed taste kids. -- -- -- He's right I mean I can't verify it but I have -- -- you know suggested -- and things that men can eat in order to not Kathy T news of their cocktail. Really you guys down. Can you say collectively -- -- the details of what else is gonna -- got an I can look it up. Now forget what else is that it matters is that Dunkin' Donuts eggs Benedict sandwich and that's that's I don't know that -- -- -- right you just -- battle over a I don't care about. -- -- Apple pineapple. Anything really with a lot of bear -- toast and fruit sugar and gas stay away from the stay away from meats dairy deep fried foods coffee alcohol of course anything good and asparagus -- -- -- you know not -- -- want to -- this. And I'm gonna go phenomena go back to arm -- draft you're gonna go with back -- yeah. It is the fact you our daughter -- per -- that it is sorry Derrick. A better luck next time VCU made the mistake going up -- they'll below shot. Very rewarding her and what's happening -- Obama ordered a worker. Sean or any countries that borders the Ukraine is France. Facts -- -- sure that. Better luck that it should matter is she may know how big you are correct -- So are you shy about where our shining both the view that job and geography. Here. I called call right now. If you like to play fact -- mapped to this morning 6179311. AAF 617. 93101223. That is the number hello Brandon. Brandon how are you but. Yeah where you from. From where. Still in it. I was just down there the other day it sounds -- pizza and Hillary are you know I'm not always guaranteed to island towns but -- -- -- -- -- is that it all the people say the placed on the street is better what's that plays down the street. On its and I didn't much area where there are about it's it's in Randolph if god Peter's own market Kate got pizzas into little and would the landlord -- -- yet they did you ever been Illinois. Not OK sometimes people whenever I say go to towns about pizza. People -- in -- I used to Tyson did a couple of small show sisters in stone but in the -- -- -- yeah -- and they let me emeritus of the ninety's that's what one was one what was starting to Iran Iran and a I I. It if you're listening to help DW -- have -- -- re reunited hey Brandon. It's if it's illegal to lock your car. In Manitoba. Canada. In case someone needs to hide inside of it to get away from a polar bear to act -- -- Mac it's a vote. -- -- And -- have to go live. Sure that. You're gonna go with us. Should Mac. Yes so what a big Manitoba Manitoba cold place itself it borders is statue in my home country. But I it's it's incredibly cold there now there are. Our I doubt that there are polar bears in Winnipeg got south. Maybe in the north so I will go ocean act also following another -- -- in Winnipeg. I go to the underground mall early is held -- underground -- imagine an order allow our match in the Natick mall and Canberra Australia Utah was there she backed. You are wrong and I. Yeah that's. I'll I can't believe the outlook that is back well that's ridiculous I. Well I mean it once schedule and need big -- I would've known that law people need to place the dog fighting case there -- support -- -- able to rip the -- -- meat -- -- anyway him stuck by a -- bail personally about Kyle. How are Kyle. -- -- -- where you from. What you thought -- what do you do. Are you drive it. I make whiskey the -- the about it at at that time machine in back to the future. Was originally a refrigerator. And not a Delorean. But the director Robert Zemeckis changed it because he was worried that kids. Would lock themselves in refrigerators. Back -- -- Mac. -- I thought it was like. Are -- -- -- like an art that the moving people. The -- app on. Okay but you -- -- -- -- I see the logic you look at Zach as -- -- kids. My my best friend metro -- chuck and I used to put my brother Sean in the drier and hot -- -- and on all the time yeah just a master of his job squash it. I kind of issue that each shoe but I'm not gonna fall fort Thomas H -- Did it is that if there is back as all of -- sorry did is is indeed fact done that hey Bob. Yeah what's up Bob. That's a much greater order barring how are you today -- about where you're from Bob. Tornado Morgan bought the -- did you did you watch the Oscars last night -- -- did you see Liza Minnelli is ripples through overdrafts. I do not noted that -- on Liza Minnelli is the first cousin of actor -- but the go to. Fact or should match. If I would have. They are up early Mac unification match that I think you have one ugly apparently. Took a couple Florida I don't know. And I you know I I've -- I'll go fast. It's less about -- I'm getting paid to go to Tyler and I have gone out of my most favorite -- ever again now he relished. He never got his do they have the Ghana needed it bad enough. A lot of people don't realize -- shown many movies can be Arianna pentagon and usually a -- today yet it's curious thing this old guy to ask anybody he looked like seven he wasn't around to clarify. -- -- thank you all for airplay and access from -- this morning here on the Hill Man Morning Show.