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Hill-Mail 3-3-14

Mar 3, 2014|

The best Hill-Mail messages over the weekend topics include LB, Danielle, and the Kenedy sex tape.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the hand on your schedule at WAA. Now each -- returned to talk as -- Hill Man Morning Show presents deal made out. So you have Governor Deval Patrick. Look I don't need to -- every -- and it -- by the way I'm in Costa Rica right now and it's marvelous. On WA EA. Governor back from Costa Rica where I would be coming back to -- -- I -- -- you might seem. They might be back talented they're forthcoming weeks a week streak since relief came on me in Saudi Kansas don't Costa Rica for a week just sort of -- the the a lot to take into well I don't do enough. Travel day there traveled a bacterium at least 1418 days this is a trade mission to the did they do we do a lot of -- and honest about a lot of our trade with the history important anyway easily and an important surfboard. -- Well today's -- mail messages are brought to you by the harpoon saint Patrick's festival. Don't miss the harpoon saint Patrick's festival this Friday and Saturday. Over at the harpoon brewery 21 plus with proper ID. Info at harpoon brewery dot com -- beer or love life. Harpoon. LB and I are veterans and of this event and I promise you had one of the best times you'll ever have. If you head over there this weekend here are the very best -- mail messages of the previous 24 hours seven and old man. But again I ran into Matt Damon -- definitely from my early days. And we share a glass the let -- -- the -- -- look like you wouldn't remember me I'm. You did not their -- fifteen -- and budget not from our majority well anyway and I'm I'm like guys are years away three years Cadillac in my time my fifties the gold and asks you just got to accept it man it's awesome that's and a -- everybody treats you so much better. My goal we carefully you'll hate to pay LP it's like yourself there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I can day everybody everybody over Casey's. -- -- they did everything for me -- we Carolina's unbelievable. Friday night be -- on our senate and hanging on and then the chicks they're great choose the younger chicks they're backed out yet they wanna make you feel good now. -- used to be before fifteen when you're in your forties to your fifties your -- right here don't you like now you're like right eye to eye ball a lot wiser to eyeballing me. Now the 2324. Heroes or look over their accomplice music finally also ask you click here to do so much money -- I wanna have that kind of -- when I -- what -- does and he just. Wife what is so funny only makes me laugh that that did the day like blend your food Gloria idea now I get my check what's. You know my -- with the -- means that I won't start until all -- I -- you I love you you're. It and the smell -- on mr. lawful hang around mr. waffle fellas we've did you get better over the weekend after mr. waffles past the lynch. Sad I'm sad that I know I did everything I could from mr. waffles and his brother -- -- wouldn't listen. Teachers in my phone I stumbled across really Q when -- mr. waffled on the bed and then you start bawling her -- and I got a little misty night are you is the black -- adopting any new -- I get a couple of -- comments are really not Smart inside -- dogs him from Arkansas and all the people -- but not until I get your importing them from other states -- have no concept of who does that. Going on her FaceBook Flickr lets you oh she's a -- your personnel and well into that she's really well she should help us get a word out about. So there's no under over arm. Point of life out there and not in -- wealthy and campaign and while taking care of -- years of finally text for you now when LB takes -- -- -- -- -- people think it's because it is a additionally that's certainly -- -- getting -- now on our analysis all all the -- he's in his -- This isn't a regular. Anyways I think he's a character who he really -- on him but the are you mom did you apply today our peers that not not five more years five more years -- I might listen I was -- and he put this on Saturday. How great music. They get to move into one of those fifty to 55 plus community -- zero my I immediately got our three bedroom and smoke show ranch yeah nice backyard. Cool yeah. I don't have the -- my line I don't have to do anything. When nobody give legal 452000. Dollars pretty -- you -- go like drive around the neighborhood with a golf cart. People have to be my friend here in the community Kensing noted meet up until. If not final Phyllis that how higher data buyers has moved and I will be ever barbecue on Saturday that immigrants are foreigners. He's lifelike -- different -- and is she and all of the live in this community. John -- that the senate. This is Brian yes hello Brian. That. They got here 47 run or how great it back Johnny Trout that we -- respect. Probably children and it's all downhill the artist invited the back nine a life she's now that they -- healthy. Mississippi with its time I cannot upfront -- a young kid growing up it says this is what a. That in 19 AM. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- feel a guy and that you hit the of that thank you. But now. He has a lot of -- pass that pass the way and that's the rescue Lebanon Diane close. Greater than DCF in Massachusetts I'll -- danger -- But let's not play him much unfortunately. That is not to say let's try -- nice and -- I don't have a nightmarish. That -- -- definitely were -- all -- also. We're and then they'll flood in the known brother or near the blue -- George. And the message. It's kind of alarming I mean -- they're very a disproportionate that it the nipple and is very. Seven years old and older low cost -- famous Broadway dancer of all the and that. While she was in that movie about the dancing -- she was -- was -- she was the most prolific Broadway dancer a multi donor also underlines Sally yeah actress and singer Chris Martin -- -- she's the first woman to have her legs insured by Lloyd's of London firm that was billion dollars. 27. -- I live in -- aren't sure I -- And there are living on the. -- that can compare that Danielle was talking about some people apparently have there's the -- bad where you just live on sunshine and air. He's about three and did not you don't eat anything you know eat anything you don't think annual honor and there's the human Barbie is going to try that now. She hasn't been hungry in -- things they think that she -- Clinton and act like a -- that a player should have played if I think she does a different offense. -- I mean he bought their employees sunshine and -- who at great filly like die you're driving Mirant. Elect telling your life. Seven and older. -- -- -- -- And we knew it. And that that it's a house phone that they think fabrics they yeses are that we are sensitive. Again I mean I don't know what the victory is if you're not allowed to act -- in the parade isn't really a win that you can march in the parade as a gay group. Well I don't really have even signs that the -- section well -- -- you have some innocuous. Name you know like -- -- -- not claiming LG BT gave better not not do you think they're not gonna pull shenanigans -- veterans -- there well they're -- because they going to be called like the. As being delayed. A gay. Organization of Austin bay domain as that would there is that other gonna do -- 719. I don't know about this whole week. Clearly. A worker worker and -- Out what are it'll hit a. But now it looks okay well in our season it's emotional care -- and do sizzle at that for 54 years old. But I don't know file I -- I don't know if I wanna 54 year old cheerleader if I'm gonna NFL what does that went to think about Jesse she'll try so much harder at noon on I mean. LB. You only need to be fifty to join AARP. Is it's a bargain kid detective says so you should get on that Tyler listener and I get the magazine it's awesome all you do you get the UK are you all the deals -- -- deals -- everything yeah put the velcro shoes and our nanny nine right there but their number Nike makes some of their bunkers is primarily -- The -- adjustable. Ways parents yeah the slacks a great deal that it -- there's stain proof it's unbelievable equity I am a you don't even know I'm wearing depends -- -- -- into the pants and a -- somewhere and -- like a nanny nine that you ordered two -- they've figured she should. So. Thirty and older. I don't word didn't they really can magnanimity -- A here at a mental and I thought okay good businessman -- into this. -- -- -- -- -- as we reported that you -- Eric and Robert Kennedy exactly now women will come and help security to protect their desk until last. Into. Perhaps I don't know that there is film apparently you're going on the auction block tomorrow. Other three way between Jack Kennedy Bobby Kennedy and the Marilyn Monroe. So. There are guys serious money you'd be amazed I have been forced into selling it because these -- out -- silly sold the fake statue so he's got to pace of restitution and memorabilia guy says -- attorneys for the people looking for the money like right. You want that video via threesome with -- at Jack in -- in Maryland where wasn't whether it was at hyannisport I don't know where we shot it was like Ethel asleep. In the background under -- puts us through I was rode up on the on the porch there in the wheelchair attendants were so open about it that they were just like rated decided to pull that on a Sunday afternoon when they're letting him out there and we did it start like as -- touch football game and then like is there was shirts and skins that are there. I mean. I'm believe anybody up for some commenced -- was I I guarantee it Ted was filming -- an idiot somebody had a viewer in the camera will probably tell you right. I mean that thing is where there's gotta be worth a lot of money definitely got a new reduction on the money title nine to the old man. Olympic -- as part of we're -- out Friday night doesn't show up till Thursday but when you get it is completely right. Israel fires burners coming to you soon now -- is one -- this is dealing 2000 I was new business plans is you liars in announced in a number buyers burgers. -- -- -- Well I. Robert -- out there. Doctor -- about their -- -- -- great track but they -- -- -- create very. Like Rick Perry to go out I'm. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And -- probably a better product -- it up it -- -- our rights. Thank you for participating today during hill mail it's 802 year.