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Inside the Simple Male Mind with LB

Mar 3, 2014|

Once again we go deep inside the simple male mind with Lydon Byers.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the and on your schedule -- WA AF. All right I'll be ready to go inside the simple man Omar seemed to always cared all right we live in an apartment in Malden. And there is a couple who moved in above us six months ago who has a loud sex all the time now battling a bit of VE eighty thing if there is. My boyfriend makes us less than and then gets turned on by Boris are you not get turned I'm biased I think it's disgusting all he does is says listen there having sex. Then we go and he makes us -- lie down in -- and listen to it is what is wrong with let me though not a porn watcher -- on the yeah. And I -- my season obvious seals shot and the rapper I mean how do you not hear people have been starts and Warner begin after. I mean just just didn't -- in the -- you know just you know just use it wouldn't -- an animal noises I'm in my I don't care what there's nothing better than guaranteed check into hotel are you get back here rom and the headboard the other -- going crazy. And then it would it would be just give right after it just loosen up -- loosen up a little bit. That thousands that happen until -- -- that happens over the Charles River in somebody's get murdered them. Helicopter that had nothing -- I am I'm aware primary day Yemen you might wanna just saunter upstairs -- in -- English area knock on the door whilst you're in the middle of plus plus plus. -- -- -- -- -- 50 wait tax I've given my husband permission to have a side to girlfriend. To take these sexual burden off of me home Chinese buddies still won't get one why. Walk out of me out of -- -- -- -- this is my buddy's wife wow that's that's awesome probably thinks it's a setup. Well I can be honestly the -- she's in charge are going to get worse and the other half yeah. Well I mean for governor would have -- she's -- little on the side as well that's like hash tag too good to be true clearly. That is. What what it would mean your buddy's life. Well I had a friend who's he's been married for sometimes that a couple of kids and wife was like look elegant but I'm done with this whole arrangement yet the sex and one not so. Might -- go find yourself a little buddy on the Sidon oldest lab and remarried and that was it what it did I don't know -- ever did Rihanna is everything in it then that's a never works. Millions once he goes and gets the body the body it's you know it. But no strings successor to no stranger and you gotta keep coming back to the strings and -- fan out there they're you know responsibility. -- union hate to give life and then you. It's all gonna go south and -- Why semis or just get divorced why does my husband to quell procrastinate. On every little thing he does. Because that's what guys do you guys are doing well why why do today when you can put off till like Friday. And nothing nothing never really goes back to bite -- in the ass anyway and you know I mean you know I mean and NT ERS EU. You you you women just wanted to get done like you did you tell me to do it today you're gonna bitch at me. Tomorrow poured into the next day weather and and then when I get it done you're going to be pumped back but there and then and then instantly with a moment I get whatever the list was today Don there's a new list is out -- -- -- -- he -- -- never -- it's never over. So you know we know we'll just have to get done at some point I'm doing and are. Ace right do you think it's right for couples getting married to have separate bank accounts my fiance is insisting that we do you bet. You've got and you should embrace this because it it allows you. The freedom to do what you warrant when you wanna do -- he can never hold that. That'll -- your head -- we can't afford to. I want you talk to what you're going to girls to Newport for the weekend I we can't afford that we -- we got it we got this decision like you know what served. Sorry Dave I get X 800 bucks you know and my slush account I'm going with the girls -- -- and it works for the guys guys. If it's the best thing to oh yeah and you know just. Mean it just works it just works I think she probably thinks though that their reasoning one's that separate bank accounts is 'cause he's doing something sneaky suspicion right is that I would embrace set of the -- things that I mean I'm -- I get it I -- that suspicion that. I don't I don't want -- my bank account either. I met an older guy online he's 52 I'm 27 area we became friends. Have not had sacks he wants it now he wants to buy me boobs why does he want to do this if we aren't romantically involved. Out it's just sort of -- there's there's so yeah it's a foot in the -- you know -- I -- analysts and I as -- listen I care about you and you've been -- you know yourself esteem and you always soccer where your boots and -- billion if you wish you had but regardless I wanna do -- feel. Obviously I did this is just beat more more bodies and a terribly -- and -- if you you feel better in -- happy then I'm happy maybe he's just -- saying he's just DeGeneres did that a fact never he's. There's no -- that's that's he's portraying to be generous benefactor but ultimately. In the end if fired by him and I get to feel that man means. But the -- commitment and. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That the neighborhood for the. Why do men always sit would their legs wide open. I'm not asking you cross your legs. But it drives me nuts when I see a guy all displayed out on a couch or chair like hey look at my crotch. It's such a turn off do you do it intentionally. I just from the moment you're born you know -- sports dance -- now look at daily every sport sports forty ever instance -- little give them hands on the knees -- apartment and you can't help -- there's nothing worse -- -- -- America. A testy. Now we're at what could Detroit area in the coming here and everything well not even has so much happened you know you pension testy -- terrorist CME group women have no concept of paying you saying test I hit a really good man and a one I feel like they'll Chesapeake I think it's even -- when guys cross -- legs when they sit with their -- don't. Like -- and it. And that's -- -- -- we -- comfortable I can't do it. Mountains my flexibility here LB what's the best way 50 wait -- what's the best way back camera what's the best. What's the best way to go from the just friends to something more serious I just -- -- -- Just that alcohol and Jack camera at that. Diet day night you gotta you gotta get out hey guys if you just buddies are doing do and -- 11 -- one -- down in Newport, Rhode Island -- Some mop Portland Maine dual dual road trip also road trip to -- got to go to road trip so she can't take out via. And then you get to hotel room and you do -- little alcohol and hey you know we're still over. We're going inside the simple mail mind with -- Lyndon byers relationship guru. LB my boyfriend and I have been together for two years bill is 38 and I am 32. He refuses to hold my hand anywhere we go. PV -- he says it's a childish. But I would like for him to show his love for me other couples holds an all hands all the time what's the big. Eggs Blanche but I don't know maybe it's an issue with the priest during childhood that grownup but Kris is always hold this and then you have your -- And I got to have a bad situation why women line guys guys guys who PDA at NASA plan. -- -- And that figure doesn't make him actually -- -- -- -- TO as sleep next in that like -- -- -- -- with you on -- but don't -- -- architectural record you know you're gonna get them -- or are you together when -- out you know I mean anyone in the command then. It's like you know your -- Holder -- governor hander. We're seeing here are protect Iowa and one of the waitress -- the bartenders chick is hot -- there's like a group projects that are super smoke -- -- for cartels know. You watch Gagnon ought to get just keep the part where we might just be friends or co workers and in their minds then you say you've got a shot when you know I can't when he over the -- you think you -- cited a figure that you -- -- -- dress -- right here. -- -- here's a 339. Texas says. -- he hates you because you're so freaking needy people that I -- that it sent LA mesa measures. I had I was. -- you know again what's. If you've been together for two years I mean we're aliens are holding your hand is what about that that's gonna make or break it. Well here's 603 -- how do you ask a guy that you've been dating for over five months. If your boyfriend or girlfriend without sounding like it immature girl that's needed. You down the flag left there I mean I don't wanna answer for -- but yet O'Neill says it did did that what it that we did this this woman wants to know if if their boyfriend or girlfriend they've been dating for five. My five months I would I'll just tell you that's it's it's not official so please stay here until a year a -- guarantee that you guys I think Gary you know. And by the way you'll know if your boyfriend or girlfriend if fuel more than twice a week and if -- together more than two -- story. You'll know if it's on FaceBook -- I'll -- Epoch. Here's -- -- follow up and we aren't sleeping with others but it's confusing if he's going to be looking for more right -- eyebrow but I'll just say there's guys. If you're only you know getting together a couple a couple of days a week you're you're you're just date you're just dating yeah. I had a one night hooked up with a guy I met admin greedy wanted to -- little -- -- that place. I left the I left my favorite underwear at his house and I want them back but I don't wanna talk to the guy again how to like get them back future friend ask him. But to have the friend to go. I did you forget your -- grab a funny -- let him know he -- and -- back. And finally who wanted to land it where -- -- super expensive pennies I don't need to look Burleigh. I was in casual promote it to her that well maybe they just looked great on her pants maybe we wish him by an evident by another pair maybe not vitamin a limited edition kind of yeah. -- -- -- in magnolia special Iran you don't wanna talk to the guys you want your girlfriends do. Two are you if he was getting around percent are over there are some actually grab the payments but the to a little. Why does my boyfriend of three years not let me see his bare butt and still wears boxers when we do it cookies and get out there now weird actually. We'll have asked me ask me as bad ass ass name probably editor gas I would say casting he has -- acne problem on his body that -- -- the -- -- that you. Maybe you -- how weird is arguably has a way that option he said I want to see year but want to game changer -- be over usually a runner up I mean I am by the way. Who who who who dates -- Didn't -- for the -- -- -- sex with his boxes on out how weird is that so it's called mommy and button. Okay I'm ready. Much -- that might surprise you know having sex with sheets for the virgin like a puppet show let's. -- both gentlemen and women and then they let it. And in. I am nineteen years old just got out of two year relationship. I get what I schools who has had sex. Had sex with a new guy last week. Question is should I horror an up or try to have a relationship -- back. How would your legendary here how old -- shoot ninety or nineteen years old he you don't you don't you don't settle down and get aboard frontier twenty fives -- But you know Ryan and that guarantees that the guy's got a life as well so that when you're you're actually selling down of America don't know that he has a job. The email bizarre his own place unity on your zone car. Don't -- a guy that rides a bike path. Mean there's failure and listen -- you -- he should be doing right now I'm nineteen years old small shop. You should use every guy for everything you should never have to pay for dinner trips to new forward Ireland I Thursday it is Monday. A lot of -- is focused on new important today Allison doesn't doesn't Newport is one of my go to places for young people. It's not like to keep people would go to the tape go there with their families out there there are all summer you hook up with a check -- a Memorial Day weekend you know what happens she's there every day for the worst of the summer it and go you're right you. You go to Newport, Rhode Island my friends you look up on Memorial Day with a -- from New York you know what's great. She doesn't come back like a mud and then there's a -- from Washington and then there's a -- from Philly and then there's you know or is it they come from a -- for the place lately my boyfriend tells me that he has stressed out and then he leaves the house to drive around for hours. What is he doing bar hopping does it come home hammered for getting away from you are not getting away you Melbourne and Allen you're the one -- stressing American -- human -- and that when -- you care if you love him a half a block away. It's. I met a guy named Brad on. What's the army -- a lot of work dating but at what's what's the TV show. What is your basis in life his mom love up now I'm telling when he eventually went to you what I like big boobs and they send out to every big breasts at the moment. But what the Danielle fills them like fills the profiles out like pretending to be different people now like -- sorry. We. We're desperate and -- get to know that we file the lender did an algorithm to pick out who you are a profile fits that again -- it's a whereas this. Thing I met a guy Brad -- harmony we emailed and chatted via a taxed for two months. Totally bonded. Then when we arranged to meet he stood me up. I'm pretty so I think I don't thinking -- share up and -- turn off and decided to leave I haven't been able to get in touch with -- sense of what happened to. Is more used things cap and his wife cut him finding harmony. Memorized here and there. Yes first you think it was on GE C east baton -- -- to be real but. I know and are now that deliver me found out -- -- -- army they have -- exactly. Why does my boyfriend hate it when I sit in the middle seat next to a -- struck. That's so it's. That's so 50s60s series that's -- I think it looked at so midwest is a move away so we're ready American influence is Garrett joins. Look at that -- data and a pop -- -- cleared two important. By the way you know not for now they're just gonna work it. One million units you're back close a couple of big errors did there aren't gonna pounce on it or get on the way to newborn kidnapped and they. So we're we're going inside the simple mail mine they'll be we do that every Monday morning at about this time. So if you weren't really -- let's just refining why because. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They don't they don't you know they don't make a our summer's heat from my feet. Yeah there's theories about. Here is Jack uses got some potency. Our final question here what if -- -- what is beautiful. I mean a lot of it what's the best pick up line for a woman to use on guys who who pick up particularly. Really where you wanna grabber tracked down and into I had in my place. And there's works every time I mean. 9999. -- 999%. -- -- -- you wanna grab us some appetizers to look at deals in the back to my place and have -- -- anger how we got it. Are right. That is it today inside the simple -- mind who with someone who knows that well relationship guru. But Lyndon byers Mike -- its clothing optional but WA AF word on this street. The cast of NBC's unbeatable bring their comedy -- to laugh Boston tonight Scott Ian.