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Feb 28, 2014|

Comedian Sue Costello stopped by to talk about her career and her show.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the hand on your schedule -- WA AF. A very good friend of Lyndon byers. The media and -- that's Isaiah when it's a woman. Still can't -- -- how hey how are -- and then now you you're doing -- Tom you do Michelle -- -- Larry knob tomorrow night tomorrow -- yeah. Does that that's the place that Sean McDonough ram -- 11 time right. You -- -- -- -- and has -- now allegedly in this some say they may have had a couple cut deals with them earlier they're trying to wrap my -- -- -- -- slammed into -- -- -- well they do it wasn't here on the Karmazin -- and I'm. So I don't know -- I think they put out there that they put up those barriers like they do it -- from the White House so my eyes tell you to do you -- head oh my god slam into a flurry in all again so does that does that tonight for us tomorrow and I tomorrow night nap client on this. A married and their doors open at seven show 839. And -- -- are you are you doing your show. I'm doing my stand up right now I am a non standard from Boston and I don't how long since 2010. Billy yeah why. I cannot leave Paramount the clubs that you get back to me -- that. -- -- fact that. -- I decided you know that. -- I'm gonna Rendell blur in on -- Obama home without. Why don't Dorchester is the place to be from a mean our mayors from there -- -- -- from the -- and we used to say I'm going to be in America Boston did you know him yes Matthew did -- yet you guys the same major -- Eli yes pennies to tell you that he was going to be I am not really and I exit of the 91 I said from the guy who used to be. Outside JJ Foley's stamina been. Man cannot stand him. -- I don't know it's. I did -- -- -- examining as well you -- -- I'm. Not just -- sorry you didn't report. Yeah no wait at he actually am. I'm frank baker ran the City Council. I had a benefit -- -- Florian hall and then the day of the election. A there was one like district that there was somebody was like winning they will wit like the girl is like getting everybody on the other side and -- my -- -- Isn't -- well. -- -- nobody and a Mike what is that you get updated. And you turn that vote around -- and I got out of account I'm -- the girls today's drop out like happened here. I can't hear from the other side like Aaron Glenn is a friend of mine and I even had the girls on the other side by -- copies Arab plan -- And didn't timeout right around money. Now very happy farm. Here's the text us have anyone text is Soo hot she sounds that -- yes she's all they do. I mean it would be it's rough isn't offensive to call you cougar I mean you're I got there but here yeah that's a. Your -- your that would mean yeah I -- high your heart -- you're over thirty odd that means only if you go after younger -- -- help you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What's wrong with that is that meg just a bad thing I don't know why they say that I. Single women have taken it just for the record sue me in the four other Canadian guys -- the five crazy Canadians. We. Invented. Not term cougar back in late 1984. You did -- and we were Colin. Chicks cougars united -- I spent -- I -- on -- trying to put every night but don't you love how. It's something is ends up being huge compliment but -- women and take care. And soccer and American millionaire married things got robbed -- -- -- an -- time. And I -- yeah thank you say they paint that's the opposite usually they say they email on the eighth day I thought he's kind of like a big heavy. Attractive pertinent and they say yet but thank you for now -- yeah I don't think you sound like to begin people don't know well -- I dated feature army in the globe today in the first line is something like cats from her voice. It sounds like she's confident invulnerable and like she does the mess around the -- than they got the fighter even when I was in the fighter he is my voice first -- you could hear it over it it says that he Dicky -- it's 1155 to land. And at 1140 fast and I can guarantee that this woman from -- LA called me from Toronto and she's likes to cost Al. I resist much in the fighter and I heard that voice reply David and I am I. They're making another one of those right I don't know -- my friend that but I don't know I don't know they weren't we would you be and you'll you have now may be and -- he dropped that in the press -- I don't know if it's really what is it a prequel or is that a or they haven't did the fights they can do like my body fat right yeah. Because there that's what I think that's what it's about yet because they who they if they do those they have to do and like. Why I don't know. -- had to do that big body fights would be just torture I mean every fight was like. 900 punches but they're not really in elegantly CG -- -- I don't really have to abide by June 2 to try and read reenact. You know three in Iraq is that just crazy yeah. Boxing matches -- -- you have to get a direct that was. Willing to take the risk to make it look is good is -- one life. Now when the globe says you're tough you must've gotten in some some check fights and I got a question theories didn't do I guess. They are coming it's so funny because I there's something about his growing up the way I -- that does give me a sense of safety my friend in LA was like ceiling issue like. It's scary to walk around so small in the world and I literally was like. I didn't even know I was smoke -- who put. Highlight of my brother used to me like your five foot three but nobody can tell you that you're not six with seven -- can there was a certain like. You can take it like I was literally walking up the subway stairs to get on Amtrak is sitting and I had my huge -- and I -- In this guy was -- -- -- clearly -- pushed me Solheim like Iraq like we do have a bet. Pushed -- pushed me. Pushing the third time I turned around I pushed him back so riding without on the -- I don't know let me -- -- that might stray thought that I have big cats don't like what you're about. And I I'm glad they got and I don't wouldn't even I tell ya I agree get a push me anyway and on the the train and I was like back I would like. You know seven feet tall -- and the other side. I like being from where I'm from because it gives me incentive. Well nothing better than like like an intense. Fight between two women well I had an early screening in Canada and Dorchester is the place that and that meant no disrespect but if you're gonna turn what. There's been probably did some good let's find -- if Florian hall where you are my life. And factory that released what is it the inspector checked what I Tracy Bob -- was one of the toughest girls her -- paragon. And I could sinking from felt the other the three girls that you just did you actually didn't master of them and I was friends that the -- it's not happen again the next Monday announced and I -- online in my one woman show. Yeah where I'm teenager and I'm in therapy NIC note you know makes a good street fight of the person who cares less about themselves that they hit a. So Tracy Wahlberg that's marxists there -- and she was sushi cover them. I'm definitely AM. That's I'm sure they probably are I know she had to fight that might stages every -- and you -- it is so good at three girls ages didn't ya. Messed with that yeah that's like me loves those same kind of things I am happy to have its relates. The but -- really I think it's. Yet can I say -- -- -- get in our -- some I was used to get so I must've called everybody wrong and I was drunk all the time. As I don't -- and the but I'm whenever I was over there like you coming you often I tell the team but I mean that's street like -- family and that's me and they only did you call me a whole lot. And I was like yeah I got him out 120 because you pick the video -- -- -- yeah I remember my head saying god like you know -- what you -- on the black. And around head bang on that I have -- Greece all -- and literally just went in the bathroom and I am. -- have -- a big black Bob in my head and my friends like sue Mike. And I decided I I want to myself Bob I. Went back out let him make out with plummeting. However it was -- guy like on the regular yeah. -- Yeah that that's an Athens while those that would get old they sell lows in the middle of the mind the bigger and better and do -- and then when I'm Lucia tomorrow night -- Florida. 830 830 I tell on my funny Hollywood story that all these stories about like. Where he's supposed to be proper in Hollywood and I am beyond by the -- like I got I was -- Murphy -- -- thirteen episodes -- and I -- -- it -- like the third day. And I swear I think the truth is because I founded on -- and the only actor on -- show that was nice to me in my -- different at the time his brother said to eat a lot of vegetables because it's going to be stressful. And I took it is extremely -- eight times in time the broccoli -- and I he Danny and I had been talking and I cited -- like my bank like literally blew up while -- I had just come no I had no idea and -- -- -- we both left -- body like he left his body I left my body acknowledges. Now Elam is body out of my life like I can't believe I did that -- like I can't believe she just did that and then literally like the next Ares I added I was crying and -- and I tell my lawyer I going to get because I found an annual. -- commute to over the you get. I'd like Connecticut and yeah. The had a legitimate. And I should certainly dramatic -- Suton who stud Dorchester sue Costello is our guest who was the what was that lady's name was desire Murphy Brown novel and apparently Narnia. Heatley but I found out later on is they think. It network for -- me honor is what happened I didn't know at the time that I was upon. What was your character elegant Boston how Larry is like -- life like literally it was a busts a -- Something like she doesn't think she she'd literally -- hated me. From the second I got there and I needed to see Harry mamet and try to pilot and I was like. I could have done town he's which is about Boston right yeah at the time they wanted to do that originally. And then there was a pilot called -- dodge and -- Dodgers already written and -- in Les Moonves the head of CBS was always so nice to me and -- how many do poly guy. They do -- dodge it doesn't get picked up. Then they wanted to go on Taiwanese. And meanwhile the and they say no one counties are tiny I was -- possible builder was on and I think yeah our if Molly -- my. On -- -- -- major announcement that -- -- -- Wilbur was really good in breaking bad tell guys and Austin Reagan and builds up and -- in great part for him he's great laundering counts she's she's very Hollywood -- among yeah. I thought I would not every round thinking I'm trying to be humble I was like they gave me thirteen episodes of the back of development deal thinking go on learn from the best done and the day I got they asked. Now before I even got there that we have like the party and she leaned and she's like. You're lucky to be because I usually don't like people did like the photo -- you -- I -- -- mind you we -- -- -- -- -- -- Lily -- -- that the whole -- right. And Wednesday literally. And by a fire but -- -- and the like she doesn't give me. And I Catalina and I was like cause it's -- mannequin like I don't like try not -- to be funny -- I went to I would hide in my trailer and I went to get my lunch an faith that Ford was like. Is -- my friend from Italy yeah. You know attendees -- like excellent hey that's the only guy sign on -- without laughing I'm -- don't ask I'm gonna -- I did not -- but that's -- you know I went to like -- -- -- -- play. With a guy shot that his wife what's his name is chuck Stewart no the guy from LA the rockets I'll know -- is named Robert Blake yet tea -- the houses like this old school Hollywood place. I walked into the -- and literally on the law they still had the picture that I was in but the cast doubt and they had just like Photoshop. You know yeah it's like a -- -- -- proud about yeah yeah yeah so -- I can't let your there's. Did this. No no -- when you're fired didn't he didn't have the -- contractors had to pay out the contract and I had injunctive by its and I was sick and then I went to. I had to go back -- they had the back of development deal on Sam Simon the guy developed. The Simpsons I had a meeting with him and he was like. I have agreed idea how we're gonna do a TV show. A new age green acres with you in David talent mechanical paid the and I was still -- areas the death and I -- -- great. -- yelling out my age and a -- ugly and Demi might find out later on that fans I was like mad at CBS three is trying to mess with them and I'm like a mechanical pig it's great idea. These people and holidays how -- -- like that you must feel like a million all the time when I was so good part I was thinking he gonna remake -- content Smith. I think I'm a hypocrite can't always was my favorite. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Some of the line every member of my -- some about a -- latest on that night as you and I and she'd like I put the watered down and like if things spilled on her and she got up and had a half and I was like. Suicide not to take it personally and I was like what am I doing like my -- existence is making their match. Another member Vinny what's his name every Amanda -- mini Syria McKinney in New York is a guy argued that played for Murphy Brown -- US data deal laundry room on my Gavin got what they did it. -- -- -- so yeah you guys open and Wimbledon it is easy they're still working on millions of them you move today it and I happening. -- close your eyes on bass line Evers the cloud above the far yeah yeah yeah Olympic athlete and if you can. Pick up. Well we're gonna go see them. I laughed the laugh -- this is it really incompetent that when she's in the room everybody says that. You have funny now because I feel like everything I could go wrong went wrong and I'm still a case. Well I mean you're in the fighter now -- and -- -- -- -- well believe the I don't know I got cast is Kristen Bell's girlfriend back and that I showed up and they re wrote the script. -- That they clearly has you know. Yeah I did not do I can't keep going I think women and do what is that you you've just got there and me and it was changed. If you ask YSE I know I didn't think that's one thing that's the Dorchester I mean that's the one thing that I get Ryan can keep going is because I just know yeah shut it down to shut it down don't we. Now that you're they were like you had this role in the show up again -- I even out of bodies carried -- I'll touch on that makes it skied in cyber attack. They would not tell you know not to have a Wahlberg -- real leader and he literally would follow me around my crazy on the sadly crazy crazy crazy and that's not a guy charm alone it is not that I should do them like crazy and I really am except for a couple of days in a link. Now time my trail learn everything you normally this isn't seen -- we treated him like I can't tell anybody can it's like a huge. Movie came out calling everybody can look like the Michael -- -- now does he get on to. Its and I get back to new York and they're calling me in. Certainly on the bones all the good and I'm like oh my god on my swimming do them bunny might. With not only did not like to tell the dot com mark IE I can be done so like -- I'm telling you why now. Did you know this. Name. I need -- product -- -- The right. Miami Heat at the Wal-Mart and bought time for that. And I thought man I argued that. Other guys -- night and on locking down that thing in my comes towards me in his duties get all the security people the fans are all of a a market joins me comes up to give -- a big daddy go to your boyfriend incite the title I'm telling you right now I yeah. -- and even in the event TV we are going out and he rolled on the back window with my friends that it was like -- into kids from -- Growing up he's in the he's hanging out -- we know he's -- well. What I hang out there and I go -- -- go. Yeah. Yeah I didn't. Thousands CEO yeah -- -- and so Florian hall tomorrow night -- should do is open at seven. This you've got to be obese second birthday celebrations and -- witness the tying ninth but does not I -- -- and I don't know why did you know another. Next year tears and I spears has actually -- -- two years you know twelve and me over forty and in there. Yeah and -- -- -- and let's get for their dad and you don't play us out a season at 35 yeah I mean your orders are master pianist so it doesn't you know the women get desperate. Guys you know they have Gordon there -- -- marriage. I don't know -- 56 years someone -- call but the fact that this is and radio goes -- outta my how to how to move out of people get to get staking go to brown pay the tickets dot com OK Hugh Costello dot com. Now what they can come to the north you pay cash don't feel it's amazing dude don't buy it in any fights on the way out of here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I that and that's a -- though.