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Nacho from the show Walhburgers

Feb 28, 2014|

After comedian Sue Costello joined the show Nacho called in to defend himself.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always online and on your schedule for example today. Our friends who -- those continued. Talking about how she was stocked side not shell. If you watch Walters then you know we not show is an apparently not show is on the phone right now laugh looking to redeem himself for at least given explanation. Not job. What's the deal did you hear hear -- -- doctor Jaffe heard what -- is saying. We'll put out and got out of pocket book called -- Okay. Lady raiders. Overall why god. She's not -- -- -- Dug out all of the required out. Appropriate credit outlook all we could be out you know I think -- -- what exactly. I do my number up -- -- crime they wouldn't already. And that was all right. All right -- -- -- a little -- yeah. And we -- And we. I. Could call locker and that did not -- All -- -- -- I'm. I only want them at all and actually again. It. Yeah. And pretty you know and I. Can relate all of them look at them -- -- You. Only are we to -- -- -- we have. Oh really. Important go -- A day. Not -- everything I'm not children why not go. So good food maybe years you may be that the flu and there. Yeah. -- Yeah I don't load your. Back and. And you. -- and what you do something good many. Where it's -- -- Wallenberg family kinda trying to actually in the middle you might know Wahlberg you might know not jump from wall burgers because. You EU EU and UN. Mark met when he -- you write that tell you guys met Nigel yeah. And it was when he -- you cracked. Commercial he dropped it about and let -- drop me. And that need became great friends and then. You're basically may be -- like -- I mean maybe she has a crush on you and that's why she's trying to flirt with -- -- Not to be okay. -- -- -- -- Verbal yeah I'm so okay so you just wanna clear up you are not stocking -- to sell. Well. I'm glad to call -- and not just a big -- -- -- -- somebody being here. And that I wouldn't be doing well in the midst who else. -- my right now and I eight straight years straight accurate I got your back now. All right I think I. Can. Okay back to the dentist appointment of debt got more of that laughing gas and a bull we'll talk to -- -- -- There's not jail Nazi what surprises -- -- Judy it's like a bicycles. And -- believe anything for money I worship god awful early to -- blizzard -- agree v.s I've never seen anybody needs something so he ate wings -- work. They used ghost -- peppered me all ninety cents. They 96 different kinds job and arrows of -- kid is a machine. You what you -- -- Walt Burger's right back pretty good it's really integrates like the fact Powell that everybody wants -- to take -- international yet not gonna he's not gonna go to buy a dollar estimate they have pretty good pretty good challenge yet seen. And I'll tell you -- Africa. Great concept will look good but everybody loves their members are murderers murderers is key -- is -- burgers and who. I've -- my next venture by workers buyers -- Australian tennis I'm on the on the -- exotic and I don't know nice simple -- I'll let him and I don't know right now and I'm stealing everything. That you do. And I'm -- buyers for buyers berg says in -- out burgers and whoever's been to them in their note in the West Coast are phenomenal. Now it out has in the -- menu -- like Kimmel silence left can you imagine trying to order the secret menu -- place. Like it -- that people don't like wheat is that a thing like I can't I was at a party told me or it could get the Jack hammer snuck. On and -- -- there won't be -- -- camera here and I can't super sharp aged cheddar onion rings and my special ingredients that the for shrimp craft spirit had taken a. Of its bearer of bad marriage you have to say that that blended spirited pat pay ferraris burger cash. And I think. Eighths to allow that was. Hey that was odd but you know not just turned on the radio it is like here and sued because fellows say that these. He's -- group he -- he's alleged that.