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Hill-Mail 2-28-14

Feb 28, 2014|

The best Hill-Mail messages of the previous 24 hours topics include LB's birthday and the death of Mr. Waffles.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Acknowledge them. And on your schedule at WJ AM. Now each -- returned to talk as they Hill Man Morning Show presents deal -- out. -- -- -- That the American. What Everett hit that. Packed. On WA anything. There's still a smoke show cougar studio in the morning. That and we were shall we were smelling O'Connell good luck in the mrs. Imus uses math. -- -- its -- here all right today's hill mail messages. Presented by a wing man wanted dot com look yourself in the mirror. And get a new career. At the national aviation academy visit well wing men wanted dot com that's a wing men wanted. Dot com or call 8029232280. Wing man wanted to. Dot com. And eleven DN. So you have Governor Deval Patrick look I don't need to know about every -- and it owned by the way but in Costa Rica right now in this marvelous. And at the frivolous and I'll I'll have lifted out the -- of terror attack west. Kids are dead and now I don't handle it that's our hope that. He's coming back for the storm. Somebody needs to minimize the mean a bunker and I -- or five best scenario there are a -- Yeah there's some turns out there is. Few more run away it's that are missing from DC -- and then were reported that during the hearing misses none Beacon Hill. About 334. Yeah how many other 134. Hundreds of little more than one a 134. Kids who are under the care of DC. Ira runaways and DCF has no idea where -- course argument assistant there -- run away from home when your kids and like for five minutes maybe I had the guys threatened noticeably. I ran -- bag. I ran out in the backyard or something like that there I was like Kyle hasn't gone for months or years and -- -- -- off my -- my -- my step dad and now I made it I mean 120 miles away really. With a low for Bradford to take the bus now now now and I -- units I its right to 120 miles to melt thirteen. Before somebody. Call the police and they call -- fifth cops drive you back home. Now -- -- it was very funny it was my step father's family ya wanna his Brothers sisters wherever Sami. In offered now. And it didn't even. Do you -- over grab me then they caught a couple balls got well back at Smith nice in Canada everybody's related. Not to get into breeding cell I little that I can offer that was awesome everybody knew when it happened. 28 and again. They're opening word apple -- are Michael Korda in the and there's nothing worse than -- vulnerable. The way -- swollen over castles drive in homicides euphoria. They'll be a big birthday celebration I'm sure over it I'll -- garage where he and his buddies are -- out. Policy guy here's -- Texas says Greg ran away for five minutes when he heard the dinner bell. Yeah I think we have you -- shares Jerry Brown now I would -- we have a dismal career -- misses at least having dinner bell like bonanza. And everybody would show up for that it. 774. Tax. That is anecdotal. The 164. Kids that -- -- I would be excused fly. Improve anecdotal. Impression that he really old man. -- we broke out -- You want to -- it all out at all I -- -- doubt but a lot of I'm not Margaret -- literally our revenues are an important part of the problem might. Favorite. -- That there -- -- little -- look it up. Oh -- -- OR have a doubt in my -- apparently where our implement doubt but what are. -- darker than that they're up where Greg Moore bought it. They're -- here -- there is. Literally just brought that aren't are well that's your -- Important areas. Robert. Ducking in on the way to the Mohegan side yes. I'd love them must -- people can grow really old man. I'm confident that you -- partner Martin out of work very wise now enrolling -- about 85 mile an hour what the mud near. There's a creepy. Guy killed it. With the joint numbered now what you wouldn't believe and why -- why don't go out. Or -- -- why -- why I like the rebel not card reader like the later that shook me hand I could get out. -- -- -- she who has a personalized play I don't think that now have the HS -- down and now the top of it I don't think he does that's -- -- yeah. He'll be -- be here soon. And at 935 today he will join us heard the final title fight of the week. -- -- you can win a fantastic prize when we get the title fight with Mike Hsu. At 935. Through all pretty warm. LP yeah I heard you say you've got a ten million dollar and gold court got it caught at some -- ought to see that now. -- -- autographed photo or had you -- -- editor at the top. -- -- -- Our -- area and now we're on the other Marianne -- crazy in the -- yeah snowshoes like innocent on the you know she just. Please don't Seattle or Kansas or Kansas Curome through my client that you weren't any man. Our parliament spoke up well. Aren't that extra bit -- now. -- And now. I like she's right here you know breathing time last year lost the -- -- have again that they make it channels and you must do right -- mr. pancakes this at a -- the -- letter went all over another thing that she did a little -- did the other part of a -- was gone in there and use the two pancakes and while the restaurant now I had this -- animal -- and everybody they'd -- the fires ripped -- it was a student. Not NATO -- -- not censor what the -- a central they're heroes and I'll. But let your friends are calling you -- this and I can assure that I think I'll let you know that is yes that I -- -- -- -- Is look at closure right here. Third -- behind -- -- valued -- what we've been outlook or kick it back to a site. I don't -- now. And check up on us that. She's the Angel of mercy. And is there is it is like those nurses say religious. -- a plus plus and it's it's it's like it's like. Very different she did did did and does the job and no one else wants to do it right there -- don't wanna -- it takes a tumor started doesn't pay any money correct. Social -- in any -- Even if there on their last legs and try to nurse them back -- doing what I can now was that a compliment for the -- deleted it cleans toilets she is hard she is very very attractive little little south American not -- smoke -- and the think. 0:9. -- Errol Errol you know hole. -- Didn't this you can't went quiet. Ever. -- -- are we can -- video of him -- around the halls are happy you're here today and I now. His final moments though were spent in the studio and in Daniel's office -- at least he had some. You know happy experienced before before he and -- passed hello Joanna. I -- -- -- an animal lover and I am truly sorry -- you know. Upbeat people make it unable to tackle you know went there and look restraint and pick up on the street -- and as much as -- -- that we love them all out right. They say they're special they're they're like children especially if we can't have children we don't have children you know and -- single lot is. Exceeding the net love the animal surely -- I could think it's really partly that you -- -- making fun -- -- reliving an animal. You hit the barrel it hit the nail on the head on the kid thing I'll tell you that much join join join I want you know that. When a bird hits my front window in the house. And crashes to the ground dead I I I cracked open a data only and do I correct myself and only is. It's a wicked bad omen I'm native American and what -- -- back there. Really bad. And you know I watched I think is why I don't wanna. Well you know John and I and -- -- sort of -- but when I die and people are gonna bust my nuts for like two years. And it's they haven't cracked on me I can be this weekend. Okay now I mean we're just we we -- journal -- time. We care about her movement which I don't I don't drive around trying to hit every stray animal on the street to a you know when -- when no one knows I'm the guy that runs over the keys trying to crash -- get to the -- and so -- Davies can have some wanna. This isn't there says it did -- finally found another crazy Kaplan. And -- Lanny there there are plenty of the -- and -- dagger in the back was our native American and Erica Hahn a fine knowing your affinity native Americans love their animal around and deal man and a kick. Thirteen AM. Well liked figure out lovler that a little bit yeah that is not well -- -- sure you can -- them a little bit you know what they think about Jerry Kill and creation through our work your way out. And a message not here feel calmer now CNET. Here's the -- I listen every day not once have I heard what was actually wrong with -- -- -- many times -- -- had pneumonia they compromised immune systems and they lived outside for the first like 34 -- their lives in the freezing cold and they were found no plan like and -- month now. That's today they were not doing well I took them and along. Yeah. That two things real quick -- com. We have over and over credentials are not yes. Part of that settlement that the bottom he would walk around it's Iraq it's it's it's definitely not a -- anymore and I think -- let me -- clients. Yes it. Obvious tax plan bald Eagles and yeah. Definitely talented cast. Tom I don't accept that. All -- element kind of fun I'd drive rock and I don't really Olmert -- But between the wheels. -- I'm -- -- and it -- the Illini are getting out of the sky I don't know I want that would that sound like I'm I'm. You -- pupils she's right here yeah I've mountain and harder is that -- is that they don't. It's below Mikey. -- -- we're gonna go to a third I've learned so I didn't aerial route. I think so yeah I mean hey guy -- -- your house senate office building that -- don't have. Yeah you're hosted an adult she's a guy it's only so that in it now means somebody humans gonna die young bird flies into -- window and glad -- -- -- -- that's awful. Two weeks we -- he had. It's apparent that they've become an advocate for all fast food restaurant Japanese territory didn't cap why wouldn't I want I. I want it now. And the rockets hit the -- -- 49 AM. Both father and -- vehicle the president great my calling upon certain. Going to do boy band present it to be included in -- -- -- couldn't help plot an attack or. And everyone -- like there are a father -- New Jersey couldn't get tickets for the one direction show yeah for sure fire daughters -- -- daughter silly common bond threat to cancel the show now is go to jail for eight us. Evans -- you try to be a bit I know I think they can't went in scholar and one. Lousy bomb threat -- in jail for eight months. And you'll. Wrap these error saying hey Missouri. Lou. And I end -- being -- parent -- Kate Miller. Earlier. It's an. AA -- who. Okay. Eric Eric. -- Ruining -- little. I and then the extent. To put an era when -- -- degree inspire quite a milestone. Fifty years brilliance that you. That's quite -- this milestone. How does seem like fifty announcement now when I clear John for like 80% of it now. -- I kind of gets so much more accomplished. Starting tomorrow I'd really moderately. All downhill from -- -- at -- on every -- I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be this is it. Might I suggest -- Angelina AAR appeared you have to be -- it was like 65 of those 55 pounds the F 56555. And I -- and -- Our eyes Colin and an old Matt. In the pot or did you ever think oh well why -- And that and that and yeah. And I expect it could be that I guess. What 39. Million. Before and cute and you know -- your cap into cooler in the courtroom. Battle -- Chernoff far out pretty. Soon you'll have to -- -- pulpit to go -- ten. And you'll feel much better than. -- met yeah on film there is candidates stand happens in the cradle Harry Chapin. A great son. And 08. Land. In the war equipment can admit they've come back into the boat people alone without exception the main point and then -- I liked the thoughtful way you know without particularly and -- think they are. Could end of that first thing yesterday morning yeah I know you did know did say that and the there does seem that -- forces say light in my emails check in the stuff like marriages it's gonna go on for production Toronto Mike hi it's kind of -- day mission to miss their -- uses. And now -- laugh polls. -- -- All right well we appreciate your sensitive -- your concern for Danielle.