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Is it Fact of is it Schmact?

Feb 28, 2014|

Not dominating this time but LB goes 3 for 5 during the game, topics include the amount Arnold was paid for the first Terminator, does size have to deal with nipple sensitivity, what the Chinese police use instead of guard dogs, do pigeons remember faces, and who has the most musical Oscars.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. -- -- Hand on your schedule at W today. -- Hill Man Morning Show invites you to test your wits against -- please I don't believe. Such things there's nothing unsanitary home. You drink yeah there's got to be a lot of email and see what and not only name -- blather about aids -- and full of facts she Max. Up first this morning it is to him hello -- story how are you buddy. That's about where you from. Have you -- -- have you had to step outside this morning yet. You never know what birdie on terror livelier tractor and a notebook it is it's it's schools breezing through what time he showed delicate yeah. Sergio moody viewing your parents the acute. Or -- out -- or Richard Eric widow -- -- not -- work. I need to check your dialogue. And CO that are critical -- And the depends on how much -- he gets LB he can drive like 1718 hours and around the gets a little I know you beat it's me oh you're out of it's beat. It's well ten. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Got paid just 75000. Dollars board terminated. Fact. Or she smacked. Well I. Choose as the air and lowered their it is it ended movies that are. -- -- Using smacked -- He's given up 11 July in big judge yeah time to grab a NAFTA here's what. -- He took say he he took certified grand because he owned the movie he made you would. -- the big picture yeah you -- he got the backyard I don't know what has got hundreds of millions of dollars so it's. -- you write a bailout. -- thought he made 75 grand for terminator he made fifteen million for terminator two. Selves sorry about it -- MER IQ. I like -- -- give me hello Eddie. That's on boards and I haven't clicked the game out there are it's they rescued MI outlined -- Please stay away I don't do enough to change and it had been out Kevorkian's. -- away from any. Butler well and edit wags. -- these guys. A woman's aerial -- Influences the sensitivity of her dimples. Women with smaller. -- -- That the plural correct. Have more sensitive nipple so fact or -- -- Dominique de sac -- really. Yeah. Kind of percent when -- get -- me and you baby -- -- the grace trainee heard. Playtime bottled right now T. Amazing in Atlanta hangers I mean just -- it's your birthday you can't talk like a loud drunken -- this error let's hear what he's way -- as practice element that. I'm sorry smacked that oh absolutely nothing they realize all right -- just -- -- -- nothing absolutely nothing nothing to do that. And I bet staff will back me up about -- death. I is that true stuff. Should staff -- I know I'm I'm here that we can't talk about your -- like yeah that community out of that Britain. But I'm not do that I knew it so I knew it I heard did it. Staff into where you from by the way I'm -- -- or Matt Webster object. In China. Please officers prefer guard keys over guard dogs. Because these are more territorial and have better eyesight. Factor or she mapped. I'm gonna stage that she Mac you're saying well I I will save. That's because Darden is a delicacy over in China. There's not enough guards to be yard dark so -- have to use the geese that I think is that these so I'm gonna go to Arafat. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He uses the reasoning skills hello -- vital. There were. I'll. Watch big plans for the weekend. Epithet -- -- -- -- yeah. No plans that are going to start it right at all night. I will helped him job line is the musical artist who has won the most. Oscars. Fact or -- now I. Am. He says -- he said -- step. As talented as he is yes. In this. What you should receive era or his life and I wanna go with like an old school guys from the old school movies anchor shoring -- area. Only -- that then did all of them there in the music is music for the the movement you know for. Stole the don't Humphrey bulldoze those types are gonna go -- -- gonna go he's close but he's not there. It would be you would be right in the fact that it is nation act the answer is actually Randy Newman you know -- -- until and other Shia people guy. And he does all -- did LA every Disney son plays every right busy you wanna does the does these signs telling them what Alfred -- now Randy. And I remember the guy I did like a bull. I did Bo Derek and now what it was a little English candid than what went to address came to a doubling the well Dudley -- -- those those and remember the comedies when he was struck in the Butler Darren did a load Jason. Good morning Greg -- -- how are you Jason. I've got to go and where from. I'm from what regret I have bought conduct. Well well Lester it is. More importantly as a -- there. Is the home of -- switch oh my god it's always -- my buddy Darren Lavelle alarms in for a long time to shout out to achieve these symbols. -- should -- Mike and all -- an element he sorry I understand what it's like what that. Very very sad to lose mr. lawful yes yes when. Our rights. Agents have an incredible ability to remember human faces Jason. In fact it. If you chase or feet eight -- even once. It will remember you wrote in the future. Are stacked. Or -- Mac. I don't -- you're gonna go back. That's -- answer. And I I think elephants are the smartest of all over him what he did say elephants have a great members right Arnold is the emeritus at the end of arm. While what you say in fact on this well you know I mean not have been made they've they've become homing pigeons for a reason -- remember everywhere they allow -- to -- so. I'm -- bush met the englishman acts it's it's there it's a nice job budget Jason you said backtracked I did and -- -- job hang on view are you are winner during -- I myself out of it. Randy Newman did all the Toy Story movies you know you've got a friend in me from Toy Story. And it's that let's see -- LB is talking about the Arthur movies aren't very aren't there yet but I don't know that Randy Newman was at the Arthur theme by. Dallas by like Christopher Cross or somebody like that on my iPod I should know that it is destined for her -- -- best. You can do it leads us to the -- -- -- the best that you can. Mr. -- since no it's Curtis did and it's -- yeah sure sure.