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Using the Left Lane on the Highway

Feb 27, 2014|

Who should be able to travel in the left lane of the highway, and how should you be driving in it?

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. -- And your schedule so I am just looking online and and a new build their proposing in Georgia. I wanna know what the mass holes and and it's because that is a great. I know where you -- -- I think this is I bigots this ad that's I know LB is an absolutely love -- at -- Georgia. Might become the first state to make it illegal to drive slow in left him -- -- well I don't like him. I guy getting -- idea -- house bill 459. Proposed by representative bill kitchens would make it illegal to drive in the left -- except for overtaking in passing another vehicle. That new measure would only apply if another car is trying to get by sold here flannel lung -- left -- You can do so as long as no one's coming up behind you I think it's. -- not will lose their little perfect how disastrous I can't tell you how many times in a day I and screaming to myself my car. Why. Are you in the last acting it's the -- passing lane -- you have people who are. Swerving back into the middle lane in the -- -- over to the right up fly by all that stuff back every innocent here's what here's this is how this should work the speed limit should be. Forty to fifty. In the inside lane in the right -- yes -- middle name fifteen is 65. Via. Outside lane ninety ST wow. I would like the -- was 6065. To Jews as 75 cuts and and you get tickets. For being in the other elect -- wallet but there it though it -- -- big deal you know it don't mean why I gotta be the outside -- and fifty that is what. Basically love it if if you look. RNM and again there's a lot of annoying things that people do when deriving from whom we discussed many of them. I think the merge. Is one of the most annoying things going. When somebody likes stops in the middle of the on ramp because they're afraid -- they don't bottom. Urge you don't have a look of all let's see now -- just that you're going to tell he's right of way conversation right of way. Right of way no one would ever have to stop because the merger would have the right of way just like you there would be accidents because you would you would allow someone on your right if they paid him going for -- Hello John. Hey good morning what's up John. -- -- This is this is one small step on our way to. To be getting a bottle -- America. Oh lord shall there that you get the left lane and you goal. All possible all the -- gets in you know when he -- -- away at this thing. Yeah I and the other thing about it Audubon is is behavior -- hundred miles an hour. You see the guy coming behind you you pull over these -- they -- is doing 140 bloodline. Yes Noah. Good morning morning group. Tiger and worse than being in the left Italy behind some -- -- -- that driving a freer a point five mile an hour because they know no and go and America creating the buyer and what that little speaker. Now. Taxpayers are texting and saying it started the lie here in Massachusetts technically yeah. It's not a lot from guys got a big issue for a while ago audit one because this limit sixty RT couldn't get. Charge we're going to slow. Now some line -- an officer. Who listens to this show. We'll have that call and -- -- -- whether it's illegal or not in Massachusetts I love when you finally are able to get around the person who insists on staying in the left lane and you do you do you're ready for the local right you're like get in my currency with the mother have to import what -- and some -- with you know the left the elbow up on that saying look just -- Libya's. -- rob today. A hearing gone driving in New Hampshire percent and up 93 north no big deal oblivious to everybody else that didn't give it a murder eyes right hello Jeremy. Hallway outside illegal masters. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well I don't know I just asked that now what what what you'll black wire people pulled over -- I have. They were little western massively so it about a three month period a couple of years ago where state police work -- not -- and anyone. Won't be able -- who are traveling at least this -- -- man while passing a lot players and they stopped for quality that he. Stop while I'd I've never seen I mean people drive the whole way they're going myself included in the left life. I think it needs anymore -- people are oblivious that's why you -- more sign on just what we need seventeen million dollars worth of new design did you McCauley I'll I'll tell you why did say we -- -- major and a -- 3000 dollars a year salary because you have to work faster and go more work down on your more efficient. What do be aware that oh yeah oh well of course efficiency. Oh yeah yeah what's your excuse now. Yeah they just spent seven million dollars on new signage in Boston and -- and if you're trying to get to route to -- Afghans have been -- hello Tim. Don't look as. I am absolutely you're able to do it several slam or not that's sort of. Are you a law enforcement officer. I am you life thank you -- -- -- but it's not something that people get pulled over for correct. I am now also that I'm no let's not overlook that I'm gonna look I'm written sentence and also traveling to slow. You can get that -- and dated for impeding traffic. So can I call 911 on the dilution in front of me and that's going slow in the left hand lane. I com and it couldn't. When I'm there or not I I don't think I gotta go over too well -- up next still men charged with misuse of 911. And he works in the media. Next lot of those Cindy. So what does it. Seeded Andy what's up -- How about I am not yet and make up our society due ninety -- -- -- -- that Kenny Perry. You know that's -- -- -- ecology -- right now that I had they. Well to slow. -- and don't shoot well. Yeah. But we don't like 8590. And that's I got it right now without. And keep about -- or a -- -- do you. Good morning everybody idyllic. I. Did my theory I would at knowing that that plane I I don't -- will explain I don't know I. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I couldn't agree I couldn't agree more but I couldn't agree more I -- we need to remind folks who are listening that the left lane travel etiquette guidelines on the highway. Also apply to the right lane on -- drive. -- Go to. So generous country can include secure America. I think you look now.