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Shawn Thornton of the Boston Bruins

Feb 27, 2014|

Thursdays with Thorty where this week we discuss the Olympic break hangover against the Buffalo Sabres, we find out Louie Eriksson may be a cheater, and discuss new tough, strong, defensemen Kevin Miller.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Acknowledge yeah. And on your schedule that WA AF. Well. -- Hill Man Morning Show presents there's days wins already yeah. Featuring John Darden of the the Boston Bruins. John Thornton of the Boston Bruins brought to us every Thursday. On their shelves by EMD's. Are well. And he and when it comes to banking hate authority. There -- a lot of how anybody. Here's what would be back last night. Also -- -- that -- there. How much of last night would you blame on me Olympic he hangover from the for the guys. -- there's a Little Rock obviously. Let don't let the guys that -- say it federal suit it some defensive lapses I think that was. That credit February. We have deleted from the left and didn't give up but -- situation. You know. We need to be better at -- we happened earlier assault look. -- Africa and other topic break but not good enough. Yeah I mean not not to call anybody out specifically just especially since he's like six days. That can only but I mean child a little bit slow maybe airline lackadaisical on going back that up and over what I can. They don't know the right. But -- six point 9270. Pounds in the standings still kind of slump won't let go back pocket. Today it's below that a politically when the puck bounced over -- back -- my home. -- I think we had we had record there's still one. -- -- -- I think guys you know again it if buffalo area is as much is there in last place you know authority and there's a remembrance have a huge rivalry there always -- you know the buffalo Bruins stills are always. Amazingly physical guy and give them credit art therapy they were they brunt of thomas' job he. In that game last night you guys weathered the storm and were the better team you played you know he outplayed me all over -- yes. The first ten minutes and you guys style limb but say they brought the brought that this just a. They offer what we're here we controlled the puck pretty well. There are these also are. Stepped up -- that it isn't there a plan that we. Are here. Last place -- you don't walk place for a -- A lot of stress just Google it sometimes you can just go play it. When you're right it you know -- -- That would interest sometimes. Downs -- is you have an opportunity to make it up you only have our sixty more names in the month somewhere at the well I mean there's some talk about the NHL maybe next time. Playing through the Olympic break would DI -- would would you be in favor that mean -- We -- got a piece of our oil butter up the sport their own. Good five or six laps did you -- it -- well forty yards. But we had battled it out immediately. The deal but based on board orders. Is there's always. Player coach opportunity. They have it that we're proud Gordy -- and think Reggie Reggie Dunlop. And I really got my credit up up up. I -- -- good I Love Lucy Oregon and East Coast and I will be outstanding no but I mean do you do you think it hurts this teams and the guys are hurt were hot before the break in many come back and it takes awhile to get back to. But it -- of the same vote vote you know I walked out separate saw a lot of guys go to the web access. Depends how you react and that's it it's good for the deal as far as. Putting all our best player of about social did you pick -- up. We have the company's revenue generator they liked about it -- a two week break. And I got real salt for a few days catching rays and get back in this year I think. Or the Olympic a look at. The players but I guess the criticism that they'll probably. Partly you know we'll have a lot to do you know -- -- and -- substantially less. Anybody bring their medals around yet. -- -- It. Rick I engaged to acted too active duty and did just my contention Boise got food poisoning over their view was that the flu or food -- what you've. It's got -- -- Google access that at least he says developed. But that's what they -- left -- -- at night night. And we don't a lot of world. Beat them all that. Are there we're ultimately that we bought at least I gave him food poisoning. -- -- It is but don't be a cheater. She did well that certainly it is sort of like that people read about. Yeah I got a reputation for being achieved so we think that it that it's up to boot. -- Item in my guess. At all so he started we like what in September October all. We hit the hole she -- sitting on. November 1 half -- at -- in the third first got over it just happens to be that they look that was sharecropper like I did later that action. We're all. I'll still got I've got whisked there in this action. Maybe he got one of those mustache transplants than all the bit that hamsters are getting those little ads and can't grow the -- at the. They're they've got a little bit maybe just broke a lot session of the girls the other special person but -- is that -- not -- -- I was wondering Doherty is John Norton is our guest says he is every Thursday during Thursday's with authority. I was wondering if you followed the debate going on NFL lies. About penalizing players for the use of the N word and if you think about things that are said and you would be one who would be the target. Perhaps some unfriendly chatter at times -- death the right way to go when it comes to professional sports. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I know -- but this. Where is -- a little bit of that. Just sure somebody -- pick it would result but it should have fixed and that is there's always know what actually actually that's a question -- he -- And what about I mean the ever hear anything about your mom. The fact that. They -- not -- -- I'd take a look at Lebanon and pretty well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- When stealing 42 or some like the big -- beavers mom basically. -- -- -- -- losses. 55009. Perfect yeah her. -- You'd like to be attorney had no -- -- -- -- talked about our doctor Thomas Muster muscular got to give them different don't think they it was only like three principles than help it I mean he's actually got let. Yeah like that five or six years ago yet he couldn't believe that it was so that looks like a sister brother and if they're well all the so I don't. How'd you when they're young in and tell the Canadian lives and security layers not a lot of stress that there I mean I don't know like going on you know people work very good player earned. In the great stacked up. Horry has has -- here to figure -- -- built this still classed as a thousand or six when it comes out of it but let me. In the week it's only five Sally you're a lot of walk in the park in you know it's like us fifty below friction zero there. But the fact that it. Yeah and I and I -- it's not an issue probably. NHL -- -- -- -- -- -- ever play with more than that although the did you ever play with a -- for African American -- more than an -- of more than one African American on a team. That maybe they use the N word between them I mean it's different because there's just not that many African American in the. No no we. Well let us let us a little bit and -- But there. -- it dated but it all these little short. I don't know yeah. It'll -- around I don't politics. -- transparently. The lakers general public is pretty shelled what is now about them ever gets out. All right well listen you get a lot of -- the plane and I really mean it yet not a lot of days -- and a great job last November 4 when he gets here here's your Samantha -- Good. Beckett back Alley Alley -- biting apple. Department study did not the only time for me. I've got a lot of players there's a lot of analysts like -- bit different parts Wear out. David bar the players on this diet that you know -- work you put up the rotation up the pedal to the. You if you can duplicate your commitment at. Miller when it comes to the fighting skills. Think he's got -- somebody record for the let the air it. Really -- I actually. He's he's he's our eyes but assured that values as well last night. Well you know it was a fully don't want enough to do it stop clearly David driver to clearly drivers puzzle without the rest him on the back Augusta and -- ministers event and the gloves lifeline have a guy they strike. Yeah it's absolutely get off what his relatively do ultimately he's he's a really -- what -- Don't forget -- -- interior isn't going to be -- -- so is that he's such a strong strong guys. I think all the pressure off as I'm concerned this is it. I say the same thing everybody. Does that that is I don't you. You must just be like -- if if -- young -- opens the fight you're just like please go to cancel -- -- about it the more the merrier right. -- don't outweigh. A lot of guys do it felt. It. We eat you up too much pop as if and let it -- out -- it -- -- I'd love -- and good luck you'll we'll talk to next week. Oh don't forget. Gonna call you about that -- young guy wants to come see after the game on Saturday. Yes just an area is well OK art but -- thing you there is. So Shawn Thornton of the Boston Bruins here on. And that would you say sixteen games in March so -- crazier and come back to back the best of this -- basically they've they've play every second -- to the end of the season remember will be every second date of June.