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Hockey Movie Discussion

Feb 26, 2014|

We got a little more inside LB's brain about hockey movies and he and Greg on board to watch Goon starring Sean William Scott.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Always. And on your schedule at WAA asked -- out of yes hello Adam. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And then at the end he doesn't I think I'm really need to some period and then an uptick in the kicked out of -- story. Now he remembered that. Here's. His attacks there. Who's starting about -- -- was at the same thing the -- attacks against maybe obscure reference Goldberg says he's related Aaron Spelling may want to models. I don't know -- -- be a -- I have never seen a Mighty Ducks -- number not surprisingly it's not surprising you only watch Youngblood -- hate -- I had no. I don't I know I don't mind -- I I had never. I -- I watched like three minutes of Rob -- and -- just due -- in the world the artist you're not a man -- -- -- Mighty Ducks reference is what happens -- necessarily now I get a pass on -- I hear it and and a -- the other movie that I have enough of is the -- player that turns himself into the Olympic figure skater and they went Calder what's that five some connect forget the name in the movie it's stupid the cutting edge becoming -- -- -- hit that adding another 55 minutes are now on. I migraines it is. Called on you can DB Sweeney -- we -- -- -- Maura Kelly. But at the 1988 Winter Olympics I think calorie we see are -- Dorsey battered in a vicious hockey game against west Germany and we than CK Mosley during your program and something goes horribly wrong. And you get together and it's love at zero hello rob given year mystery Alaska -- Paula loved mystery Alaska LB you seem -- yet. I want and now I can't I can't bring myself I was someone was trying to -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- everywhere. Are you rarely hear a -- to. Now I -- John Williams shot just I can't get over the fact that he was in the air dialect. Nick yeah he's a stiff weather and and now he's everybody's saying 978 text pleasantly surprised how good -- was not talked about enough as ago talking movies -- I think is that was that movie. Based on a guy that played my only hard news from Massachusetts -- he's a cop numerous really there wrote a book you wrote the book -- I watches ever on existing candidates reacted uneasily let me play in the East Coast really. Ice castles with Robby Benson -- -- another extra look back up I thought I really did -- Robby -- series and a benefit -- ask for a rematch after I watch -- jump off the Tallahassee bridge or -- -- and that was it that was not his fault he was so bullied -- that's. Concern. Billy GO. What was his hands and now Billy Joseph team. -- Jumped out that the and I believe it's impala hatchery. Don't LA county it's the Tallahassee bridge she was -- Joseph McAllister billion dollars Dominique Keller is their agenda that says it. It's. The -- Robby Benson -- with a good movie. Also he was. -- was the boy in the bubble or down. I know I was. And that's what Travolta the boy Obama sounded do you -- it. Bit don't yet troop Travolta was one guy but the other boy in the bubble is beyond Fisher wasn't Robby Benson notes oh let's -- -- felt. Now that's -- little -- -- in the tomorrow when the bubble while that was Travolta Travolta was due to one guy he was stuck in central Travolta was together with second is that I -- He was stuck in -- plastic in the and now I've known an a but he was in a house now that advocate the comedy. What who's the guy from not the mountain movie there -- guy from the mountain. Company -- to remove the other stuff that they are but the two guys may get on the mound I'll Brokeback Mountain bouquet on -- the the guy who started the dark hair. There is Jake John JUJ Jill and allows the boy in the bubble though he's not there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That was controlled house of Altria and once Robby Benson wasn't in that at all now. A confusing. John Travolta and Bobby Benson for a summary as weird enough. -- -- Good morning and -- all. Now let audio clip but it could be that. No mention you mentioned slaps a slap shot as the number one item that is the only map that you guys and he's certainly one of the -- I do like mystery Alaska. -- -- -- That was his -- don't know it's a gorgeous so it's all about they got to go guys who get its first Australian guy can't yes -- -- like eight I mean the end of the just the factor to New York Rangers I'd go to play yes I've teamed up in mystery Alaska but and then it. It you know at the end of the movie but few of the guys for mystery Alaska. Actually the yet you go try out in the NH. He's and I think they'll look at they're that good. Then I did that. A lot of. People on the interwebs seem to have got the same thing you did that Robby Benson was invited if you if you start typing and Robby Benson yeah it auto -- bubble boy and then there's a lot of like asked dot com questions -- -- like these days he's a star and right yeah and it's in this. Obvious mistake today. Miracles pretty is Alec I don't know miracle -- -- it's -- reject this -- our hard throwing her he was on Brooks he was unbelievable stuff. But I mean the call I the coolest part about miracle was great to actually into where he entered. Entered went over a window open in what was -- -- leave it actual footage after being flat and two billion -- Actually entered believed that footage from 1980 -- this footage into the movie yes there was -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- thank you brought us posters -- some -- -- and since this is this justice. My guess -- -- Take him on and what's. The -- I know -- -- LB you're you're correct about the guy from grown it is based on -- -- I think is that I IP Acropolis -- announcement announcement -- you can you know watchable it's like a slap shot now. I'm glad you now -- Everybody everybody's saying that it's really I avoided it like it was on demand I -- forever and I saw the trailer. Then I saw like. The over the overdone and blighted cut cut we announced phase -- and you think -- -- -- so over the top -- -- direct the Miller and yet. The question are actually. Slightly off. The deliberate so that. But you know while you know mine. -- you know brain yes. Send out what would -- -- similar question. Email address that Daniel WAM and the -- WA AF dot com. -- don't think -- this and that then you know. Well backed up on emails all the undeterred -- like Iron Man. Why would only getting like -- all kinds of emails a relationship advice that question he has pictures now out in conduct Clinton's. How is -- catching -- this awful Brazil thank god bless and he's a fighter of the little guys is he here and work that I he's asleep. We'll be -- -- not -- -- asleep in the office mineral New -- the dead sleep at one point a victim of his completely -- will start to -- no -- -- like ally to wake me up bitch that you start -- -- given mouth to mouth prematurely mr. awful silent it was no heartbeat for firm that there isn't he's OK he's a commencement as a -- that's -- -- David would be better -- point out with a -- I was one point ultimately some when it went to school to relate. Exceeding available I think I've only critical care experience I don't think she's of that no I don't but I -- -- the areas that felt as the night before -- -- -- -- a whole book. Found crazy now there's not a -- he visited Turkey that I give better care than to -- Those stats they don't want to that's not true I love my that everybody in Atlantic. There was a story ever and an ace Jeff and he and he's dead blew up prepared a what little luck they have been there there there -- What was his assistant but I'll -- down. Period you have to do surgery on one of those big -- parents have been a white parent entire and a parakeet or whatever was in the -- he went to analysts that amnesty easy task that -- and that's about it. Too much gas in high gas feathers and the inner -- to steal the -- If you believe there's a little screen doesn't -- has some listeners some great stories or are you -- -- a big guard came in them and the dog to dog died and then then it and that's the -- -- -- another big yard and the assistance that -- put the MS decides died in the body back -- now. Well yeah and then the body bag actually won't get stood up the darts -- approval. In front of people but I think -- locking -- a body bag are you are you doing a lot of every printer that costs. Well right now. And I I used these unbelievable. I mean doesn't -- he's he's he's one of the best estimate on the planet but he's been he's been in the business for what 3040 years everybody makes a -- mistake when you have crazy doesn't the other -- story yeah yeah crazy all the time. Now of course been worked out well for those people who had the apparently. After but look at a with some of the hospital can't holding your cat carrier -- is -- -- sorry we have been backed thinks.