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Hill-Mail 2-26-14

Feb 26, 2014|

The best Hill-Mail messages of the previous 24 hours topics include the potholes, and the Revere casino approval vote.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the and on your schedule at WJ AM now. Each unit during the talk. As they Hill Man Morning Show presents -- man up. Okay renewed group LP 2000 -- okay they'll bring us back through those things that we thought. And I think -- The paramedic here and we had other RB at W hey at him. Have you ever heard the business and I'll -- -- an American very good okay. On WOK okay. Two key components in my life lynch the Medicare and Jared Allen yeah. If you combine the two movie -- for you know I if you -- all right hill mail messages this morning brought to you by wing men wanted dot com. Look yourself in the mirror and get a new career. At the national aviation academy visit wing man wanted dot com or call 802923228. A wing men wanted to dot com. Hey can you look up Colorado. Everybody thinks that they're number one musical choice is going to be Pink Floyd because of the guy just. But that one moment please that a big John Denver I mean it was that -- can rent rocky mountain high. Colorado -- The -- of the napping on. Stupid Internet -- Kid Rock for Michigan Munich probably probably Michigan was dog Bob -- and Bob -- and Jack Johnson watched Jack Johnson -- know -- -- -- Michigan man who was in Colorado Colorado office the naked and famous. Not John Denver not -- and push it. -- -- here are the best -- -- messages of the previous 24 hours. Twenty. Million. Note that every carrier or 800. And it it came here. You can really -- wrote that you bought -- Mac. Into. Could. Be anybody. I mean really -- to be honest famous jitters for 810. Tony 9030. Man. They -- there there were brought. -- -- And that -- We're upset. Would be roar of the new guys still in the new Godzilla movie they don't think it's not near enough where it's not mean enough by terrifying enough. Chief Tony 7:41. PM. You went -- parked there aren't -- critical. I -- -- what they're they are all important footnote that they -- you didn't teach. I text says you would assume that day Japanese tourists were not that happy with Pearl Harbor yeah well -- thought that was the on the field and why I don't I don't drink at that that was not on their list. Can Tony 12:21. PM. Don't expect -- Arctic situation we're covering live in a moment now to go to LA Politico really held it like it is. Yeah I don't know I don't pay higher than normal for this kind of you know it. Because apparently. You know what I hit the water somebody. -- compete because -- what you're gonna go. I don't incumbent and then you know which way the -- -- -- -- -- not on anyway. Really -- -- in a month and have complete pain in American whine about it it didn't let it go in San Diego and implement government point. And then -- That is out today. Polar vortex. But that's where in the middle of another on an ice I don't understand the -- -- Texas was the single digit whether a -- that called this morning was -- the -- is thinking through through clearly swirls of thirteen and fourteen -- not a client can shoot AM. Well -- that would like -- that you know tablet. App Annie get below -- the -- that a bird yeah. -- -- -- And that message street from -- a look at for a hook up with yesterday big giant casino group. Ruining your commute. Articulate making you miserable actually be down 01 will it be like critic instruction on what they skidded out of one lane until five mamet like great. Great 11 PM to finance and. I just can't go to work you maybe they'll end up being average and I think Everett -- may have the advantage to because Steve -- and because everybody voted for it there and I mean a lot of people and Revere was so it ended up in what 63 -- and every year. He's yes that would sort of be up to the -- state gaming commission to choose. Whether the Boston area casino is in Everett. Or is in Revere. And they're gonna do that. By June June 30 is the date by which they'll do it could be -- for -- to be before I can do more than. They're looking for the future of the repair. Loot our commitment and uncle were strict they are -- you know -- -- they can -- -- -- and you're how old. People optical -- Well written by temple. And mess it up with. It will make it easier -- Leno line drive the fox would live is it necessary -- a few weeks ago on the golf loyalists -- don't think I will be dragging me all -- 34 Bruins Jersey over clock to get some appearances all interact over the can seek out our guy you know right yeah if they're third right through the seat. List bar in the back to the casino yeah yeah. They're gonna want you value bags. So I'm not right now lobbyists are in our grass every every Monday -- -- up from ten to midnight at the pop up could prove to them. Directed decision to weather in particular pretty simple -- -- gonna figure out which community voted by the I have sent it and then -- factor in all pro which is the proposal that would bring in the -- -- -- in the final conclusion that it's gonna go to whichever team -- proposal is the biggest prize for the team in commission. -- -- -- Now. We don't live in a -- states. There will be no bribes handed out. You know Mario on the Cyrus. They'll friends getting contracts to build that casino so I'll be nothing like never gotten this -- know there's nothing -- -- you -- it. -- sixteen to him. I want to read plug in that area as I have. -- -- battle and got great Andre I about it now that you know maybe that he'd spent yet I have to. And the message black lace lingerie is still open there in the second floor Preston north gave a it up and do it alone and they do it shows -- in go up in pain that model three outfits for emulation I missed that one. Well I don't think you hang up -- north get a lot more about the what happens if you're if you're a man who wants the byline drag to move the team model. Who has stayed here so really only their aftermath of the -- of the tunnel or as well I think guys -- policy review happened after my lines like a pretty interesting business route -- just doing it and say I'm thinking about buying some -- for my life -- Sean -- would you mind so I want to look exactly like my life the same exact body type. Can I see how that looks on you and she says yes indeed in the fifth and for an extra five. Is -- -- that are -- of course not very -- courage and courage and I like a good spot what's that called black black lace lingerie and it's on the second floor of Melissa and actually technically it might be the third -- -- a couple of basement -- shops that they're almost kind of -- we street level south -- on the right there are special not like -- -- didn't start to get in -- -- funding available. But -- this techies who presume around the rotary -- get and yeah. I don't belligerent other any windows there is that you don't look kind of replaces windows than figuring that it does take place that pack of other show -- -- -- I see it. The -- -- in Lawrence also got to assess. The black waist line what a surprise. Still open and operating as usual so yeah the pervert -- seven anyone better -- it listens to the shelf. -- 28 -- even know that it a little bit rock and and a big. Yeah two weeks we plan and old -- That. Call. And. And the method. If you haven't been penetrated for years like it was just six years and pork yet she said it would that'd been six years -- for -- for those ladies out there you don't use it you lose it's a mile -- -- a popular stay after them. Can typical man. QLB stated that. If -- had a heart speaking to complete them because -- mother warned that the Clinton direct so where did -- are we continue to Arctic clip now. And I'll tell you something back in the day before it blew my knee out Brooke whereas I was Wellemeyer way to -- Superstar and think you could have made the Olympic team. If I -- didn't if I didn't fall over strip joints and Budweiser yeah yes yes he could have bugs month. I got the downfall of the nightlife I'm being called out because apparently that black -- knock was surprisingly. Hello mr. hill mr. Smith. Back again for more lingerie -- might -- a year membership Karen. Tell your driver not to -- in front of the sort of escalated. I think we can tell him. And you're right. Opening day should be about debt being able to get delegate take steps they can afford to own money grab and all. And then met Obama I am -- -- attitude to -- expensive these days so that China turn opening day into a federal holiday genius and Woolsey. I was probably I'll take it I yeah. Why not batting and we win -- what's the limit on I mean if -- and a coming holidays we have now federal I think it is it is thinner thirteen hold on. I mean what we wouldn't be any if we if we do we do like the Fuzzy foreigners across upon what only work like four day work weeks and the tornado where we tell our best -- on -- stop. Them for a protest -- yeah -- so there's ten federal holidays which probably have won a month and that would be legit. Is if you had one day off from him. That kind of collect yourself -- the the latter half the year to have better we get in the you're -- -- handled the hard -- that there is thought to yourself that vision that's what we do well I -- I collect ourselves plug every -- charged -- apparently -- straight straight -- I did take that extra -- yet there are things in -- -- house saw the release party you don't get. The -- drivers hundred students through Jesus built. The truth it.