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Is it Fact or Schmact?

Feb 26, 2014|

LB shooting 50% on this edition as we learn that Revere did not ever sell the most hairspray, how much peanut butter the average American eats, Haverhill does not have a volcano, and the man who wrote the I'm Loving It for McDonalds is dead.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Knowledge and and on your schedule at WJ AM. -- Hill Man Morning Show invites you to test your wits against -- the I don't believe such things there's nothing unsanitary blood and drink yeah there's got to be a lot of -- -- and see what. Only name you blather about aids die and full of facts she Max. By the way -- -- says facts -- Max my home country of London for ya -- Up LB knows that England is a country he just was. About he went to play in the Olympics not one in England you know what he meant yeah you know -- mean -- you know. -- -- his mother was born there right course yeah you're you're okay yeah. I can go there and I did call my country I wanna call London I know you went to Holland junior year of -- -- -- that the best he may country's parliament there'd be. This moron you are of England. All right call Omar right now. We got room for error and I think one. More facts she Max player this morning so call 6179311. Area call right now. 617931. One AF if you win today you get apparel lift tickets for a -- choose it mountain and up first this morning. It is Kevin hello Kevin. The market all decade -- So while rare -- well where is over here. And shall mass saleable lobbed around like that -- next up we were talking earlier about over rated attractions. When it comes tourists and it's always a pretty cool city million written them. And then at the witch museum. But I -- them on on government and that the pilot museum the irony I would scenario works with the -- -- out if there's ever -- irons are murdered little. Data you via the gap and I catch on the way out that's our about a little emphasis. All right Kevin. Revere,. Massachusetts. Who voted in a casino yesterday. Did you did you know Revere, Massachusetts. Alone to the distinction. Of leading the United States. In retail. Hairspray sales in 19851986. For him. In 1987. Down the Porsche Mac. Proud go. That -- that this is in my wheel house yeah might. We're not able Wheeling and dealing in my life where you're -- shorter shifts these it -- -- these your best days 8586858687. I didn't get really in the girls from the port hole hobbled and I would go off track here and the fact I'm sorry it's not. I'm sure they did well when it came to the -- -- sells well -- -- and -- -- sure in the eighties and early ninety's and and they did not leave the united plug your recent obvious you work. -- hello Iraq. Yeah how are you react how good Greg where you come from risk I'd go oh well. And it that they would be building. I've got to go to a what do you go to our -- -- you know a lot excellent. Right -- the average react the average Americans. Eats six to seven pounds. Of peanut butter every year. That fact that the iconic you really. But I -- not productive forties -- weekend 82 BP to PB and asks us now they have been like the most elusive awesome is extremely above corrected the average American does he. 67. Pounds of peanut butter you know you you haven't lived. Until you've had a grilled peanut butter simply suggest that it's. I think is the is the best of the best hello Jill. Good morning good morning teach us all. Well Jill what do you do. Excellent although or or or like you for listening Sunnis arm we nearly a mile yeah I'll be Alexi do you Wear like the white skirt and a white shoes and pollen. No particular look really good when I have to wait it out. Straddle the blue and I don't. Well yeah I mean not enough and yeah yeah yeah you could you at least do the the awesome Koppel complimentary booby group hero on national. That's depend on the road -- look around people -- Let me astray brush. This may happen but we'll put our -- till the gel there are four. Cities in the United States. -- is a volcano located in that city limits. And liberal Massachusetts is one of them for that Porsche -- I'm. Back at Richmond. Oh yeah. You know I know you don't man you -- to dig up the the doozies -- I'm not gonna be fooled by this I think you might not suckered me in a moment ago the -- You're gonna go without. -- -- -- -- But there are there are four cities they are Portland Oregon yes and a band -- Jackson Mississippi in Honolulu. Hawaii yes I've been on me a lot about the lab that you have yes yes you like yeah like I've watched the lava lake -- you'd be sure burning -- it went right around you and I don't know I don't know that I love my day you know it integrates constantly flowing into the ocean need to go stand there to see a picture it's like a thousand degrees that's pretty cool. They Tony. Conduits and where you're from. -- Excellent. On me. And -- aren't they got better. It sure because that's what they are. -- bit. Just to analyze that like midnight -- -- yeah. Security hide from the man who wrote the botnet that that I'm loving it yeah have jingle. Killed himself five years later. That the bush Mac. There. That's ridiculous and I doubt I'll -- it. You know what I love about you get those silly jingles and you know slow games like that you know that it. I had the people to come up with that stuff and and they get paid like they -- would do a contest they make like 250 dollars and that and then the military and company goes on to may become a built a billion dollar company in the -- if I'm gonna go back you're gonna go back the right guy you are active Leo it's back guy kill them so -- -- -- did after hearing that -- by a thousand. -- detective -- -- -- up -- -- I. -- -- I'm -- and low unemployment.