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Townie Throw-Down Kingston vs Plympton

Feb 25, 2014|

Ice harvesting, ship building and the first woman to serve her country dressed as a man on this Townie Throw-Down as Kingston Mass battle Plympton Mass.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Acknowledge them. And on your schedule at WAA -- some. I don't appreciate drug addicts at nine towns as. Her home. Very Hill Man Morning Show presents. County's -- now -- yeah visit our own it's. Kind of accident and -- room. All right. Payload oh look blue our engineers here is a little because we have to put two people on the phone at the same time would -- congress and the this is acknowledging complicated yeah. So. We have -- Janet who is. Thirty all 18 years old I believe and I assume from -- hey Jen. -- -- I'm getting. -- never heard of -- Now it's not everybody really think they did and but it -- out and then. OK so Plimpton and not a lot of people down there what do you do now -- -- born and raised that would assume. I'd born and raised in plan -- little. Are you gonna come over here in and out -- you gonna show you got to lock jam and and so that I can get Ron from Kingston OK so. Janice -- there. And Jen. Is. Blocks. See it bothers me when the engineer doesn't even know how to -- OK now we got to go to Iran. So we can just die click on Enron -- that it takes excellent time to learn new technology of this place were. I -- there. How -- Iran and oh yeah and you're representing Kingston today correct. I'd say -- new Jan your competitor. Vote no. -- What are the winner today gets a fifty dollar gift guard forward and -- the valley ski area and thank. Jen when it comes to size Plimpton has the honor of being known as what. -- county in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Act out and well yes I thought about -- looking for something a little more specific. -- you have to ask that you guys. And in his day this as distinct honor here in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. I don't -- -- -- it now it's actually the smallest. When it comes to square footage phone Tom Plimpton is the smallest town in Massachusetts fourteen point eight square. Miles is. All right that's a good answer what that this smallest population citizen well with the smallest do you go out you go out the 413 places there where row like maybe army money if there aren't my Barrett tried to get season. -- -- -- -- Ron what navy ship. Was -- then in Kingston. -- sorry the answer is the USS independents. It's -- ebitda. From Jan Debra Debra Sampson. Is Plimpton is most famous resident what was she known for. You do that you're in the military that's what it is like first transgender everything in that during the revolution. She -- that she was a a man and so usually don't mark how about that knots -- -- on there not ever seen it or not well before the guests were you are correct and -- Or not. All right. Iran you need this -- that tie her. Kingston was home to the first co op still war. In the United States of America it was replaced by what in 1954. -- Yes. Kingston was home to the first co -- Stiller in America it was replaced by a -- in 1954. -- Portage park on sorry it's the post office about a post office with it is the echoes not so long. I rights. Final. Clash in enough for Jan now from a blimp then she has. Okay. It what we woods referred to as a slight. And vantage. Currently this morning. Com Plimpton is home to two clusters of antique homes. One it being located in the historic district and the other being located where Jan. Where. No limit I'm here I -- put -- -- A little glimpse into the hands cornyn. I don't know enough about it. Is that near the near the -- green. That yet that's something that's where the charge is that Mexico will tell -- story and the Deborah since the memorial. That's what you get -- heavyweight yes they nose and -- inspired. 59. I'm gonna give her have credit on that -- gotta get this one. Nor are they in order to stay relevant. -- -- we mentioned shipbuilding what is the other major industry in Kingston is known for. World what is it well rope broke the -- factory fire -- under I harvesting. What is right I might might serve -- -- thoughtful and he'll ice the ashes yeah. I think a thank you both very much to and I believe that -- -- -- -- -- -- to an end of women that she del rice harvesting the ice harvesting I don't know what that's all about somebody got the call and what they do harms the -- and then. I mean it's so literal put it in the little plastic bags come up and let you know. I think you need the distilled water for I don't know I summer I think -- only use case and she -- very -- -- Even easy adult Crennel -- -- -- -- best of maybe that's how you end up getting ice allusions and stuff like that from from ice harvester is against an -- thing. Price you'll all people now being Canadian. Being -- -- all you don't know anything about the ice harvesting. But I'm not a big not a big occupation in Canada who itemize how to restore that we didn't we didn't we we harvested wheat yeah yeah. -- -- -- According to the always accurate and factual Wikipedia and yes -- in the early to middle nineteenth century Kingston flourished in the center for shipbuilding is well vice harvesting. Jones river upon the largest freshwater body in -- was used during the long New England winters to harvest ice. Which would then be shipped throughout the world really -- the world through the -- surface there without melting. I don't bizarre. Lord.