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Feb 25, 2014|

Our friends at Tullamore D.E.W. stopped by for an Irish coffee toast and some swag to kick off St.Patty's Day celebrations early.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always I'm. And on your schedule at WAA asked. I -- get LB is Irish coffee can you bring our bring in the certainly at all aboard the new people these lists of LB needs a little. Medicine because he's not feeling well does waffles coming up for you this morning Tony throw down at 835. And so and we're looking for. And this was suggested earlier the -- and vs Kingston. So if you were born and raised in either Euro lifer. Then. 835617. 9311. Day -- 61793112. 23. And now I mean there's there's not a cold morning in the middle of the polar vortex there's nothing better than an Irish copy. And Tim is here. From that -- more due to him how Oreo I'll do very well we don't that are important from. I'm from last forty was not the Dublin from anti landed between Dublin Belfast Tony what led the and that wouldn't. You got it out so LA UD LL OUC hates and ultimate cloud of an aids cults Herman factor. You can articulate -- it's been. Irish people -- eagle but it turned back and because our local gaelic football team got. They're called a factions that call the fact I guess. The Mets -- doesn't take the opposition much of an imagination Tacoma political funding no of course -- it's kind of bullying I mean that they got to leave you guys along on the back kids you have -- Think so your job is basically I'm -- level and I get the -- to -- -- you because your job is drinking Telemar while wrap my -- you just have to I almost feel guilty -- my paychecks are just desperate seconds the second and put your right arm and a very lucky roll my job is to -- coast to coast CB DC eighty. Always been a volatile more -- in hand. Be honest is not always useful is the ball we haven't studio today -- -- -- never dusty I promise. It will be about five minutes and -- and I am here here here and figured that -- in good company my friends and you are finding out today. Well I know you came by not only with -- Irish copied and make LB feel better but but also. To begin the official count down to Saint Patrick's Day. And we're going to be out broadcasting live -- -- mountain on Saint Patrick's Day with the guys from -- -- -- Super reaction you really reduced three weeks away from the big day -- -- -- -- -- this is our same practice stay right here okay well. Hearing back here in Boston and I'm Michelle. We were we call -- -- and I knowing you know Ireland the very. Catholic got countries so please forgive me but we call it the the holy trinity. Of drinking days and -- begins with Saint Patrick's Day and then we have. Usually first we have the home opener for the Red Sox begin and that we have Marathon Monday itself. We have three days back to back to back in which the entire city does -- nothing but -- but guess it is an apparent -- so where does that yeah this is this is this a regular. Now you guys. Our opening in new distillery. And a big he's back on right now in his -- you distillery komen to -- more we're real excited first liquid off this those is gonna column. Later on this year on his back there in January you know come snooping around and see what's going on -- And dad dead saint Patrick's week we're going to be installing our copper pots those sunny sees. The landmark moment by common problem more so. I know you guys are going to be at their -- visits I was going to be gorgeous distillery is not going to be. A whiskey factory this is going to be warn you can walk around and see illiquid Kamal it's still those. Go into nowhere prices and guides the advice from when -- in the way and -- and every year walk and get the chance to taste whiskey straight from the casket. Always taken knock on the Kathleen we've -- -- that given enough to find a lot what's the most hollow cast off. Okay because a lot of people think he'd ADT's in anthrax longer. And it's going to be. More mature whiskey but to -- the real honest truth. Not cascades -- for a reason is the cast on the guys that whereas drinking I don't. So -- bickering -- and -- great job and yeah. What -- -- so you guys Irish true what does that mean yeah Irish through its face lead in the bill of same -- to say it's not about how many. No war on MacKey your surname -- Irish passport it's. Is the Irish mentality so it's about how -- that all recall the Irish crack and explain not a bit. -- and it's it's about how many good some friends -- available when a glass of -- what do you. Now listen Danielle can help the ladies out there listening tour 978 tax disease single I love the accents. And I helped us out Diane is as he is -- is easily absolutely L percent mimic every kid wants around Obama tell more good guys and guys talk and spell out and man I've played SF -- -- to find a life for yourself here in America. Yeah will be our -- and isn't always is simply an ear drums so back. I get a completes offering him a dollar a little Wear out a bit of fund Iran and Syria are enough. And they get that big arena and here I'm gonna comment. And grown here example and an item screen it's -- -- an avid skier and a -- to -- -- damage he can no outside I was gonna bring you back in the old country until after common and I'm optimists this I don't know yeah. Cheers by the way out of here is how about if we as we try our our Irish -- got a little to get a little close for -- not that easy what Irish guy doesn't comatose on -- said he -- Cliche this is classic Irish suddenly sees he's fit. Cheating stealing and fighting and drinking. All the stuff for Noel bees pretty good -- -- will be poetic -- this is if you cheat me cheat death. He's the only -- -- -- you fight me fight her brother and if you drink drink plenty toll -- me and we will. All right -- slots. That's -- care. And America must was puzzled look on among house but the drink the public and surfaced at its effects are all right so you did anyway elected shift. Over and over the next three weeks we have a bunch who weighs the you can wind your way out to watch use it will last through a full day of the skiing and boarding and fun and enjoying Elmore do. As we get ready to be -- -- that it. Super well listen thanks -- come by. Tom thanks for being here and and being Irish true here in America -- -- guys thanks for how Meehan thanks for finding good home for my whiskey to go to -- act now while I mean Alison I know you're gonna say Boston but just tell me like cities in the US when it comes to being Irish. Where we -- coming in you know which I know Chicago's a -- -- but you travel all over the country -- Chicago and New York Boston Philly even -- and it impossible for me is the closest to you what you get back home ya lady it's real there's no. Why after bullish is in the air -- know -- -- there. I had a better chance aides say is there a city it cereal city we also -- out of the -- -- the guy is getting a passionate bills lost an -- on it strapped. And I felt that they lowered it we're glad carelessly it's a faster super it's very awesome to have 6179311. Day after is the number to call. Here's attacks that says. LB are you glad that today is not the day the use that excuse the bang out I. Sorry I'm not up console the plans welder and a days and I the.