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Hill-Mail 2-25-14

Feb 25, 2014|

The best Hill-Mail messages of the previous 24 hours topics include our Governor Deval Patrick.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always I'm. Hand on your schedule at WAM. Now each YouTube and -- talk as the Hill Man Morning Show resilience hill man up. What part of it and it's yeah. I think there's no luck at this morning on W 880. I'll be actually back. LB is very sick he has that sometimes sinus cold at bat and get my ass kicked in and I think that down in a minute. Gonna give you -- little medicine because. If you think I just noticed that our friends from. -- more do showed up nice oil I think they might have an Irish coffee on our -- myopia. Might help reveal that kind of Graham a gene -- crowd yet by the Irish copy when I was sick whereas it did you do to solve little -- a little less diesel taste it feel better. Knock you out. -- chemicals get on well. On today's hill mail messages are brought to you by -- wing man wanted dot com visit wing men wanted dot com. Look yourself in the mirror and get a new career. At the national aviation academy visit wing man wanted dot com or call 80292. 3228. That's 802923228. Wing men wanted to dot com. Monday eight freeware and -- Okay revealed that didn't help being compounded robot okay LB that cat poop thing that we got -- That they can't come back paramedic -- and we can. Other LB at WK -- And the British and -- attacked amateur. And now. And -- part of this yesterday in fifteen years. Robots will be smarter than human being yes robots will take over the world in fifteen years. So make the most of it only fifteen years left until there is a super race of robots that run everything tell you what the bill. Take your job death that your life -- in camp you know by McDaniel the wife of the independent beta and. -- -- -- -- -- perfect -- nothing and I didn't say that Welker kicked aren't. Yes that's right I'm being inept and I think about it -- I didn't. Think Bubba rank and employed it here in America acute it's in the can that hurt but parity. In what president. And the budget. I'm imagining right now. Be a big moment for interstate I ask me no that's great Mike Dukakis never want it the maybe Deval Patrick. It big the big -- 3M in the tank be the president of the United States the just the few short years this is Matt yes hello Matt. Closest to bring. You know -- eager to local casino owner compared to the that's backed -- that it's important. -- and in you know. We've talked about it I don't understand first of all I get that a lot of people don't want it. In their own backyard but there have to be placed -- somewhere and that I think. That's a big downs location is pretty good spot and I agree I I agree what it would do you think that you view you voted for it. Where you are sell you its you'd say yes. It absolutely. Does not really I think if you look at who and two you know again. -- the post that bond that the department on them and I think it's in the back -- back him up. Don't you go to casino in the I'm all for it I -- the casino and her I scratch like I like gambling but and I am into but it doesn't. You know. I don't think the simple fact that there's a casino. Is gonna turn everyone into this in the state into a degenerate gambler I mean that we RD degenerate gamblers huge Jenner gamblers are ready. You know they're good every catalyst is exactly. Bill bet on the weather if they're a heck can't go to a casino. You know I mean -- we -- -- -- we area of the strategies. Munich you know would I don't. And the you know the bad element or whatever the argument is that I think the bad element parity exists is that. Perhaps even in -- fellow -- They're a lot of the idiot ever cooperation like overwhelming approval -- -- one topic a short yeah I don't understand why. Listen I do understand the fact that you know Steve -- wanted to build a casino and have written I don't understand why when everybody in Everett wants that why they don't I agree with -- -- it shouldn't -- there. -- -- -- I -- that's Massachusetts though Andy you know yacht you know how this works. Everybody has to get paid first before anything gets done Monday in forty -- and. I -- what you're doing important and now you'll ever would be happy about it. I get it important letter -- If your -- Larry about -- -- better. Handle that well -- that fourteen letters the album that. Sports people that are important but are -- out of the fourteenth letter of the album five to tune older. But then he. Wrote the note and that message. Half half half -- that little behind -- -- -- Babbitt I've been out in front of others that outlook shows during my career but really I mean you know yes I get it the breaking bad led by a bullet and -- fully admitted to that. But I mean I could not fly. I think -- I guess just the enthusiasm. In which you are -- tell everything about breaking bad got everybody else is known for -- sex with a 45 years. I mean I'm so you Kennedy was shot close to -- Apparently got two episodes were in May much today. Yeah common event a lot of course I don't I don't want your schedule isn't exactly did he get away. There aren't monitored to 1030 picnic kept getting the leader last mandated like 1030 and I'm like are right. One more but sometimes you get to -- At like 1144. Playing at four hours sleep -- range. Because of Walter -- -- -- Ultimately what happened pink but the group. I mean pigment completely -- memorize them. Pound for pound after that with that but then again you know feminists haven't finishing area we haven't -- -- -- settle down their -- sorry for the spoiler. I hit nine EM I -- you -- and -- until opening. You know I have never enjoyed anything so much that they isolated and Linda McCartney point but then that's a local women. And then now they think and a while -- and probably next week a minute mark journey so I got to thank you with that we're getting I -- -- recipe for -- I don't know if you are ready you said every quarter but. I'm gonna stick to to the previous schedule in China won every month every quarter in LB time is like annually elect it and it. OOB would be satisfied with the client Obama people they -- now that it's like chairs the opening theme -- cheers and never changed it every week -- There's. A new chair is designed to -- here in the back here in the kitchen up up up a -- -- a -- -- a process and commemoration. In my way in the world today can't let the here's the I got eight. Here's a 617. Tax. -- took your advice and house of cards is like cracked yeah Julia I I did that in one sitting. When I was sick house of cards on Netflix -- zeroed in space again so is this is season to. I got being on that it and it's I mean. You can know what -- twelve episodes I think in this one I think it's an area you can go back to back to back to back TV binge bald. Entire and that's the best time a year to Dillard who can't see nobody wants to be outside now and doldrums yeah no winter -- spring training is -- based on your. -- -- He can't bring me who had done a Democrat that dream incorporated and can we admit that the group didn't. It's. Yeah. And the Connecticut casino right under the lady Madonna statue. I now -- the money the -- go to refurbish or publisher up together all that I think she's probably looking pretty he would still lose this. Dawn -- and shrine of people do up there they drive up there and -- -- -- -- that -- -- -- I didn't mean I haven't been up there -- eloquently and has little linger in the event and little -- and there -- no known how is that -- is that what to Montessori school that was like literally right behind -- it is yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I breezy still of the old people's home -- and -- -- zones and teachers that Madonna and motherhood and don't is that the -- go there and ask for certain. You know that's been done them. -- greater earned on us from Miami -- -- new house payment whenever you want to 0:9. AM. I enough that Dubai you know open your partner being in a cure all but. -- -- And the -- -- -- the Clinton looked through a man -- man. It that's never call it a bit of the Mike maker can oh now. -- -- -- And that message and yelled -- -- like that traffic of the casino Al Pacino now by her and want the people want any of it. But these are if there was some kind of a pet sanctuary semifinal of -- wouldn't be on the same grand proportions but it would be as luxurious -- would be five absolutely. Rick -- told them. Are -- out on a pop up they thought they outfitted daughter repaired then I -- it all Karbala. All our problems that -- And the -- And -- -- I think -- only man. -- people directly the point. Where are all what are -- Emmerich can -- you were kept wearing it. -- spot or buy it that they've been correct wired up there in the message. Apparently there's and the use stayed pothole lines that number is 857 DOT info 857 DOT info though if you elect to report. A a pothole repair that damage your vehicle then you can do you sell in the state we'll get right to pass cars there -- -- like I cut there like motion street to land on the way home. And he literally there's only one side of the road for half the street the people can pick as the possible to sell bad guy heading up on the northbound side that people like -- -- and the others I share and I like it each -- like. It's insane. -- and I'm sure -- -- Parnell rips the rate the rate higher up your car and yet I have to call a tow truck grandstanding on the edge of there are here. It is calmly in a dial out I'm sure 877 DOT impulse 5% task no idea about a mile up the right here and now says more draft then. In a massive -- all that you don't use some help and well they're gonna fly right over there to dump truck Arizona of course the other guy who's gonna stand at a restaurant there and -- -- to bring. -- away some -- faults that they care for your island. -- -- -- According election. Sacrifice a lot of -- that child but it morning show personality. All of what that political back again. And it's not sacrificing him you know. We are about to be or may -- we are in the grips of the another polar vortex though do what you must take care of yourself somehow hello -- They have a dog actually its -- some. I'm not too bad I mean I actually live a little bit about how they actually fix the ultimate -- yeah I mean I watch a guy yesterday. To look like you might have been dropped shelling out all other chart. There in the it is slow. Hot out all into a puddle. I mean. I think the typical work he's driving over it -- struck. No I mean. I don't think Apollo -- and they're doing -- -- because there in the second somebody it's impossible. But no -- fully anyway adult doesn't blow it out of there and then the next guy. -- -- -- -- -- I don't think they're gonna get much I mean until the you know leave the road stops freezing in the weather's that I don't think -- -- get much on the way to -- -- I don't know why. I I guess if they estate is known about it for over 48 hours they are responsible for the damage that is done here yeah. You want any agreement polish and you know you just got a picture the carrier flat rate down there that got it checked -- yeah. Yes that's our currency area right artillery -- -- the reimburse here I know that I'm trying to. And 0:8. AM. I then I hope you'll join us back our streets a total that there are up would. Probably know we are. Well. So all we're not at war. I didn't like yeah. And then -- and ask them. And and -- All important back. I've put it without -- And then I'll let. Now he can't glamour amazing Costa Rica serpent and I is on a vacation yes Scott. -- that -- guy in the guy all the possible yes I -- not -- That. This -- that do I do regulate the way they do know why I didn't. I did see a guy and for -- I'm doing the same thing the one guy was shoveling the ash fall into the -- hole. The other gentleman would then back over the asphalt with his truck -- to try to -- is flattening out a little bit. Now we years is that a Canadian thing saying ash fall -- yeah and asphalt that's what the this is announced -- and it asked asphalt. Asphalt but my natural -- candidates are martial arts that's felt alienated youth and now there's no agent -- today at AS PH a unity. Asphalt pass asphalt and a national one hour of my. Trying to Elmer Allen the Ashcroft where are all the same thing Tuesday is that it is simply a case certainly is the.