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Feb 25, 2014|

Our pal Earnie Boch called in to discuss the new car that runs on human waste and the new fastest car in the world.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on. -- on your schedule at W today after the there's a couple of up car stories in the news so how one man that we should discuss joining us now earn a little bit. Go ahead and what's the news Automotive News is good what what's going on Sunday. Has developed a new vehicle that's going to run on and wait for it. Who I'm -- on. Feel there is a facility Californians. That turns treated sewage wastes yeah. Day and they they put your process there which they can drive hydrogen permit and Hyundai has developed a carbon fuel cell. That can run on that power. Amazing but -- -- want to cart -- run on people's -- waste. EU I don't know is there -- why notre. What's the difference I think after they get them of that -- it at the treatment plant for sure there's definitely because -- I was just reading an article about the guys kind of -- up the project and you know it's like any waste -- treatment -- -- threat but I think after the fact that there's really no kind of issue. Fuel cell cars that consume hydrogen and nothing but water vapor query report right now it's like zero emission technology -- series it's pretty it's pretty. -- put in cylinders and and in the cylinders at Masada and and and just stakes in the gas comes they treat it. You keep the gas comes off at me cattle should be gas like you on a Saturday well whatever it is what the and making fun of me. -- -- -- to -- here and there are hard and I don't think about it. -- Yeah I think I I think about it Cynthia you know everybody there on fossil fuels -- rent the crap no pun intended -- does the Pope in the ocean. It gives a whole new meaning to your car is. Running SE though does that and yes if that accent does a (%expletive) what they do they have a name for earth. I colon that would have got to. And -- -- and now I don't know I think it's just why does the pretty good idea. You know I was on the phone is our panel Ernie Boch face egg -- Ever heard of a car running on manure Annan Annan who aren't -- and absolutely aren't as 100 yards coming out which one -- It's going to be interrogate it is I think you're basically yeah no no emissions they say can create cars in the world which really. Straight to bottom when you go around the back of the -- is no help -- or anything like that. Yeah I know that till I was involved in the production of the fuel for the development of the vehicle. Actually he's actually atrocity hundreds fuel station in the country as opposed to 200 copy GAAP. How many over this I -- is about 16100. Station where you can certainly are but -- 200000. Applications in the united wow. So we're gonna take a while he would it like when it comes to like alternate fuel things like -- -- to. Who what do you think has the most potential. I think tiger and -- Yeah I didn't because they're being beaten they just can't figure out of fuel cell battery thing majors. I mean they're probably be a break -- think Josh tab and they just it's like the mystery that can't get Carter. To really run a long time you know they'll be able to 300 -- that's about it. Do you think that did -- gasoline we'll ever be completely eliminated as a -- over here. I gotta be immediately maybe not -- maybe not our cured but it actually got to be god and in these. Gas powered cars will be around and you'll have a menu barrage of being museums which you know what happened. All right will this new vehicle Hyundai turned. -- I put the call and I believe -- it is I don't data about the other Andy Cohen you saw the other day -- was Ernie you might know about this. You know everything about the the Tennessee venom which it just became the world's fastest car. I'm proud of that orbit partners to bring got 270. Mile an hour -- detection. I would bought one a couple years so I don't know -- so -- Steven Tyler while one public Jeremy. -- about a million bucks. And and what's the controversy over whether it is actually world's fastest -- but got the you know -- Guinness world book of records as a guy. You know pretty. Odd thing should decide in all these different. You know -- mechanisms in machine agent -- basically took it on the desert didn't read point two miles and gross -- thing and make up to 270. Which is about to -- record. LB would never be late if he did you 270 miles an hour oh yes I would I globalize its title by the I mean it amazed me out on -- Bennett carpet. You know 200. I didn't -- may be right yeah. I'm not at 150 -- my fast yeah once it's huge for what you get up period it's. Gary you're gonna -- a straight line and nobody is around is here. I'll be your -- -- a colossal yeah. It's not a concern and less than what the fastest you've done Ernie I doubt about it about. A -- up for he talks 45. In in one of my card which you thought it was just Sunday afternoon there was nobody on the road in western mass toward the end of that. Rotten I got a ticket and I want to thank you get problems. Yes. Is there -- -- hey Ernie I got a question about bio diesel what do you think about that specifically cars that run on filtered used cooking oil. Yeah it's it's it's okay you know yeah I'm a big guy I would bet converter -- -- -- -- The armed. I doubt that you know that's America little. A little you know out of the circle but he is -- it totally dark light like. Can't that be it seems like it seems like a simple process although you do what you need like a diesel engine right. Yeah you can -- you need to murder you get. Asian or you -- -- -- hydrogen engine -- actually happened you'll have a home station you'll followed up and on just like you do you gap girl. Well -- expect. Let me ask you this -- the fattest nation in the country that that we have more fast food places. Than any other country in the world why can't we just make somewhere like McDonald's. Who uses a -- this oil and turn that -- of filling station -- go to your load up on the big Mac and -- you fill up your car -- night or it could happen. I'd be concerned as a general about the world's supply of cooking oil or -- it's used first grade and then at some recycled and cars will be and then they exhaust smells like French Fries and you'll be unreal the time and I. Is a neighbor of mine had an old Mercedes-Benz diesel that would run on this but she'd have to keep like a a couple of giant canisters of the the filtered oil -- her backseat all realistically she ran out it's just like Ernie said there's no stations around the if the buyer on an ultra pure adoration. The big thing -- have to you have to have a place where people can. And a lot beer guys you know it's now from the ball out and having me electric boxy car. I'll put putting felt like out around it -- it's coming -- time because we're in the transition business to transition from. Fossil fuel should be alternative fuels right now at the beginning but this is the transition. Yeah but would this new Hyundai you can do is still open any port of money that's true or -- Stop at a rest -- right did you stop at a rest area on the highway authority -- or California -- New York are aware of those part -- only California and New York the -- Or new York and contrasting her blog has one in the market for about 45 years have been they've been testing it -- speakers. They're bringing it cut to market and an 88 you know not only small areas we can have a holy month State's electric small pocket. It's cool what about the exhaust Ernie. What is that gonna smell like. Third period -- to the front from the group -- outside -- or does it silent but deadly fellows that is trying to. Water pill itself that's the only that's the only emission restrict some water. There -- people who. -- water my -- and. I'm not anymore -- it this afternoon. Where does say I can't -- numbers stand by you can't think I'd rather have the use cooking oil than we have a bunch of people handling millions of people handling poop. And that's all parts are -- germ. Look good when it happened to be out of deal -- Iowa thanks for Colin how you doing everything good. Every record there some we do how we do lingerie bowl party sooner why you always -- a lot I think at about that we showed. -- people agree whether break out nobody recruited my radio be really cold outside and and warm and strategy might buy you wanna do it march. -- during the march -- -- in about that I called thanks Ernie I think you're. There's EBJ check in and on the brand new Hyundai dues what's called the duties on Sunday the weather. That's -- -- man can expect when route reduce everybody's the Hyundai flush as well as text their descent. The component manager -- that the commode could open the here's the Texas says instead of getting your oil changed and I have to get -- Panama by now I mean it's confusing but apart really does it runs on it runs on human waste friends and there's a lot of that in the world.