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Daniel Paille of the Boston Bruins

Feb 24, 2014|

Daniel Paille line mate of Shawn Thornton joined the show to discuss the medal round and what happened over the break.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the -- on your schedule at WA AF dot. I'm sure that Danny -- eight who joins us right now from the Abbas the real guys are some has has some thoughts on the Olympic hockey over the weekend as the Bruins get ready to get back in action on. -- now Wednesday Danny. They don't want what's up man. Nothing much just I had been doing here in the breaker reported that. What did you do now authority told us that he went golfing in the Dominican for like six what what did you do on your break. My break I went to -- -- -- toward just. Enjoy global impact on the resort and hurt. Few days now back Saturday. Back in the bottle and relax here in the -- And then -- back and they are and what they're pretty. Cool that. You know clearly. It's great that -- he ends up winning goal but pretty cool -- Ericsson and to go both won medals as well. Are absolutely and especially -- not. -- -- guys that are playing you know in the -- around you don't you crowd follow up a little bit more so birdie winning the gold. I mean. Having him come -- with his work and it doesn't really -- it didn't nonetheless -- you know all that. An atmosphere and obviously that's polluted luxuries don't get in there with a silver and then they went to crack. You know. When you look at Patrice Bergeron you know I'm in the NBC Sidney Crosby and you wonder I mean do you think that because they. Not that we as fans all overlooked his greatness but do you think that he's kind of you know overlooked a little bit around the lead totally under it LL be always says that -- and he's underrated. We -- they doubt that like for five years ago he was great but I believe that you're getting that recognition it deserves some. Problem you know obviously when you see him on the team cannot. It can be generated no matter what especially having not. So a superstar they have there. But -- I think around the league start and get their recognition and I'll -- with a guy like him and his personality he's just happy to play and he's not sure about it. Swap outs RE -- he put himself on the map very -- what happened over in Russia. Single heavily moved him up to the Mike Babcock could not find it. Okay you've got you've got 25 of the best players in the world. And he could not find 144. Guys that can work with us in the Karachi to make certain -- successful and who did it. I sediment from the Boston Bruins. I decides you know what sure no problem I'll play a wink and ending makes it makes the line the most productive line in the gold medal game itself. Kudos kudos to birdie and the silent way he goes about being a superstar. Absolutely here. He would -- to play so it is exactly that they don't try it didn't pass in the -- it's just a bit obvious so. -- I know him and I'm sure there they have a good relationship grew up playing -- you know there and you know pursuit of world here but yet that we were saying there. They don't do any team was so successful because they don't -- you know they they check to revisit the door and Danny you know you can talk about that because. You know your -- Europe a first line second line player. And you check your ego at the door to be to make to you know to make the Boston Bruins Stanley Cup champion and and make the you know the fourth line. But that probably the best fourth line in in the NHL and our second line on any. On two thirds of the teams in the NHL talk a little bit about about doing what's best for the team and and how tough is it tough or was it say no no big deal. I'll thank so very popular this should have but -- I'll be -- I know I think. I think they you look at the big picture and they'll put the team atmosphere -- even not. Ultimate goal and and I think that's a big part of succeeding enough on the team and you know when you look at teams can say it was amazing how quick they stated that in a short period time. And how everyone body into sort of -- the system but it is really didn't see that it was definitely a difference between Russia and US. To go to Canada and what do you not -- of the game and turn myself or me. You know I think for the first part of my career there was literally certain that bullet that was sure to. To be a part of an achievement and when I came here it was. Are pretty clear what what they -- in the end you know for me yeah I think it was us. This -- you know what kind of wanted to go on and drug debt please don't hurt and he turned to that they've done that's our especially being here. Any prize -- guest on the Hill Man Morning Show so you would say may be watching that US team play and and thinking about it now. That there were too many superstars and that they didn't -- in play like a team. If you look at the start of the rub the -- they definitely played a solid game. But when he came down to the it is the quarterfinal match -- sorry India and the rest. You know -- just. They're downloaded more than that the US senate and do my days they had to -- more. In them and then you -- insult you know when you look at that. You know luckily yeah is this the Americans -- order actually but. The spectator watching on the outside source who has some subtle as he cannot. Played a limited. And on Kessel has to be can't answer that that it was him. I only women and created a certain point. Are -- able yet to decide that's hard to believe I was I was really happy for fellow council I mean you know people. -- this was you know on a stage where you're playing -- -- some of them know the world's -- that he really shined and and you know he's led Toronto is going for him you know the last three or. Three years I know for sure and he gets it he has zero respect -- of incredibly light -- that is -- it doesn't -- Yeah why he was a shy guy Ali. Yes he was variation on good it's good. So listen not back down and on Wednesday and then for you guys have pretty tough next next thirty days here. Dangle him in the last. Several years especially the last year and not going to this year we've. A lot of games in March you know 171819. Games and on that particular hole not on the body but I -- believe that. A lot copiers and want to have. Rejected. I'll play like Britain like playing. I really they. I don't like who -- also committed at least assault. Into the game so a lot easier. Somebody else did and he got an event coming up the wanna talk a little bit about. -- immigrant went -- concern not the Angelos. Senators in not in boxes in the event is basically. Could be hosted in Woburn added here at a local Asian. I believe the actresses. I am Ahmed Hussein is gone but initial road. -- on -- provincial to national loaded warmer 301 mutual and yeah. Cooler here Saturday called brilliant. You could I forget that I can't blow it is terrible -- like even if you're here after your career and thank you like that when he years to get that stuff like that you know you brought up. It can read from that paid on on Thursday night and now. I'll be there and I believe the group vocal -- is. I also want to -- it come down and and Taylor. I don't -- awesome I obedience. But nothing beats the number nine does that at least they got the number of talk and our animals items famously talked what's your favorite -- any. Yeah well yeah. Myself -- an iron on the big chicken and blah blah. This is like -- there for the this is what they did that that they dubbed the obnoxious fat shaming their authority date does. You guys have grilled chicken and have a stake in sees what you Danica kind of laughed -- didn't know. Nobody probably got a lot circuit here strictly are these and that's just repeated it he -- it will go. Eyes thinking Jesus are pretty dead. And I didn't listen didn't get a job deserves top work your way to on the menu -- dare -- a lot of us are solvent LB likes the meatball. And I'm amateur sir Fred yeah I -- against aircraft I and it does your yard your regular should chickens are so I actually. Actually by a large chicken stir -- I'm gonna get to number in our pockets are empty the number 9 o'clock -- continuing into weird. They got to keep your -- up Denny when your retirement. Well yeah you get all these little punks in the bars -- object a hundred notified that are shredded. I got to keep the wind up to seventy to 85 of the big wake -- daycare business. And promote. -- went when LB when you first arrived here and LB would show up in the locker rom to grab like forty autographs did you know how long but was it before you knew that he actually played. Our top -- out there and looked out of solemn. I lap and and I asked. They were asked them who would definitely operated -- -- I -- because -- like that it didn't hear talks. And but it was amazing I didn't realize that would I -- his trademark blue briefly. Yeah they're not united it's it's a ticket takes exactly I retired in 95 Danny I senate never go to a -- an idea of where suit again have to do exactly. Two and a half years to put on and off. 98. Pound us. -- -- Certainly I was I was more reforms are things armory in our -- attorney -- -- did they go back to the garden -- like Obama Bork and Jeremy be like. That's how I look at -- what do you say what a couple of days these. -- clueless and so Thursday night this Thursday night DeAngelo is in -- in new movement in the initial rumor road and a strong and it's -- -- and that's from six until late right. Right yeah I'd -- policy and good luck kid growing exciting second half of the season here and and keep it gone because you guys you guys are looking good heads into the second half. They are rumored or -- -- any price but -- decade. There's to any IAEA of the Boston Bruins.