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Inside the Simple Male Mind with LB

Feb 24, 2014|

We once again go inside the simple male mind with relationship guru Lydon Byers.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the and on your schedule at WAS. Dot. Now if -- seventeen let's go inside the simple -- mind. With the help -- Lyndon byers some and who knows that well. This is educational segment. Are up for you ladies elicited the show. There is a question the have about why a man in your lives does what he does. That he could actually right now to 9710797107. And LB we'll explain what goes on. Inside the simple rudimentary brain of a male are you ready -- of course there are right. My boyfriend lies to me about stupid little things like where he is pleased -- how much he -- why why doesn't he tell the truth. I wouldn't be mad if he just told me I. No not did -- had been the greatest phrase of all time for -- just tell me just tell me what if you're gonna stay out just makes them. -- tell me before he and we wouldn't be going through -- seriously. Though those are all you have to do is call me if you're gonna be not gonna be home at 1130 and you shoot quick little so why didn't. Hi what is the secret life nag nag nag -- yeah we could have more than he usually didn't lie white -- -- you have -- Jimmy again. What did you such a pervert. So he's you know what why wire or your friends single -- you know not for nothing didn't give him a myriad buddies. Mean if you like Christian hang out with nutritious as -- even -- fell to. -- -- That I've been dating a guy for two months that I really liked the only problem is his breath is awful -- is now how to light tell them how all the time. It's it's there it's a our relationship breaker how does that help did you have to be honest you say listen is starting in the stomach filled to make altos is going or we -- you know -- that. There there's not there's nothing worse out there weren't very good shots -- the -- I've certainly it is this as a result hot dog breath related -- I don't -- any insight. It's it's actually get to be able to really truly suffered actual health -- -- it's warm out hygiene and it's a you know they know what -- it's a terrible thing for the right doctor about. They you know even if somebody likes -- like LB mentioned that someone who does not. Properly clean their -- but doesn't have a real medical condition it's like -- it just a serious loss plays -- -- -- deal breaker that. But. If my boyfriend's ex girlfriend Charlene won't leave him alone in -- -- won't leave them alone on FaceBook throw down he says he wants to be friends -- there I don't I think she's trying to get with New Hampshire is to get with him. She wonders why do you guys stay in touch with their axes. Because if it doesn't work so -- view group they have found out fallback it's why they're Smart guys have a black book. That's why guys have a Rolodex of five numbers in their head in that aren't in the black book that I that be remembered. At the end of time. Because you can fall back on that number -- pay east's number back as soon -- -- time of desperation last year -- -- -- about -- answered you wanted to grab a cocktail over. A big picture big -- here remember to change his clock. I can remember she handed the phone numbers of his last five greatest matches yeah a I started again -- is she's Irish you're confronted check have to throw down. Do you think women should pay for half of their engagement ring my -- -- -- soon to -- I think I think that's beautiful. I think that's beautiful thing twice -- walking out on him after he stays -- late with his -- one time. We are getting married in a roll my fiance Robb is planning his bachelor party and he refuses to invite my dad. Sick is that -- that -- in the dad come when the dad comes on the Daschle. I'm mom he had -- even if you're not doing it like can't get the coolest mom in the world. Even if you're not doing anything or gay it's still like it. Yeah yeah I've read exactly. You know what I if I never understood. What should happen on this one is. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's like why is divorce is a weapon. Couldn't my husband that won't stop nagging me about wearing something sexy to bed at night he won or maybe he wants me in matching panties and bra. I like sweats since I freeze overnight why does he care. But -- because some sort of one they have some sexual aren't checked. But merely to be of the underwear on I can think of his Victoria's Secret -- -- -- -- -- as close while on company temple. You know. I mean you do it you close your eyes and think Brad Pitt when your company am I correct. I mean after another and this has come and -- he said he beat. Don't lose it yeah and -- sex is the only thing that keeps marriages together whom young guy that don't don't get if you give up on sex to marriages over the relationships over. Why are men this is a 508 tax wire -- so quick to send penis pictures -- by themselves -- not spot the content that's that's held by themselves what I what you want and flowers and Aaron everybody wanted to -- -- -- shot ranked at. Hey it already -- Robert regarding Roger on Tuesday -- a flu. Vaccine penis. -- -- in my opinion is experience in this Reese's pieces so apparent effort before a EC strategic group that makes a living here. You guys are -- and look you guys were talking about girls being stupid and the other day out. I'm really Smart and every guy a date seems to be intimidated by it -- after she should I just faked being brain less like that Barbie -- you guys are discussing last now don't be don't be someone they are not an analyst -- guys hot you wanna. The mail and I think I mean. Don't sell out I mean I just stick to secure guarantee you. The accidental Smart revealed where you bus that was something he's like why you like hook it also -- just get excerpts are. Time since the best way to get rid of a guy I have dumped him three times and he won't take no for an answer a -- get your brother to be Yuma. What ya got average -- she's got every guy coworker friend. And then to some invite amounts -- just happen abundant elements in place mound after couple attacked -- and have -- -- -- -- LB I don't want you to take this the wrong way. But I know that your a larger guy like my boyfriend. We are having trouble finding comfortable sex positions because his stomach gets in the way. I mean this source any suggestions for what would work. Fast loud yeah you know it's updated if you lose. You lose existed straightaway here -- you lose and I can answer today 50 every what does it every fifteen -- I mean it's got to get the guy gym membership give them a personal trainer new element to the gym. I mean I mean to be honest fact pattern not reverse cowgirls -- position. I mean on the I you know it he's a south alive the -- -- -- I've got guys don't care records and have the biggest -- and enjoy what not to jump around what a crazy one. And then choice field you're absolutely chorus did though lazier and it's there. I cut my husband watching porn on Saturday I left the house to take our signed a basketball but I forgot my purse. When I -- what I well did I say well I'm glad I blocked backhand. He had his pants off and he was on the iPad. He has told me since we've been married that he didn't like porn and I consider this an awful. Like I'm darling relying for like -- however of course a clever well if you don't my current that was my first marriage I told you that storage each caught me in the shower and yeah. Harry while what are you and that's pretty fairly obvious I Hannity guess that's Carolina the only thing he said in about might be a little uptight. He's hitting -- just for the record he doesn't go to a real masseuse mom. So other Brian I don't know. Understand I don't you know -- you down just for that lead you to listen in porn means nothing it's just. You know it's just like it's like. An extra hand to -- -- tomorrow and my husband and I have not had sex in six years while he is still man escaping. What's up what's that he's having search for someone else is that the couple. Well -- there's not a guy on the planet they would go without sex for six years maybe say. The room and while I can hear it maybe maybe maybe he has done. My how I mean I don't capitalist enough for now then why are you still with some and it's not having -- reviewing silverlight six years -- exactly. Have shown the door shown the door you get out. 774 attacks my husband likes to ice his penis before we have sex would you know any would you know why. Because it makes them last longer is really is yet. That proved them so last RBIs. Owned and and those -- running I I hope nobody is using the ice after. Because I hope -- disposing of it properly. If this ice bag taste a little bit more of and we area while spank your RI. Well that it is inside these double -- mines everyday before we go live without lady you have an insertion of the young and sixty. Albeit WA AF dot com my parents I will relieve your tension and killers.