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Feb 24, 2014|

The best messages Hill-Mail messages over the weekend.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on. And on your schedule at WAA asked them. Now each -- returned to talk. As the Hill Man Morning Show presents -- man. They're good note to let but it and you are truly committed and we're. Bewildered or -- what -- -- -- -- -- On WA eight. Overall messages today brought deal by -- wing man wanted dot com look yourself in the mirror. And get a new career at the national aviation academy visit wing men wanted dot com or. Call 802923228. A wing man -- wanted to dot com. And here are the very best -- mail messages. The previous couple a days. Funny eight at 11 PM. Well. But that we're -- and the message that. And you're talented and. I -- 3:47. PM. Can't you wanna go pro ride on my what part of our -- the Florida now. And well. And that probably was a little confused Friday thought Florida was -- updated listeners and I I know Florida's attached to the country and just you know we were you do we explain retirement sink holes and then basically. You know that I had the underside of Florida is eroding and it's your sink into the ocean and and so you know you know and I don't arsenal Barcelona. Not an island got you and we got -- tribal spiral 26 PM. Can move. And the message. Aaron -- Bahrain. But we went on we went. You see the pictures of the major highways in Canada completely empty during the games if you me everybody it's a course that there. Course like addiction Adobe had in his face a page out on the -- that page is in church giant big screen TV insurgent attacks got a lot to new I'm working parents. Well kind of disappointing for the US. I mean nice to see Patrice. Bergeron. It's Bergeron it's Patrice get get a gold medal but street drugs -- -- -- -- dollar to about one bronze. Slowed -- jewelry a great job coach Canadian and he ends up with -- gold medal self but very disappointing for the Americans I mean I. You know -- disappointing effort. Somebody can't thirteen -- After rumors that at a rhythm last week a complete and thorough investigation has determined that the city of Boston Massacre the doesn't fact have a professional basketball team investigated that sympathetic but no word yet on the can name or where they play. And that -- of -- -- that the rebuilding year. At their rebuilding year and they kept broad though so Leo -- for the Rondo for the near future and you can build on that -- -- you know AJ it it takes time getting around you got to believe in Danny and she takes it takes awhile. Stinks 120 yeah and I think -- -- -- -- -- who -- in the back out. And wonderful. -- The photo full. -- -- within the -- couldn't get a little can. And -- culprit a couple of. And that message -- -- twelve million. Good. And all code lottery and -- we get I don't really read it doesn't because -- -- Our people we hear it I didn't air I think he's speaking in great with Brady could be fixed thirty year pact. And then Matt hit it in BC news and NBC -- a good program yes yes. Well everybody's directing me. Coaches do not yet. Goldman cannot brings clothes will not end up with a gold medal. Which is cheesy and I don't -- -- -- they -- they get out of there I mean now but then again if he gave it to every coach and he got like all those. Older. Peers kind of creepy sick and you -- guys get caught a bit older than the in all put god I guess yes yes I mean I think the FB Serbia bring your rings and molecular ring and. Twelve million. -- it like. That. And -- -- and -- is his movement driven the issue of them are they checked out. I mean I you can almost call it you know the US Canada. Semifinal game was basically the gold medal -- in their minds. And then you know. They checked out after that they want to win a medal -- I think I think you know you just you lose the edge I guess -- You -- yeah now. You wish they didn't so I mean they had so much offense. The leading up to that game yeah. And -- I had breakfast -- take anywhere in the old. Greg no I didn't have a good idea to mess around with and -- -- of I mean Jimmy Hendricks took care of -- -- liquid -- it's career. And that that. We get a primitive and a lot of a fifth. I don't know appease some people like created National Anthem some people like it to be basic and and exactly what it -- nothing never deviate from that Bryant. So if take a look people are complaining about Madison rising Izzo yells and they America's most patriotic band according to them about that they call themselves lessen America's most Patriot Act under. So yes so you can not take a look at that on our FaceBook page the vision anthem that they did at Daytona on Saturday that people are pissed off about. -- 39. And. So they're ahead of these -- has offered up her resignation because she can't run the departments and Deval Patrick has decided he's not point to a that this is default if you're not suppose that you. Redundant and that it is really odd that he -- accepted them now though the woman said she would resign if that was the right thing to deal. -- said -- Well wait Intel. 78910. Months from now Natalie Cole investigation. Coming take big picture of the -- we stuck an aid whether. Nobody if she's parent offer up her resignation they get them. Take it to 41 old. Oh it got better -- that. Domino or go work out. But believable like Terry wonder about that we want to kill -- what. I'd do it I didn't. Want. Her expected never -- count out it would be the count constant. That was story from. Upstate New York not like the rest of -- where. Last week a guy I was not having sex with a cow. Little bovine sex and his body was there filming it. Cows farmer said the cows. He noticed the cows acting strangely -- weren't that's the they would -- Iraq literally make you feel it out of office but what -- our -- I now I don't wanna get to me that but. I mean Africa and props to those I mean if you're in you're gonna do it that's one thing but if your video. Your party your -- the video to go viral. That's ball well I mean is that why they videotape energy videotaped -- -- -- -- later personal. You know. Oh yeah it's gonna take care myself I watch myself doing that how I -- six. What do you treat -- them. At -- It's the media had built on the road I think you create. Yeah I don't -- automobiles -- simply Bartlett if he had -- that's where I'm at the end while the one month pretty bad and I about it. You know I have to get deep -- tomorrow on -- you can get a lot of that is complete ball. And live off on that point one I. And well basically -- -- basically the NFL is it looks like it is going to a penalized teams fifteen yards. For the use of the and word on the field. I'd say it's going to be -- I'd. I needed you know how they're gonna do that I -- I mean how many times is that word used would you imagine John and I FL game so many. I mean -- As with many times I've probably used to in a and a positive way -- friendly he urged Kennedy you're again. I I understand I other work I don't use the word but. Apparently the word can be used positive it's if it's one. African American to another picture here -- other workplace you'd do that what -- where you could do what museum board. I mean why why why does America elect a -- studio in the sinful and a racist -- I'm sitting -- I think. And you know I know. -- eight I mean I mean there's all kinds of words that are probably used on the field which are not appropriate word right 170 -- word. Do you use the F bomb ya that's batter -- -- it and they -- isn't it I mean you should probably outlaw. All know what I think anybody care what anybody you want generous streak and use the drop an F bomb right you drop in and bomb you're appeared. You gonna be relaxed. You're yeah you are racists terrorists -- what about a sexist words are they gonna what if a guy says something about somebody's mother is that right. I I always -- embodies the bad thing. What if -- if they're penalizing -- team fifteen yards decided to go to a word on what they're trying to do I think it's a nation of puts these reports to be honest -- I think that it's it's a word. It's an offensive word it's a wildly offensive board. But there's a lot of wildly offensive words that are probably used during an NFL game well but why don't I don't gonna penalty kill what. Why isn't it why isn't very good thing to change the culture so you started in the NFL then it's gonna go down and high school you can use Jordan high school. Then you'll be able to use the word middle school. You think that that's gonna do with the fact that they're penalizing -- dead team fifteen yards it's gonna it and the use of the. Heard them what's the problem with -- -- and and then the -- incidents. In the -- Miami why's everybody open arms. Hello Paul. And morning you're paired with the ball. Your culprit from Britain LB -- -- about -- -- than -- massacre look get this done well what about so you don't want to know what about that jango one change you don't want him in any movies either right. Well okay well wild okay well what what's your answer you want -- overnight what we're doing what we are young African country. We and what you well first of all we're teaching them in the NFL to go out not try to kill the other guys. OK okay. That's what he's. Like reiterate that particular due to the museum -- the tip that -- -- out. It looked like at Calder disregarding recovery. During non B elaborate. Now they're in the building leaders respect I anywhere like the bigger they're good boat trip as I repeat that we are. The best dressed them any best best dressed Olympic commentator is you actually did and I think it. Up. To about its figure skating on it in -- -- he has over top it was meant to be over the top. I guess that's that's this -- and a he was they showed they showed as a vegetable thing on his closet nine all the way -- -- -- every everything that he wore during the Olympics Smith over the seventeen days and you and it he was taunting and Vladimir Putin's -- to -- -- -- -- Sixteen Indiana. What are we didn't anticipate. I think. -- -- -- every morning. -- -- -- -- -- I can't Erica -- ms. Lemmon did feel locked. LB drinks that Earl green now every. Now it is 800 doing Molina -- a lemon zinger and they break room and you're gonna trial and with that but that's been threatened printing and -- Or -- -- debate directly up. -- -- And text 508 Texas says. Just be quiet Greg you sound like a huge racist yes that's that I am I'm a huge -- -- the group. On the island yeah I'm a -- a big gigantic racists. Because I'm asking why you would select one word. And one word only. And she used to penalize a team in a sport because a player used that word yes that is my question and that makes me a racist yes I guess. How dare anybody have a discussion. That might challenge anybody that when it comes to race in this country races and exactly he's misogynist. And a food company pulled it generally upfront way LB I got to get out of here. I got ahead to some kind of a meeting. -- grow to. I drank it while Dorado whatever route or are you -- pent -- people it. We've got nobody -- throw. I don't -- how I was Hanover about a gals Jack Kennedy he would have been very very very upset I'm sure.