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Is it Fact or Is it Schmact?

Feb 24, 2014|

This edition of Facts Schmacts we learn how Thomas Edison purposed to his girlfriend at the time, a spider bite that gives you a boner, did Aba turn down a big deal, and do lefty women have a favorite sexual postion.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Knowledge and and on your schedule at WAA asked. But Hill Man Morning Show invite you -- your wits again still leaks I don't believe. Such -- there's nothing unsanitary home. You drink yeah there's got to be a lot of demands he. Not only name you blather about aids die and full of facts she maxed. I get it's facts match this morning if you win. You get tickets to go see cage the elephant at the orpheum theater. Coming up on May fourth and our first contestant this morning is. -- hello Ed. -- -- -- I had a message somewhat Edward -- argument that you go to our basic install it and it's good -- ERT and a bad at all that idea that this. It -- they can use that you know it is. And when it comes to culture like the rap culture it is you know if you wanna sing along with a -- you can you know but I -- Not market it it's disrespectful. People before this is out there -- I. I don't know I just thought -- I would W that I can't -- Of course you wouldn't where you from that. Outdoor -- correct. Right -- on this date in 1886. Thomas Edison. Proposed. To nineteen year old -- Miller. By tapping into Morse code will you marry me into her hands. -- that's a thought that it it is about. It's gonna do that it didn't do that grants what you say that fact or that is sure Mac adds a little bastard -- Early act right hip hop in the and show -- that was the first case -- a second -- Yeah that's why do you think -- -- -- but did they. Thomas and what do you think rudimentary game became a totally -- point -- -- he'd beat beat beat -- now. You know back in the day it was all about the romance you know they always were the sensitize the bullet. Bullock kept some legal fact you're gonna go back. You're both right now. The thing though there. I think we have room for one more contested so complex 617. 9311. AAF. And Omar will line you up this morning call right now room for one more contestant this is Billy though hello Billie. Well -- Billy. Noted there -- where do you come from -- from where all them New Hampshire -- -- okay. Billy if you are bitten by the Brazilian. Wandering spider. Rule you get there are hopeful. You get an erection that lasts for four hours. Is that things are does that map are no problem. Go back marijuana if -- with facts that are no big. I mean now for not -- if there was if there was fact but they'd be selling the product in the story can north. Called cult occupiers I've got despite a blatant the would medicine I'm gonna go I'm gonna go she match. It's back yeah Billy. -- SS so on the venom that is that rubble little spider venom on your it is back to the Brazilian. Point me toward the Brazilian wandering spider. As you good. This is my -- Mike. I but they are excellent -- you might. They're saying this but by the amount you know our Iowa. The -- -- put them out statute. That it would -- -- what it was that I got a seven foot -- united sits at the end of my driveway not. I as you come around a crazy corner and he did it down at night it's correct -- I always -- -- -- in and out there. Where did you get what you get a decent action on the that is information that and -- like it was stolen excuse me up at the path of -- the streets. Stall and it was it was it you had to be honest. When I lived at the -- and table beside Richard compound ya I came on 1 Sunday morning and someone had left alone amount T. All -- hear the old medicated I. OK reasonable Salazar and I got a CD but it's great because that night when you come around the corner in the lights at the mounting callously yeah Jesus tells that everybody. All right Mike in 2000. -- -- Turned it turned it down. Three billion dollars to reunite and tour is that stacked abortion act. -- -- We -- turned out three period are doing now you know now for another in the money it seems a little incredulous but I mean we just his story -- -- Selling more records than anybody in any -- via. I know I'm gonna take a shot with that information in the back where -- -- -- gonna say fact it actually issue Mac but it was a lot of money that was one billion dollars. All in -- if you mean believe again answers to trickle as as ridiculous as that it is day while down a billion dollars who wouldn't think a billion bucks. The tour hello Jamie. Don't know what's up Jamie. My. Game according to a Harvard University. Sex study. Left handed women. Overwhelmingly. Prefer. Reverse cowboy. When it comes to choosing their favorite sexual position. Is that fact or is that sure Mac. Well I'm. And you know and Allen on the thing. You're gonna coach -- and LD woman is nothing better than the -- it's a lefty -- comeback yep I forget conference they're. If I think it's called I -- so well she. In the passenger's seat -- and -- -- -- -- -- -- it's like Jerry you know just she's a -- person -- got their hands but I think -- not a common ago I was in fact you're gonna get that out. That is -- on insider put it. That is she backs are the and you can it bite you very much for participating today there in fact she Mac.