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What Do Women Prefer?

Feb 21, 2014|

A recent study done dug deep into what women prefer when in comes to whether a man should be cut or uncut.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. -- -- And on your schedule at WAA asked you know let's get. News. -- -- I apparently there is new information. About and and and I pass this along merely as. I guess. A helpful hints from and checked women apparently more so than ever. Are. I am bothered by Ryan and circumcised. -- Yeah he's -- that the bubble gum Bogut blocked off the road again I -- and Larry. Adam -- -- did a survey and they wanted to know women preferred cuts or uncut and and overwhelmingly. 97 -- teaming up. 3% of women said. That they were okay with uncertainty and sentenced just just 3% when you now 54%. Said they like he got his second sentenced. 33% really have no preference I guess that's a little not a good news so that you're gonna mention that there -- the president global Gramercy. And 10% refused. To get to the west course convicted if they're trying to keep themselves from -- a the backpack -- -- on any parents shame on any parents who don't -- their children their sons circumcised. Album. In now some don't do it because -- don't wanna put the child through the -- Hawaii but what he did come and -- that surgery on and on TV yeah everything on a life long psychological drama Jack you're gonna have doing door every time they cheated -- got -- handsome looks down -- those -- Say that again the I. It lets you pull that and then how at retail and -- -- and their pants and as they're scam went to him attacked and it. He's a Britney through and it's just all too. Like I'm. A public back. And falcon. But -- it at the. -- It's probably you Barbie. -- -- -- Hello my way and out liar -- rule a woman. Has no problem either way. I love you are now worried about -- L affiliate WA have to drop -- what is. Really got him multicast carriage that the other night he. Does -- seem to be lucrative I mean the greatest thing of now it gets here -- -- -- it -- years that's Karen on its own portable carrying case of the woman. Believe him -- he got what he did it change for a dollar. No woman texting and there's no. No covered wagon it's just a -- topic. I hero and a rationed than there right where there. Breath -- but skillet not. Worrying yes I will marry grow into this the -- did -- up on the public is that it cuts for. The that's the -- a sense of humor on that guy. -- -- Did you get ready behind him acting ignorant and wrong the only bad public a little Laura that. We married me I think I think that the dirty so they get excited. When you marry me. This is yeah you know too much about what took the goings on -- Columbia and circumcised. -- owners and it goes away with a Boehner -- like the cops had the heroin. Yeah sure I've never been there. Even when I went to prison MLB bend over. Had no idea who did the here and -- he says Venus isn't so fun then. -- Us. Garth it was with us. Number one but I think is Omar put in a whole watermelon hang up on him now know what the deal is lose. The new phone system in now I think -- I'm Scott. -- jocks are jock. What -- -- stuff up Jack I got to hear reference without it and Webber walked. Yes yes I do thank you very much John. -- all right. You talk about this woman who confessed to a murder on live. Local television news it's pretty not happened in Tennessee. 61 year old woman. Was murdered at her apartment complex and the local news affiliate was doing interview. With the woman's daughter -- Nichols. After the it witnesses at the scene so that they saw Katie and her young daughter leave after her mom was screaming for help sell. This patients interviewing her and she case talking about the situation and talking about her mom and finally she just breaks down and she's like yes. I killed imam she read -- satanic -- I don't know she thought about the better off I think maybe she's tired of hiding now right I kind of out pretty crazy here is Katie. The satanic cult in this city has been casting satanic that was on -- for word three more days and I'm exhausted. I came home I found out that my -- -- was the ringleader and suspect ridiculed my daughter I didn't know she was an example of us so powerful I had no idea. I had no idea that my mother was at her -- when I left she still breathing. I -- two or three times and she shouldn't diet. She was still breathing and I don't know what happened to her afterwards I don't know where they took her or what exactly happened. She's just the anti -- she did not die she had a simply symbolic. Representations that Mike is my daughters and having a -- explosion. That was supposed to happen that's not right now. All of the satanic cult has been rounded up until now. That local news was -- that's it's. Years ago -- -- before she she was still really well after when that's your -- but the offensive wars he had no idea Susan GR. -- -- -- -- Here's somebody says that murder story is so fake I side on The Today Show you really think police would just letters stand there and talk to reporters. When I was I didn't you don't zinni and noise issues confessing and nutrients. But she was arrested right afterward I would go home. You'd think she hit the weapon in their husbands for skin which is obviously going to be the real problem later on in court but it. This amounts -- time about that well oh -- week we have to talk about the local pervert teacher association has -- video. And now -- Then. We Hill Man Morning Show presents PTA. Lieberman did we know like -- The second -- that's incredible -- -- teacher association is. Well blank is a summer's worth high school math teacher up in New Hampshire is arrested. According to authorities he. Hugged a fifteen year old female sophomore student. Kissed her on the -- And also kissed her on the hand all of this attention was. Unwanted mood he's turn himself into police after learning that there is a warrant out for his arrest subsequently was charged with that recounts. Of simple assault charges are all misdemeanors. Could each resulting up to a year in jail and -- -- Arraigned on March 6 he was released on his own personal recognizance. Right now we have. Seminal moment isn't sorry. And we have. Reaction from summer's worth police captain David -- more mister Waxman charged -- two to three counts of simple assault. 148 kissed the neck or fifteen year old a female student one for a hug and won for kiss to me and. Both the do that I guess can't do any just caring guy to catch and doing he was worried about her somebody struggling with calculus than. I'm here for -- that he -- news day for extra help. I mean I have a crash or near the. Think that that's that's there's nothing creepy here and unlike the male teacher that just kind of pushes it to the limit without really like. Doing something and shoulder rubs it went again the issue like where they come up behind Milliken you won't care that you know it's just like in knowing look rather -- answer that. Did you know the whether China like -- -- -- on the website dude on real big train pulled the -- Aren't seeing hugs you know anywhere anywhere where there their and their depth -- field but. They're pretending like pages kids can buy -- Well you won against an immediate -- consider my health classes at the -- expect at apple -- And 47 kids in the class. Hey you know everyone's so while we have the local inductees into the per share your associations. I what else the guy owns the convenience store in California where the big get a 425 million dollar powerball winning ticket was asked yes talked about yesterday's they begin a million dollars selling it to -- million bucks coming through. But. -- as a million point. Because he was on a plane back to New Delhi in India and it was extremely long play out -- and then when -- get off the flying. He was going to have to have like a five hour drive time. And then like that track to like the village that he was going to visit his failed to sell his son and it's like everybody around him is like. We have so I know when he gets there we've been in touch with family that the guy has -- he's hitting the millionaire. You can't write this stuff so he's on his way back in the -- went back to India and at first I saw the story goes like he -- now he's on they've -- because he was deported for being here illegally and for a rare event. Communal our squad we know the winner is best known and I'm sure that -- -- old -- Let's on call right now old illegal. Well that's nice that man now is running the convenience store all he's done a relative relative death at a relative summaries and charged volleys -- -- back home. If you like to be -- today here's the number to call 617931. And one -- 617. 9311223. Or you can tax. W tax line is 97107. You can follow along on our FaceBook page with the show not only today. Every day that is FaceBook dot com slash WA AF rocks FaceBook dot com slash WA AF brought up -- her FaceBook right now -- get a cut links to couple stories it recovered earlier this morning we've got the said the deceased turf patrol. The only public security director at the university in Chicago yeah. Who finished into his coworker shale and Patrick get a little self pleasure racial and. -- married to around by the way the issues that that woman was wearing that he did -- -- to work pumps. You know and -- a bullet now is good good -- it is the visual of nine multiple individual as you know -- now let that good stuff. Also out there we have. -- tried to shady -- bar out of the vending machine in India it would not dropped a got tired of it got tired forehead trying to file on unemployment claim judge overturned and -- you had no regard for your employer's best interest we're not know. This is Brian yes hello Brian. Yet. Have a great weekend -- out shoot anybody -- legacy it's the star Olivia and break party. -- looked outside the -- is what it was right now everybody let's go out there are going to be get out. The starry night. I'm sorry my -- -- -- there aren't that new players who are bright -- like spring break party and pretty good you say that. Question -- alien and in the village of our I didn't eat deli. Optic Internet -- -- induced that he had won a million dollars but yet I hit. WA AF -- that the -- What I mean now that technology is. As maids this sick knoller will make the signal will elephants I mean I realized that the often times you might have. We that's why we -- a whole other signal listen on 97. Point seven deliberately obtuse angles at 107 point three in 97 point seven or just. Text eight PP right now to 97107. In the -- are out. The view these via text they PP. 97107. You can download the -- very movement. 774 text from a woman who almost dated I almost dated a guy winds. And then saw in his -- and circumcised penis and I I just couldn't do it there I really believe I think I need to add some context to this in case and we just tin man -- Danica at Danielle -- mentioned earlier that. -- only 3% of women. Would like that particular person there are groups of procedure procedure eyes. A junk yeah 33% are in different yet which -- guesses who's somewhat good could go either way 54% said they wanted to definitely cut 10% refused to answer the question. -- low you know you've got parents we we were talking about that no woman a Texan and says she. Could not bring herself in the hospital to do that too that's why don't fill in little bay that's why did doctors do. The moment you advance knowledge of achieving couldn't bring herself. Actually tell the doctors ago I'd do it. Your reference until Elaine is charged with hiring the more able to do her friends have babies are -- -- This is -- and yes hello shot. They a lot of the Donald stated you're seeing across the board like in relationships like -- guy as a multiple privately demand -- -- which is kind of like you know. What that it is to get that -- -- it -- a couple weeks ago you guys -- food and our remote that the future that we don't think it's a scumbag in the but it has already gotten so -- across the board but it but it's different. Yeah he's got to lose weight and I agree 100% because there's just no room for but it still you know up. The thing is I mean I guess is the difference because. Of people and it's weird but also got a guy like at some point of fifteen or sixteen year old kid. Can kind of defend themselves right -- and boy oh boy kidnapped a boy can defend himself for well. Well what we brought -- -- and yet and it's just it's a different. Mental. Circumstance you're you're you're taking. You know late I don't did did you know it'd -- I think maybe because of he you know and and -- when I'm trying to think of the word for that I don't wanna be greeted. When women when the guy takes the girls. You know what for the first time virginity. Yeah but at Villanova but you'll be glad you're going -- and -- but -- but when it happens there is something that happens physically play the -- to the AF diamond diamond was the word I was -- authority. Huntington I mean bring us. I'm -- is a. I've ever I don't mind why did it take Clinton no it's now. You know hundred Bridget. A question -- teenage child well that's up to the 36 year old teacher and she felt like it. I know it's just. I don't know -- I don't know how that. The DO I ten and I just don't think it I just think because of the envy it it's just it's just different I mentally yes it's different -- now I understand. I non call this number to be elected to meet on this morning 6179311. Area Anaheim in the six months Kevin I think pretty -- -- Why do you do today I mean LB is the wildlife expert. I'm nice to be a female and out of Iraq and not so why are now with the proper medical terms I mean I do you know you desire goes -- Classic surging I have got a plane I'm an era. That I've never been -- let me -- to hang up that's. And I pennants in nineteen flew in on LB is Florida Hyman our is that they. -- a peninsula when -- went color. I think it's all right it's I'm gonna rain on and off today temperatures going to be up close the fifty. I'm gonna live in the are ever going to be -- -- whom the most is this is not a beauty if you if you tuned in expecting sex evidently you're not thinking you're feeling miserable and -- and -- it. Bob tomorrow is pretty good till all the way up to move fifty and it's warming up in the thirties here in beautiful safe Brighton Massachusetts.