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Feb 21, 2014|

Running for Governor Charlie Baker stopped by the studio to talk about some issues and also other fun topics, while also making a commitment to the show.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. -- -- Hand on your schedule at WAM. Stuff. Know what's refreshing is the result of a politician. A guy who is running for governor. Who can come in here after Daniel's commercial. And say that he saw the fray in Las Vegas so for anybody even -- -- -- and Charlie Baker is here with us this morning and it's nice to see -- -- books or so years in the year. The Freddie aside the concert but I am I'm I don't wanna paint use this to be used by. Martha Coakley against the US fit if you're afraid fan you're not I -- fair manner. I am absolutely if -- picture of a friend. Outside of the am. They've learned a lot to their much better live than they were back then I mean there are just trying to figure out. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Must see US must see activity. Now we suspend campaigning today for the hockey game. This actually turn the DVR on before -- well the house this morning and I am I but I am. Not foolish enough to believe that I can actually go all day without taking an occasional speaker haven't somebody tell me what happened out of the game yesterday. The women's game. I was I was driving back from a from event and by the way it was on the radio. Yeah tourists following area ESPN and there's you know four minutes left to enough for him at this is so great isn't this thing you'd refreshing. Three minutes left to go was did you have no idea what's going on and then 54 seconds that was the magic mark two to -- and now I was crews are really bad for the definitely we can it was source of. -- worst officiating ever ever witnessed him a gold medal game to think that the the the the officials -- basically. Give Canadians a gold medalist there when I was discussed the. Member of the little thing about to have the replay an entire about the play where the the the two the two two skaters sort of bounce gave them both fell down -- -- turns into the -- checkpoint at the after the -- -- -- how old were you in the US beat Russia. -- Thanks unity I would is 22 maybe how great was that when he forward -- great Dallas you know I saw I -- you'll have this you know our watch that game. But I watched him upstairs bar at the Iraq and Ken Morris. LA little joke -- You act like that is why I think it's probably thirteen -- And by the way greatest Marmol on but Iraq omelet guy is just so cool we're up there we -- music and we went there to see a concert and and we started watching the game. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But do you are are you somebody who thinks that Boston should go after the Olympics. I think it's worth the effort of figuring out just what what would what would you want Boston look like what do you think busting could be ten years from now I think ten or twenty years from now I think the the process of thinking through how that would work is worth doing. Period come. Whether or not we can actually put together a proposal that would pass Muster who knows but I other big believe there's nothing wrong with planning and I think it's a big part of of being a successful manager. So if we got -- USA we got the games in 2030. With the Callahan be done by then you think. Over north of the city in response Garrett -- I sure hope so. And her record is his shirt -- my commute up they have. I mean I I I guess I just get -- mean people cannot. Find their way that that a drive to work in a reasonable about a time now I don't know how you cram the Olympics into the city Abbas -- look at being a nightmare. Well I have to believe that it's gonna end up being a Greater Boston type event I don't see how could possibly be intellectual Gillette Stadium in as Soledad good enough then I also wondered. The -- I don't know what I'm talking about here -- which is always bad for candidates for office but at the you know I've wondered if -- governor about -- they could figure men out there and was to want to becoming the place for the -- the rowing and guys and it just seems to me you're gonna have to use. Some of the assets that exist. What else will ultimately women were like enemy are down -- that that's also went out and. Yeah it's -- throw in Sochi I mean we're cool thing is. Then there's venues as -- venues we have a lot of and is very you know I mean there's a garden. Gave Manchester, New Hampshire is only forty minutes away that they've got I had a technically 101000 -- stadium -- has a you know what's the senate -- and I should set the size it is nonexistent when every -- they Gemini it's it's close to fifteen it's pretty cool. Yeah -- Providence -- paid 101000 seat arena. Don't know Serbia and I think you can get it done -- my issue would be where's everybody stand. You know that's your house -- -- -- -- played pretty pathetic Erica you heard you -- I married a rich you know it's -- -- -- we can deal when Charlie's here we we we do we can -- rapid fire questioning here -- tax so the tax line is 97107. 97107. I get a few that I I want mass still. An -- is hard to think about but what are we in February so we -- six months sooner -- more than that more than that exploit exploit -- Yes no word yet but November -- club Edward and close. I'm all right taxed Charlie will you bring or you still bring the sales tax down to 5%. I think our goal is a state should always be do we can reduce taxes but this is still a democracy got to make your case to the legislature -- Charlie what is your favorite candy bar ever -- this is because yesterday we talked about time magazine said that. Kit Kat was the greatest candy bar -- time I did not agree and believe. The room. Re says. Reese's peanut butter cup is the best what what what's your favorite Kenny borrow time. You know our mama I'm kind of a -- here and yachts they -- -- -- -- mayor Graham everything everything you need -- -- the I'm country can live arm Burton mark and I -- -- -- More let's see. Please comment on the gun buyback program in the city of Boston. I think the city of Boston is going through a terrible period right now I'm. And I basically agree with what I heard the commissioners say -- the mayor and others say which is that. The gun buyback program by itself is is probably not enough to truly move the needle and all but the fact that a gun buyback program typically involves -- local sort of social service agencies law enforcement folks from. Across the city community service organizations. Activists and communities as part of that effort is is a good way to get -- much people to start thinking about things they can do to deal with those. We remember the most successful period. In recent history in Boston in terms of reducing violence was in the mid ninety's went two years in a row single murder. And that was all driven most people believe by the fact he had. Local organizations. Church's. Law enforcement. DA's office state police she had a huge coalition of folks who work and all the time together to both prevent some of the gang violence that drives a lot of us. And and that takes some of the some of the noise down every time things started to to escalate and I think. That to me is the big opportunity with because I'm not so much. They'll get some guns up the street but the bigger opportunity is the ability to put together -- coalition that can actually do the Intel work that's required to prevent a lot of the stuff. Do you want to pot to legalize. I'm actually against legalizing pot. You have smoked I believe I have yes millions anyone -- many many many years ago and. Others has many well. I got an idea and I am ready I. They'll -- I don't remember anything in many many many years and I. To. Again I've talked to a lot of folks in law enforcement about this a lot of folks some and healthcare community and also same thing which is that. They don't think it's a good idea they think it's com. It's a more dangerous drug when people realize and legalizing it's just about idea and I. I take you know I take my advice from people in many cases and know more about these subjects are doing on this one having heard from a lot of folks whose opinions I respect I don't support it. 781 text will you Wear the vest while in the mean -- bunker. I thought a the tall one about the that's I don't -- that is one of the more interesting questions have been out since I get a good to those are wondering where memorable during a storm to -- goes to the mean the bunker and he throws on the -- must deem best. Do you do you feel that -- -- aware that mean -- -- -- everywhere different one but I was given millions and that is just not part of a drone part of the uniform. Are no attention to -- my -- Well how can they not you're 68 everywhere everywhere but I they'll they'll have the benefit let's hope so yes that's what -- -- will you do any thing stop. EDT card purchase of a cigarettes and alcohol I think I've been. I think most people arm. Want people who. Who deserve and qualify for benefits especially when you're talking about -- BT cards are supposed to be for which is. Kid's diapers you know clothing these are good I mean it's our -- -- for the basing that said rent utilities for the basic necessities for. For young families. I think most people. Think that's fine the big issue for most people is people using them -- barter and trade to buy all sorts of other things the amount affront because on the number of times you find somebody who gets arrested -- picked up who has four or five different cards with four or five different identifications and -- this is this is so much more about. Managing a program effectively and it is about anything else and I don't care -- anybody tries to turn it into one kind of conversation another. This whole thing really comes down to by the people who are giving. The benefit the people who are supposed to be getting and it is being spent on the right things so my answer your question is I think we should figure out. At a make sure we can't use those cards for stuff for people can't use those cards for stuff other than for what they were intended other than for what they were intended friends were you surprised. That Europe and by the way has been a lot of bipartisan movement on this issue over the past few years the legislature. Democrats and Republicans mostly led by Republicans but with a lot of Democrats participating in the discussion. I've done a lot of things to tighten up the program including. Finally getting around to requiring people. A picture Erica -- -- card which is sort of fundamental to getting them out of the business of becoming just trade the future unionized work on the -- you -- And they yell -- like gift guides like gift cards run what what were you surprised that your opponent in this race Martha Coakley. Was unable to determine whether she felt. The death penalty was just when it comes to the the marathon bombings suspect. Death penalty is is is a an issue I think the people -- I've talked about this before and it's a personal issue for people and for me you know when I think about. The death penalty. Premeditation. Terrorist act. Innocent scores of innocent people including children who were maimed or killed by the act no remorse whatsoever. On the part of defendant and and and a clear path for prosecutors to make the case that this current meets over. All the key test for death penalty case right from my point of view. I think it's absolutely right move and I. I respect the fact remember I -- up -- house for the democratic mom and a Republican that I listen to my parents debate. Politics -- timer has very little I'm a big believer and sort of respecting anybody's point of view I'm on these kinds of issues but for me it's pretty clear choice. And that's a clear area where you guys would differs yes you're absolutely favour of the death penalty when it comes this case. 6179311. Day after is that number costs 6179311223. If you wanna be on this morning with Charlie -- you can text here questioned us. The text line is 97107. Would you ever be able to lower than tobacco tax -- would like to know. Would you or would you want to. On the grand scheme of the things that driver economy and I care the most about doing the things that will drive our economy mum. There are other taxes that matter more with respect -- ability to grow our economy be competitive create jobs and I would rather focus on mouse like what are those well. You have of your earlier caller talked about the sales tax we have an inventory taxes. Significantly different than other states we have voters are gonna have an opportunity to vote on. Com whether or not the gas tax should be automatically indexed to inflation going forward next fall is going to be about question on the ballot to repeal that. That was passed by the legislature this past year you think about the number of folks -- and especially small businesses trucking businesses. Businesses that have to move goods and services around commuters who have to drive farther distances because of the cost of housing and how far I have to get to work threat. The idea that we were just automatically. Inflate the gas tax every single year without anybody in the legislature or the government having to vote on it. We'll support it makes no sense to me that question will be on the ballot the question to repeal that automatic index that feels more to me like the kind of thing that. Wouldn't matter to people economically and would matter you're economy and the the biggest example lately Greg. Was the the governor proposed the legislature passed the broadest the most comprehensive tax on technology. In the country now we are. You know sort of ground zero when it comes to attack and innovation entrepreneur realism and thankfully the tech community basically rose up and said. What are you nuts in and again bipartisan Republicans and Democrats repealed it governor signed it and never went into effect but does a great example of I'm sort of Beacon Hill -- and exactly the opposite direction relative to will we should be doing here are growing nurture our constant. This is kind of an unfair question from a text about if you had if you had to pick one terrific -- what it if you could only pick one of the four. Professional sports franchise -- she'll win. To win the next title here entitled down who would you pick. At that. Well you know this may sound sort of funny but it give me if you if you if you think it through the lens of you know who's been. Who's been that. Bit out of it the longest you've probably picked the patriots right well yeah go Bruins and Red Sox and so so the -- 2007. Yeah. And I. Look I'm. -- monsters Boston sports fan and -- -- -- -- -- I can go toe to toe with anybody on the teams of the 70s80s. And -- -- I love the fact that we have had so many great teams over the course of the past decade I mean the 2000 for the most part have very much been. Just incredibly terrific for Boston sports in new England sports fans and I told my kids all the time you have no idea what it's left. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I like everybody -- I love David Ortiz and I would love to see him stay -- I found out he finished just 18 if you forget to David David his agent and Red Sox ownership and management met yesterday -- -- yesterday afternoon after they were all done work around it's -- Libya and I did I tell you right now. I'm I'm making the call David Ortiz will get his extension. And you know the media as well as her own mother apparently a man down. I'm right on a serious note and clearly it's something -- time when you think about here is like a mediocre. You is not a significant part of the Minnesota -- matter little playback Minnesota Twins game here. Is like the second guy penetrating wasn't even the first guy mr. -- and and the rest is kind of. Mr. while letting her talk about class I mean you talk about clutch performances there's nobody. I mean that you'd be hard pressed to find somebody in sports who's had more of my guess maybe Tom Brady I mean and I -- again your -- like -- there's -- I've I've been I've been -- promote this you know all week Charlie because. You look at what. Big poppy is done three titles though the Red Sox have been relevant because of him in his -- and his teammates but he's been one of the top five. Performers over the last eleven years. Three titles look at how people look at Tom Brady and love Tom -- guy can -- to Iraq but Big Papi. He's -- yeah we he's overrated why do we he's a DH it's it's it's it's unbelievable to me. When he comes to the plate. Late inning game I don't care what the stats say I don't know what the stats say but when he comes up to the plate late in the game. And the cameras behind the pitcher look and I don't know home plate mice where home plate looks like it's the size of a dime and -- that looks like it's the size of -- two by four I mean now there's nothing more terrifying. The Himalayan Yemen men on base -- close game. Need another difference maybe perhaps between you and -- Kyra you're talking about bigger topic she doesn't know curt -- Not all right now I also wanted to ask you here's the text that says if if if elected and you agree to do the show once a month would you then blown off once elected. Well that's a little cars and -- at a party boss. Mardy is making -- maybe ended -- -- but we have to come to some kind of a deal with the I forget -- -- you know we are very well what what we have -- as it is what you want to -- what Monica. -- the month well tomorrow okay. My only caveat and as we have to undergo more than just politics okay -- well that is you got about a lot more than just dog yes Imus show yeah -- -- so that's old Willis. If if you're elected we throw the massive endorsement power of the show behind -- if you -- -- massive Waste Management. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We'll listen. I'm really happy came by its great to see you might consider it's the only big time. And and then wait and again we'll just keep chat and -- not to the election that you'll join -- once a month between them you and I think they'll be fantastic. And then with the pressure on the campaign to put that out of a restaurant here people. And so they go USA sell your viewers say it's exactly right sneak -- -- well I would definitely be an interesting. -- -- and today definitely I but I of the it is so much fun to watch the competition over there meant to watch people. Who literally invest huge numbers of years and a member of their lives and and to this single opportunity. The other on the big stage and I don't perform it's really great stuff. Hey before you go because everybody's -- here -- Tex -- basket. I I know we -- rarity. You've you've talked about a lot but. In thirty seconds or less fixing DCF. Do you believe that carnage -- be fired. All right so thirty seconds or less. I get asked if she should be fired the minute that first tragedy with turmoil over came on I said no I assume what should happen right now -- -- firing -- about fixing. And I laid out a series of initiatives most of which were about. Attacking this problem region by region -- every region of every big state agency works differently so the real opportunity for reform here you should do the analytic. -- buy every region. You know make sure the kids are safe and every region has not that hard to figure out and where you have problems. Based on that analysis that's where you go up and you make this publicly he he basically make this a public dialogue can you tell people what you're doing wearing make him progress to where you have problems here. And you and you basically light it up that way. And -- waited for five weeks for something to come out that showed me they were taking a proactive and aggressive approach to dealing with us. And I didn't hear it and I finally -- look. Somebody needs to get in there fresh set of eyes and and get serious about dealing with some of this level with the public and I also thought the you know. The testimony in front of that committee in the legislature mostly Democrats and a few Republicans. The millions are a lot of these questions either and the fundamental objective of this agency let's all remember. It is security safety care and protection of some of the Commonwealth's most vulnerable kids and I kept looking for the the proactive and aggressive. Process for dealing with those I have three kids in my own chair a lot about the stuff all right I just didn't see it and and that's why I I called her for her resignation I. I would love to see that a choice between proactive aggressive approach transparent accountable that proves to everybody. There were chase and the right things and doing the right things here to make sure we know what's going on I would much rather have that rather than having go through. A change at the top but I I didn't see that so I think we need I think we need new leadership there aren't great to see FOK guys up there Charlie Baker on Hill Man Morning Show.