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Hill-Mail 2-21-14

Feb 21, 2014|

The best Hill-Mail messages of the previous 24 hours the main topic the sink hole outside the Burlington Mall.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the -- on your schedule at WA AF -- Now each you return to talk. As the Hill Man Morning Show Brazilian steel made out. And it bit -- a body. On WI AEA. Bullying yeah -- Bullying. All right today's -- mail messages. Are presented by Cadillac of Norwood the dealership you deserve. Visit them on group won the auto mile or online at Cadillac Norwood. Dot com. And now the very best hill mail messages of the previous 24 hours. Please let me 7:28. PM. I think now I got up what his opinion that they'll make it I -- there. And then let it or anything and bad guess a Smart girl. A Smart Smart moral noting that I got to find immunity -- on my -- about stupid vs Smart girls well -- guys prefer yesterday also she says this so she was clearly -- -- -- Smart growth and you'll do anything about it but sexes sexes is secondary to -- to be good -- -- But yeah yeah I like -- The defect to gross you geek giving you get to be mindless. Means that I don't have to be accountable for any anything that I -- here specials she doesn't care doesn't know that and I'm not -- from beyond. Here's -- we go away for a week she would she wouldn't care tax exist today guys that they do prefer Smart woman to a dumb woman but I can tell if obesity -- as the did the did the dumb down we have a lot of friends a lot of guys never got what this Marcos to Smart girls ticket just make lots of money I don't care what their gift jabs. With the -- I didn't I missed this but a finally -- says you guys think it's wrong. That Obama about a case of beer with Canada's prime minister on the women's hockey games. What what's wrong on that. Does it really isn't that what I sort of -- -- 45 years old at him on a problem that what does that promoting a bad example -- employees drinking what. And a and a results are allowed to drink it's it's a perfectly defines legal. So well so now. What was it Molson where we were we given our beer to I don't know if the prime minister is gonna want or beard he's got -- some great went there himself the Molson Canadian -- grass is always great area on everybody loves the import yeah. That was that scheme change of pace I feel so bad for those women that that's two silvers in a row for the US right yes. You gotta give it to the Kenny I mean that and I know you don't look I did it. US women don't play the Canadians yesterday. Immensely and they got a job to buy a ridiculously. Awful. No -- eating. Officially heard Mike Milbury and the Latvia back comment. Officiating it was it was discussed and I hope it's not -- mean you know I want channel wherever -- it it's a gold medal of these these girls were four years and they get the gold medal game in some chump. Zebra steals -- -- -- them. I hope the officiating is good today it's been up it's been it's been overall turn now. There's only 804. In the -- Oden didn't work I am glad it didn't work for them -- that there written. What are the oh my color code. And the men. And yes -- people that Malaysians now maybe there was some kind of a disingenuous comment -- only thirteen million. No really they're already. -- currently in -- in Japanese get straight. And now. I'm not taken the blame on the two good thing and you know I feel awful through the grass was on the show yesterday. From Sochi now he's not playing in the game today's cut the flow out Lleyton and I don't know if he picked it up from from. Something batted the how bad some that he -- the Olympic village I don't think so. I think he was I I think it. He mentioned in the interview yesterday he was perfectly fine yeah he was he was haven't -- -- -- about Buffy even said the -- been awesome yeah. But after after that he said something -- you know we hear that you -- Portsmouth mentioned something does this -- -- we have the audio that I have the audio along this radio he's ever done. I don't not a good -- -- duration of the morning the Clinton held a team this stuff two hours away. -- -- I'm judging I don't know it for a lovely guy guy knows how to do radio. When he stepped up. I think nineteen old and. The real. Cold -- thought portal. -- And the only thing I -- always hesitant but see. It's that this like grade school AM ET teases because he's his aggression and apparently you're not -- -- a -- it was a big sinkhole. Burlington mall Singh called it and everybody -- in and around taken pictures of themselves near the sinkhole and look you might wanna get out of there before the sinkhole expands -- your sucked into a vortex proof and amid earth you're stuffed into sucked into the Earth's core. So sink holes are like content but the ground that I would. -- -- it's like the water go into the lime rock and limestone or whatever than anything else kind of crumbles and is weighing its off this close because there was a water main breaks open and it's basically a big -- underneath and everyone everything went Kapono and well in Florida it's because Florida's and Ireland. The basic salary yeah. On a text -- says LB got that Olympic referee yesterday who made that call is from Great Britain. That's great hockey Mecca all right up there say that I'd be the problem. About Kyle cold call buyers play for the whole sting rays yeah yeah I think my friend in my mind my friend -- my friends Nicky and Mike went over and brought me back -- holes being -- Jersey when they Clinton enjoyed. A punk. Twenty old man. A little bit I think there -- the growing smaller. Look we're not all -- and -- worry -- -- -- and Syria are. Our car barely had happened -- -- -- -- people along that our opponent yesterday. And that that -- only probably part of the Jeep Cherokee with a green lights flash and in front of the -- also that nobody would that drive it did I mean that's at the -- But they do not mean to attack the square badges there don't doing their job went smoothly -- stay away from this man. That's right folks started -- gloves and it -- twenty KM. Don't think not that they didn't virtual community where. The world group currently -- -- -- -- home. And -- that -- it's not an erotic thing and it's for their benefit. Earlier today and the. I just now I just kind of that they ignore the lunacy and ally if nothing else says the debt. I can't believe I just missed one of my cancer was on channel -- If I'm on pat rotten parents and later underage first time neighbor Terry Connelly who's a lovely and diamond wanna like foster's design. I got a text from my friend -- just like diamond is about to online TV wouldn't explaining how there as she was passed over by all 100. People it's not a night. Port and I get here. Back UP SB CA. I just this little crabby that's the problem participants mr. waffles on Pat's parade and mr. lawful resident fever -- we -- 2000. Mr. waddle over there and it strikes again. No no now these babies are aliens to -- her viral pneumonia heard about six months later. And a tough week she's moving up she lost the bird and then -- -- -- -- men and watch -- there -- know her Amazon parrot -- -- now -- color beast we know. Have a -- my house Q could you kidding me how many animals have died under your watch. How well that's the best pregnancy she faced when -- rescue you never know their history and -- -- you never know they came from that's why you're a good person thank you -- gonna go you're gonna go to heaven now they're gonna you're gonna go to the 46 million. I have met are usually political torture. It -- Michael there is that it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Where it got caught in the cookie yet today. -- right now we want to keep it a tackle or rely upon boat -- You -- that article on the morning. Don't -- but. At Texas says could somebody please explain the difference between an island and the peninsula. To Lyndon. Would you say Florida was an island earlier. Up please I understand skewed to noted that an incidence command and my point is that basically all things. Hung out over the ocean and it's deteriorating. On him a minute by minute basis sinking into the than those doesn't matter just like an anti give the united at a beach idea house on the ocean fifteen years ago on today you've got school got. Look at Plum Island that's that the eight. They have so little old. -- -- I only it would be pretty particular. About your particular. Act why. -- -- -- -- -- And I think. That's -- what -- this. Buehrle was nearly have no idea about.