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Dumb, Plastic, and a Barbie

Feb 20, 2014|

One woman who is doing her best to look like Barbie, but also be dumb as rocks also in order to draw men. Our very own Danielle took the matter into her own hands.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Probably yeah. And on your schedule that WA AF dot. Had now WA AF Hill Man Morning Show presents. Today's game. How far we. Do the unusual. And induct a woman into the -- town hall of fame. I just wanna mention that Miley. Is supposedly. Smashing. 42 year old. Jared less so. Then no -- -- -- in the name. And so I Eileen Jordan kennel on I just. Tweeted a picture of them and she is wearing a rather revealing. Lacy fish net. Kind of thing amount of browsers -- He's 42 rights we did that so that for those you follow Miley. So. Forty's or neutered if food isn't yes what is she twenty. -- -- when things are discussed that Alina from I'm not pay it any more do I'm not. And they may -- As as as as they mention. It's rare that that. We can gifted mantown writers to agree on conducting a woman into the mantown -- famed bit on but I believe. That this woman from California. Who has dedicated her life. To transforming herself. Into a human Barbie group. Is worthy of induction. Because she has. Just started undergoing. No therapy sessions. To make herself rain less. I'm gonna back at all end all and now being -- I know this old -- you and many women crazy. But there are probably some men. Preferred to have. Dumber wanted. While some women in -- I think there -- good deal of menu -- love that -- that -- giant big fake -- And that just clueless god this this woman. Blondie Bennett. Speaking of big -- spent 40000. Dollars on her boob job and -- -- 4000. Object I love the passion to feed several kids in the Third World nations look at her boobs right yeah. So not only did she spend 40009. On the boobs but. She is being hit no. You know they're nice guys a little bit so that she's done yet yeah Blondie. Would like to appear to be -- -- and confused. And Dixie in she enjoyed that. She does not have a boyfriend right now but she has several online parent mores sugardaddies basically whom to whom she sends photos of herself dressed as Barbie. And they give her money now her Twitter account is very NS FW already excellent -- get me on yet he wants and soaked -- movies -- -- on the underscore Bennett I think it has -- -- WA AF -- She has seen -- a therapist she goes several times a week. And she says that it's it's become more successful. Now and see it because -- certainly at Syracuse becoming dumber every session she -- Pretty crazy and she is talking about her situation. It's when he beat -- both Sunni via -- I actually -- and be -- more -- I don't like being inhumane. Techniques. My announcements -- -- I kind of went in the air my life towards my part B. She is linked to an exciting right now we hear like when natural pattern actually is better. That natural spring. He and left to feel like. Completely plastic. I have one like special guy yankees' main Branson and we come -- every so often you know basically I'm just like his play dot. I got louder you if you want to do that reason I'm so lucky territory. -- Alice Fisher I just created a picture. A bar B Bennett. Who is setting no women's movement back. That decade -- -- -- thank god is on the feminists I challenge is bound moderation in everything he bill. It's a term implant that -- of breast implant breast augmentation surgery she's at 32 double OJ. Five of them 32 WJ. -- but the -- that. Here's the text that says big -- number one -- her voice yeah daddy. Are you all what I mean daddy going to be home that day I really enjoy spanking me his daddy's CD that's a mile an hour for all and now own. I would like key digits in the Internet. The here's -- here's a 508 text. I can't imagine it will take many discussions -- that if the follow what she's already been and that means that we don't know how much has been zapped out of her car into a leading scientific -- So and -- and sent a I think just hitting the a look at the -- took a look at the. Here's John yes hello John. Bit more element I would Dolan puts out. Of the way with this whole thing because someday -- be able to keep it from speak in. -- -- -- Tax from a woman. Honestly. -- yes except she asks. What many prefer a smarter. Or dumber a woman. Honestly that's what this one naslund on a text message. I'll this year it martyr she has money that's -- are we asking the barometer everybody -- if I can't have I have to paper for someone and take care someone. And -- about it. The dumber the betterment of belly diet that's my dream girl she's your dream girl you -- I don't sit on by the pool signed and you come home -- that lines go back to worm like never any question about anything that things don't eat hot key. You know I had checking that I had tickets at a -- in tempering your head. Please post a good solid kids -- is that you in the video but you wanna have sex to punch me. 609. There were six on 96 and I have faith smarter. So on who is 617. Tax smarter or natural woman please. -- that's would you want this group. Give me sexy and Smart any day yeah I've seen here you ask what we want to where we -- because we wanna be corrected all day every day. Dumb dumb for dates march for -- now holy -- Smart. I don't and a Ph.D. in Bremerton -- And you guys love how awesome would it be to have a strong showcase your pictures that is just have a little -- -- -- the masters and Johnson. Followed by you without Bobby. -- with the body. They grow -- Ukrainian good good defense and they use that goes around bill who treat you like the lottery. She wanted him Mozilla -- she's got nothing I mean you. -- -- -- read some of her tweets and then voice does her hit no therapy consists of just watching reruns of the car to how she and -- -- so that's the best part. You never have to explain taken up Thursday at -- time they would get -- your guys hey hey babe. I want -- amount I'm gonna smash of the -- in the me in the fellows are heading down to off Florida for a week. -- -- -- I -- seated yet auntie -- that attacked ten and I said and that's really keep great planner. And I said how amusingly south that the -- yesterday all of this attention for a little hash tag Chris cutter and hash -- routine. Those are actual lead expanded past that she apple speak French amazed NSA Bosworth friends come. I cannot sit in Alabama South Park and -- -- some magic -- -- I -- of the restaurant. Pocket which he states that she's. If she's speaking from a charge whether. It's printed on -- -- can I just detected until I actually haven't honesty app on my son -- I think to -- -- at a and it potential where rates and 1980. -- -- -- -- Who's the that Henry brown -- Here's 71 text from a guy I've done both and and -- gets old real public now do anything you line. And I think the majority of manner texting in saying that they want Smart I don't know. And obviously obviously single. The girl's father did nobody is -- in a -- -- not gonna say now. -- 774 attacks Ariel B I'll take the Smart woman any day. Now -- but you'll enjoy it with whom I never have to answer to anything I didn't do anything she'd be happy. Where were you talk to -- at home at 6 in the morning here's some money you wanna go shopping and off they are anxious. Keep funny people -- that. He's like why -- you do you planes can't hang. Earlier I ain't gonna get that I -- samaritans I'm leaving only here. The text says who wants the data potato. Well -- like the chance at. Center in any parent. That has I. Publicity that older woman this Barbie in and I treated this picture ever and everything jumps this. Which reveals everything. Hello jobs there are separate except for high IQ do you feel that everything except the high IQ yes Jeffrey. They're our favorite no purpose this (%expletive) every year rather what you don't of that process right now I mean and and she's paying for it she's paying for somebody -- -- do. Hypnotize -- to be dumb Malloy and and then all of them and not -- or not. Went -- it it probably is because you know that women like these -- like -- guys wanna be exactly. BLP and. They actually are really you in your twenties doesn't want the -- hot chick with the big giant fake boobs yeah when -- -- know a girl like that. And the -- she's the sweetest thing on the planet she's Thomas asking -- and it's like her boyfriend is you know he's given that guy but. -- militarily to determine -- like kind here's -- deal with that every -- like she's just she can't even function in -- -- an -- -- postings online and I'm like oh my god people like she can't be that stupid like no that's real and actual. That that is which she thinks in her greens. Fees that scrutiny Kyra I don't quite -- needed an internal. -- can't find them on that -- ten point -- -- about this I did two point seven and mouth. In the top let the past is clear they're there and credible in the rapper who really did not only asking -- what they'll do anything. But the fact that I'm okay Agha district proper manner they. And you -- especially. -- I mean I guess there's a certain type food -- I -- at somebody for everybody you're right up right. I mean it's it's really like. You know when here -- if that's what you like then that's that's what you end up like I pension as I think some friends. Yet -- I speak French general propane will -- -- heads. -- -- -- I -- in the RB -- Maybe you know. I -- when you're aiding and your. Diet if only because it and -- And that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That she's making fun of you that's -- you know it's not an anti -- happens on average since. I don't like hash -- negativity in my life. A giant. Camel toe on the Barbie picture that I treated everybody's talking beautiful that's actually an old picture and it definitely the -- It got the zipper position in the middle of it because like a jumpsuit that I'm glad you noticed a I was -- didn't know that's so beautiful she -- she only wears jumpsuits. Awesome as elect is that leather or plastic or what is that. I think explained tax actually had a constant need and I think is at a place where the girls to strip out that they never strapped. Yeah I have way too much pride and self respect didn't. And I just coming moves on the Internet and then email address so it's totally not in person. The minute she might sound like he time with us. What is gonna. What is your Twitter feed -- what your Twitter freely again Barbara it's Monday. But it's dash but not the gash in the middle of the -- the dash at the -- then there's -- name Pratt and noted then Monday gash at the -- and then. That's -- for good. I didn't indicate that at all. I was looking and I'm doing it simply picking out -- and I think that I think I'm finally I had. I can't get -- -- at. Honey -- cannon and a I need to budget amendment. And T -- on the slope -- the -- it depends then you make your our -- -- the two points at the top on either side or do you make but the trying. Make it up. See if he -- down and he LB maybe he's mad at the bottom of the -- it's not the Thornton snap. -- yeah I mean you're lab. -- I can't eat Turkey begins and I think that heated -- month. And they said that they have to live in making each and like -- gimmicky -- once purple paint. It was really. Hi and I -- a lot of money drama on my hand to hand on my into which it and my Twitter again -- he met today. Blind key national about it and banging a hello Ali. -- Middle we'll get. To -- all right well you do there. The professional -- I don't know. Sound jealous yeah sits around and does not having restore moves from Monica she does she's online legal guys like angers that you you know I mean. I shall I hurt. A bit. We actually had a job. Okay I'm simply. Nine I think you now and I never habitat national -- I just. -- -- did you don't remember an. American you -- -- bio because somebody says that's the funny iPad and Alabama infect him funniest thing that they've read and did that I know that they're dead there's there's like some letters that are really upset when people say things in the -- open. Like this this bad rating nothing is brought to you by the letters asked and he went into effect I don't know committee said my name that. I had PTT Al -- take the -- the eighteenth I don't know that we're on the radio -- the -- hash tag past. I classic picnic that's Flickr first thing that you mentioned plastic plastic plants classic sexy outfits. T dot com. Flash are actually it's like a straight -- -- but it's it's looks like LP trunk it's it's like the tower of peace. Lying deep men -- -- my -- and to whom. Through spring and. You do that's usually does he do about it now as I -- Guinea pig. Owners like in nineteen. Thousand text messages gone out -- that that that is -- -- who you know. 5000 act sound I'm eyeing that iPad does Salmonella and feeling -- as if -- the a couple of lessons blue they've only. All right well -- people live remarks were among Eckstein. Blondie Bennett is her name. She is undergoing hip know therapy to make herself dumber. I want rendering really. Though that she can unwelcome in the evening shows he can appeal to men I appealing plus low fat and sugar you didn't -- The.