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Is it Fact or is it Schmact?

Feb 20, 2014|

LB was anything but money on this edition as we discover the amount of hair gingers have, which state finishes the fastest in the wrapper, and what year of your life the long lasting memories stop.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on. And on your schedule that WA AF dot. -- Hill Man Morning Show invites you to test your wits against -- leaks I don't believe. That's dangerous nothing unsanitary and home. You drink yeah there's got to be a lock of on demand see what. Not only name you blather about aids dying -- facts she Max. This Baxter Max right now call quick Omar low get in the game 617931. No one AAF 61793112. Coach duke. Three. And if you win you'll get a ticket so you can ski at ragged. Mountain. Action Max today on the Hill Man Morning Show hello Keith. On what's gonna keep -- from. Apple app world. He's got a long way to drive this morning you closed side. -- And you know what the price go up like you ninety bucks a gallon yesterday yet -- -- -- he's gracious about it umpires oil oh yeah as a matter. Higher oil yes of those guys great camera hi Keith G injures. Have a lesson here on their head. Then the rest of us back to or should mapped. I'm gonna go out that really. By have you been paying attention with the Rangers have the thickest awesome as drugs of all time up top that position that you'll have to I'm sorry it's fact that's not sure if that's bogus. And they can also see inside your soul -- -- the the other the other hello Terry. And what's happening to carry I don't. LB loves -- who. Who redheaded women and women and those who say that they're they're very good dad is of course there are yes. I carry Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice. Received the Baltimore. Rotary man of the year award in 2009. For his work with the battered women. Charities. Back to -- -- -- -- -- I'd I'd I'd CIA and this is -- -- and I did you -- on this one but it as well because of the story of the casino beating down into the street if I yeah I knew you would find it declining to go with the bats. And I would I would it. I'm gonna go this is completely fat that is -- I. He I was the only thing -- I think that is absolutely I think it's I think it's arm struggling and I think I'm 27 -- And it -- Paul there are what's up all. I'm -- this date in America where men finish fastest in dead on average. Is Alaska. The average man in Alaska. Last one minute 21 seconds in -- fact or should match. Other respect. That's correct. That's why there's all the killings up there. -- -- There's all the killings and beatings the cereal could have I have is that I don't the police say that's when the police or don't show -- -- -- and I bet that's got to beat back the look of their there's not gonna do everybody's camera they can't deal with their women serious wanna get it done. And is back today and LBJ I don't know all of mostly right. I think sadly Vermont it comes in second to worst when it comes to performance the average man in Vermont last one minute. And 48. Second it's cool technically Vermont to second two words that we've we've got 51 is a good DC -- what so Washington DC -- is where it was Washington the one good South Dakota was worse than any -- Washington DC and and number one was it was it -- number one of the New Mexico 67 minutes 12 hello hello there. -- -- Jennifer sound and all manner said expressing there was about 430 and I went and -- Ole John. What's up John. That it edited it. John -- only lasting memories are those created before you turn 25. Years old. The act should match. It. I'm gonna you know I I I was I was figure I mean launch map back. I want and that is -- it. You'll anything that happened after 25 years old will not be a lasting memory for you. An -- or help these days anything that happened yes this is an area and knocked him at hello Jackie. Jack the excellent -- they can't take it before he was in Nirvana. Kurt Cobain. Was the lead singer of a popular Seattle pulled the band called six that dutchman. The act or should act. -- -- By the way greatest greatest -- reference in a movie -- John Candy planes trains and -- -- automobile -- -- know he. What was it played strange and I don't know. Yes yes yet not a -- what I think I'm getting your John Candy and confuse in a movie if he was easily Cyrano polka band -- -- is uncle now. -- home alone almost the whole music. Orange has the other innocent -- and she's kickers are you that he was very few injuries shower -- salesman and playing trains and automobiles allegedly but it was because his wife and he -- -- I -- so I'm gonna say -- a -- back. That distract you would not say who is the club then why -- they -- -- both go west yes.