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Hill-Mail 2-20-14

Feb 20, 2014|

The best Hill-Mail messages of the previous 24 hours topics include the plastic Barbie, LB's excuses and even someone looking for Spaz.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the hand on your schedule at WAM. Now teach you to -- talk. As the Hill Man Morning Show presents -- may help. All -- my experience at all. On W -- K okay. Not a good fit the I. Today's -- mail messages presented by Cadillac of Norwood the dealership -- deserves. Visit them on route one beyond a mile or online. At Cadillac. Norwood. Dot com. Wednesday 1:28. PM. -- -- a man who went up at what effect. -- -- -- -- -- And that meant to be good to hire spasm a freelance basis so podium. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In into camp embody -- and Atlanta that Romanian amber and me. Madson and -- them when they do in one -- The institute -- -- -- call -- that I want to clear to all -- or school and Shreveport who put off. Don't mess and it really. We think we have one more storm last thing -- did you do anything to now hand of god now can't touch it two. No room for it and out of you know you got there early cake on the drive like the little bit that was left from your first plowing -- second -- and now. The third -- and I basic IQ titles whole way. Sox like any punches and a -- -- finally. Why we didn't -- but I like well why. When I run 109. PM. I can't I'm not gonna make an anti. Might it can't shift more on the -- by. -- -- open mechanic will want to get out there are gonna have a camera body while you're gonna look at what I -- ahead. Into that and -- and -- -- And map editor of you know my former foreign rally this year. It's just it's some sort of motor do you do your own you do you do your own home oil changes are your own tune ups. Are your -- in oil -- he doesn't master mechanic manager buddy Richard. I think he he can't. -- -- They're not that Coptic no longer a lady with the I'm accurate but I Juliette the area. And -- message. -- -- although I did see you -- -- -- of the -- because he was doing traffic updates on his Twitter yes. I was like thank -- thinks that. I think he's gotten him hook up with trauma room -- I'm still relevant so now I'm not a -- trash man now. Well I have had -- an accidental Attleboro. -- Tactic didn't get up and around because they can't carry -- Bob -- at -- how Liberace died he indicated. -- -- On the net and com there is a hot pocket emergency. The meat in your hot pocket is diseased meat -- And itself more -- really really disease -- getting more and more than normal -- and yeah. Amid a lot of people are shocked that it's -- nevermind that'd -- diseased meat that try to remember that. Saturday morning to yeah or 3 AM I -- to counteract -- -- say it's. I mean. He got to remember that does the layoff I think they've been recalled seeing that. Have -- Adobe up which isn't everything following a hot pocket always an emergency. It entity it is that is through the plume old. Man and and a message. When no clue I think he's trying to work it out when he slid. Owned an attorney for the humanely he may be about the old lady. I would that would have gotten -- up and lol I was once one young guy. Shovel the driveway and wanted money for 619. -- -- part of the Ottawa took all are pretty -- out for a three of them are well. Great while it's unbelievable. And now they're enforcing it that day they always are but. They may step up enforcement. According to the state TPW they may ask the state police to step up. Ice missile enforcement if you don't know what ice missile is that's when you'd neglect to cut clean off the roof of your people Barack. And it flies -- and somebody else since the windshield the database get out of control of the woods and you drive off that it's 200 dollar fine I believe in the state. If you have not clean the roof of your vehicle off. 620 -- and -- Admitted that do in order to step through another night but Cabrera that Michael can't can't -- in a Monday. And that message. I'll be scheduled to work tomorrow -- be here and there but you -- you Leo they'll be be your mom took 24. Man. You're indicating that apple -- outlook boycotted they can't. On the left it. I really into the the fake you grounded out to be honest you -- to break from Toledo ones anyway yeah you don't do the stand up volumes even grants. You can hand me agrees that decides -- the door and had to boost the cramped in there we're not there yet like grill lines on impact. 48 an. Endorsement and. Marry a -- in. Roadkill pocket and comparative period days pregnant. -- -- -- Oh I can -- man -- talked about. I can't look at go through it up high -- without it looked good in a cowboy hat. -- know a huge mourning. Her. And I'll be the judge that -- is that -- -- the yield duties. 50 AM. You're not that that Derek and they can't. -- -- We're. There is LB earlier. Was defending David Ortiz. And there were. Multiple text messages. From Red Sox fans who I guess it pissed off Shelby they said it you you first of all you gotta get out poppies jock is secondly not actually sign a contract -- on our contract and you don't every year start yapping about how you want more money is what. What some of these people. Everybody talks every every ball in baseball all the time all the good players had John lesser. In the last year of his deal yeah. You start negotiating another deal OK so. They poppies don't last year of his deal is extension yeah human values -- you ask for another search and although I was a little support I mean I guess. I -- he he he he he I can't believe you went their but he he went he went he had to drop the greatest ever. What the way we created video the sound bites pretty agree that we don't yet know it is that we can play it will play yet Columbus every in this organization I don't think others -- don't. You know I think I mean honestly I think I mean you know. They did and being one of the greatest -- in his uniform to some people forgot about politics total ball around like Soledad good. They got to let them know. -- I can't say they're greatest ever thought I'd trade -- everywhere this year if not. It's as you know one of the eager severed completely at three mile series he's championships best DH in baseball. Meaning the I mean I think of the greats though OK so we get this play nobody nobody -- splintered nobody won nobody got but no nobody won one sweaters well. -- Odyssey put that he put the team on his back for three. Note that makes him the greatest barrier as the greatest Red Sox player ever what about jazz what -- Brett star draft -- and no totals. Now -- -- I think it just bothers people -- play a you know I played a year out. And then slow you up and seven him that's good to see to me that's irresponsible now. Just irresponsible he was here -- -- volunteered to -- to the future of this tournament it's fish featured grandsons and great currents and some won't have to work now. Probably scared him when he almost got divorced and that is can help you out with -- cough up. My millions of dollars what would that you're working and here's this 617 taxed by David Ortiz can say that all day every day hi guys they and he absolutely. Can say that he is I don't want the -- -- would just as people are disease -- DH he doesn't play first right just as the page. And -- soon. Great my girlfriend and they met this girl want to cover it helped stop. OK I won't about it that way and this effort to break out everything. And the message network. That I mean mom.