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Shawn Thornton of the Boston Bruins

Feb 20, 2014|

Our Thursday with Thorty continues with Shawn Thornton talking about his vacation to the D-R and his return to practice.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Acknowledge the and on your schedule that WA AF dot. -- -- -- Hill Man Morning Show presents there's days -- -- already. Featuring John Darden of the Boston Bruins. The party is brought to you know today by the city of -- credit union authorities choice for his banking needs and also brought you. By EM BE Serrano and EMB -- war. And it's been a few weeks since we have spoken -- Shawn Thornton of the Boston Bruins but he's back this. Morning how everybody. We're doing great society how is how is the anniversary event for your foundation on Tuesday night. Well I heard it was great and -- -- spoke to a bunch of people who were there at the Boston winery and I heard you guys had a great time. That is it may have got. President have a guard cutter but the data -- my foundation which George has two kids as wrong business structure a lot of fun. -- about Artie got -- I don't know what you think what it stepped out and heard -- that a mother but about but the she -- -- -- shatters an amazing job but. The other. Load of what was your favorite pariah hole over there. Got myself there are already out there a couple of ever thought is that. What are the answers brought. Couples that got them back for -- It was pretty edit it 18% alcoholic -- it was probably. Set -- the he still selling your wine by the way. -- just felt so much sir. How many. All out -- They're popular vote continue to out her. Another 67 months but Greg not a big they're both so I don't know which it. I'm well I'm I want it to Woodson threw just talking about it how I wanted to ask you about the professional athlete's perspective. When it comes to David Ortiz so there are some people. Who are bothered by the fact. That David Ortiz. Negotiates himself. An extension. More dollars etc. in the media. You bothered by something like that. I think -- -- People I think people forget that a reporter asked that question. About it -- walker and say hey. Other I want contract -- -- the other question that and -- because what it means if you know pocket all. You don't you ever read a lot of guys so -- -- questioned -- that that it adds everybody here on. Yeah. Do you think from that as as an athlete. Serve out their contract or do you feel it's appropriate to. To want to redo that contract if you have a good year. Our object you you can't. You can't just grow up -- you know and renegotiated -- I'm sure the baseball -- -- And not issue brought you where your contract in the last year -- renegotiate one. To continue -- -- I think every big -- ends up the end a bigger story that is because that it. -- in Turkey several picked up. And at an -- that big -- and it got it. -- the president did not. Yet the president the United States doesn't make be -- -- Now is see this Texas says it's really not fair to have authority comment on this because poppy -- -- them up with a vacation in the Dominican Republic at. That book I've I've got hurt her book but. True story. People ask these questions -- about what gets people so -- -- And all quote but it is true but not here but he's not a. I like how was that vacation down that golf vacation. Call it. But -- Output goes up but it all courses. Where Italy. -- on on the water. All of a lot of political art rock course. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I -- it did not pay that in the current. Second eighteen that smooth 98. That. Actually there are. Correct but did pick up have the how the did you have the opportunity. See hookah. And and his teammates beat the Russians. I did not coach what. Care at all. Oh sure out. Narnia he went out of his mind -- they testament to everyone I have mine before I before liking kids that time change he -- callers like this afternoon over there and it would be be mourning here while authority was it. -- -- And out I actually just got or well or call it. Beyond. It just don't thousand on the show -- the -- that. I'm New Year's -- did you end up by you end up watching Olympic hockey authority. A lot. Or element credit credit costs obviously but. At Gallaudet. I want a -- good government candidate and or I -- -- and called the cricket watching it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And WC ACLU -- all we got your backyard get some ice time. It occurs about her much -- -- nice Q nice. How tough is it after a little bit of a break and get back. While. A lot better are you got. I think kind of jobs being bit by bit in the gym I work and commitment -- a -- sport is well up about it. -- -- Don't get it all all. I'd buy her a great -- All collateral. -- you know you fuel over in -- getting ready for the the bag -- that they that's gimmick com I'm sure you know you know you know that once come on a full. Two hours. -- -- -- Optional pretty good first half but antagonize the wave breaks up with the with the Olympic break you know and in the middle seasons you can look here and say first that second half. Tom and not a lot I guess the good necessary can't complain about the first -- but if -- -- if you guys vowed to improve any thing. The rest of the season what what would you say are the areas. A quick and pretty deadly actually sulphide. -- not -- Read about -- I think our work first place a paper comic -- about the as -- -- overall but -- Are pretty popular dark. But it figured this game in break in a -- out that back. That's Augusta that's what I mean it's pretty cool and -- -- day you get fired up routinely get 25 to go it makes for a a pretty good run you know do you do if you you pretty fun run its you know not too much. Well opt out -- The orbit breakthrough at this point aren't you -- Bogus. Short term vote in a -- On well I think I would not argue that. Well well well it. Are some very little. Are well. Looked I think it's very exciting you guys have the opportunity to be back there where you were last year and and I don't wanna. Lot of long way to go out there that I wanna say -- attorney. Imagine climbing it's. Palm -- All I'm saying is that -- maybe maybe it is a little axe to grind over there I hope that's still festering. Such Saturday US amateur up. That's a good idea maybe we shouldn't go -- and you wanna go grab some lunch somewhere and watch out. I'm a delegate. Opt out after a have a -- and let's do it. We don't when we that you wanted to. Over and. Of course you know there are no more and not let them maybe some real but yet if I don't want -- -- you go to the the you can do that food -- thing you always do what me -- mom. What we wait and edit all. -- the. It's not a fact that it's like depressing because you order something in the authority does. I even -- order that -- mean don't don't don't you want checked out and poach she can't seem I had chicken and right. I don't like that but not -- I'm not giving -- technology whatever ought not to. Could be an option. And you have. -- look at that let's go over and that show will meet somewhere -- there right. I. Great to talk the about budget back everything back got next week and -- no way you guys are you guys are not you in buffalo starter home in buffalo that. Up. Pops it will -- violated. But I opted. Out of the Boston --